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    I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack dogs on fire off the shoulder of B1 & B2. I watched Bio-mechs glitter in the dark near the Government HQ. All those moments will be lost in time... like tears in rain... Time to die. Big props to lilow, everybody else can have little props...
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    ID 1 the Government HQ is currently sitting at rank 539.... How the fire truck am i supposed to get to rank 666 to achieve the profile award?
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    [Taken] TTT for auction

    looking for an ally, prerequisite is that i have the opportunity to converse with members. I was thinking of going bunkers, but you can try convince me otherwise. i can be contactable. i have a bit of experience
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    Unread Today, 12:52 AM Remove user from ignore list Zaheen This message is hidden because Zaheen is on your ignore list. I dont want to see this, he has been on ignore list for a long while, since his last tirade. I put him on ignore list so i dont have to actively ignore him. this requires...
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    delete query

    if you delete, do you keep the awards you attained? pointed example-if i kill two hamsters and then restart, will i get my hamster bane award?
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    some competision.

    so what is the plan for rank 1 and 2? other then send streaming/waving/bashing at ragequit. They seem to not wanna fight each other and would rather continue holding hands and bash RQ. and what has twigley got up his sleeve?
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    no friend

    i would like to gripe about ppl throwing an insult at you (even if it was misguided) and then you go to throw back a witty comment and then BAM! Our message could not be sent to Xxxx Xxxxx Xxxx Xxxxxxx [XXX] as they have the Friend Only option enabled.
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    OK. so we know that insurance is fudged when you attack converters or bribers, but what about HQ troops? Ok so i was attacking a briber, but i didnt get bribed and was not attacking the alliance HQ. This is the BR i recieved(and yes look at that siren ratio on ninja/PolB for that other thread)...
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    TimstariusMaxim>: this is probably a silly question, but is it possible to get the portalicous award more then once in a round? oh and just to clarify, what is portalling this round?
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    [Full] need one person for pnapage

    Myself and liz are currently in a solo partnership, but our structure is a bit flimsy at the moment, so we would like to form a triangle (becasue triangles provide are the best rigid stucture and can therefore withstand more strain)... and also liz is a polygamist at heart. looking for sumone...
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    To achieve the purist award i need to have been solo for the entire round 3 times, now if i join an alliance and then leave it before the round starts and stay solo for the rest of the round, does it count? or is that round now "corrupt"?
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    [Taken] click here for a joke

    Q.why do the put little umbreallas in a dry martini? it doesnt get wet :D oh and im looking for some friends, new, old or somewhere between for an alliance or some pnapage that'll have me. i have some experience and i think i got the worst player award in round 33 if that counts for...
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    what if?

    what if, during havoc, we have ex-units for shitz and giggles (which is what havoc is for ohter then killing azzer). For example, we can have Bunker Busters back, and other junk that has dissappeared. i'm sure they'll be more fun then flag stealers. i dont really know how many old units have...
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    Retal wtf?

    can sum1 tell me the rules for this "retal" thingy, whereby if i attack sum1 much larger then me, they are allowed to attack me?
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    alliance stats

    yes, yes, so the score of an alliance depicts who is coming first or last, and i can see which allaince is coming first in in the "statistics" page (but i cant see second, nor do i want to), and now i can see how much offensive damage allainces have done to one another. BUT i can not see which...