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    [Available] New round...?

    So I just logged in today and it looks like a round has just started, so I made an account. People probably know me [/arrogance]. I'm not active, reliable but I kinda of know what I'm doing. Ideally I'll join the best alliance, steal land like an irritating scorequeen and contribute nothing to...
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    Economics - Edgeworth Box Diagrams

    Right... I've hit a huge wall with my coursework and I'm wondering if anyone who studies economies can help me... The question is this: "Draw an Edgeworth box diagram to illustrate the following situation. There are two commodities, Food and Healthcare. Abi and Ben both have indifference maps...
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    The Mentalist

    Hello... This is an odd request but Google, or more ability to use Google is letting me down. The Mentalist TV program was on TV last night and while my girlfriend and I were watching it she said "oh, that's a book I'd love to read" but for the life of me I can't remember what it was! The book...
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    Hi all, Oddly a week ago someone sent me 50 BCs without any explanation as to why or who he even was, I have messaged this guy twice asking why and if he wants them back - and have had no response. 50 BCs are useless to me so I wanted to offer them out. I am only going to give them to people...
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    Website making magic

    Hello team of boffins! I'm wondering if I could pick some technical brains. What I would like to do is to make a website, fully functioning (dur) with domain, reliable servers and all the necessary bits and bobs such as emails. The website format would be similar to eBay (of course different...
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    [Full] The Boat

    Hey all, I'm just making this recruitment thread so the community knows we're not recruiting! We don't kick members when they die in battle due to poor organization or superior opponents. We have set sail, our motley crew will stay true to the end. However, if you are seeking a home, I can...
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    My time was a long time ago

    Right all, I know I've quit before etc. and I'm not going to go all BS about rage quiting and leaving but I just wanted to post this to inform people why I am leaving, this is from my post on our alliance pols; From: Miss N Impossible [8938], 30th Oct, 21:15:40 Edit Quote Well all, the...
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    Strategy games

    Hi all, Me again asking for advice on stuff computery... I have just ordered my new PC which will be super mega able to deal with what I can currently throw at it. I want to use it more as a gaming platform, and as a result I need some new games. It's taking me a long time to realise it, but...
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    New PC

    As is standar when I must purchase a technological item I wish to tap into the knowledge of those far more knowledgeable than I. My PC died a short while ago, and while taking it to pieces, without any knowledge of what I was actually looking for, I decided to get a new one. My PC was getting a...
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    Honourable Attacks

    Sorry guys, I'm being lazy. When you hit an individual, what percentage of alliance score gets added on to their's to see if your attack is honourable?
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    The Wiki

    Hi all, I just noticed something so thought I'd post. Where's the Wiki gone? Discuss.
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    Discussion on Bruce joining History

    ...oh, Bruce now has no land...
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    Puppet Masters

    Why are they ETA 5? Exactly. Make them ETA 4.
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    Next round's alliance mash-up

    Gents and ladyfolks. As it was my suggestion, I'll take the mantle to organise things. What I request of people is to post in this thread if they wish to be a member of the alliances or a leader. It may well be worth putting a little about yourself if you wish, because if you are a relativly...
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    Discussion to a suggestion... how to make the rounds more competitive?

    We're all up for suggestions of automated alliance, constant complaints about how the same people team up over and over.... How about: Martin leads an alliance Twigley leads an alliance Silence leads an alliance We all recruit 20 members who we would have in our alliance, as normal. However...