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Below you can browse through a selection of sample pages from within Bushtarion. Click on the thumbnails to open the sample page, which include a quick description of the page at the top, and Previous and Next links to browse through the full set of sample pages.

War in online multiplayer game, Bushtarion
War - look at some example pages showing a battle from the initial planning to the attack.

Customisation of free online multiplayer game, Bushtarion
Customisation - you can pick from a selection of built in colour schemes, browse a huge range of user-created colour schemes, or design your own using a step-by-step wizard.

Community of free online multiplayer game, Bushtarion
Community - from a built-in support system where you can directly request help from other experienced players, to forum-like politics boards for alliances, to user profiles where you can view the photos and info of other players to get to know them.