Sample Page - War #1

The start of any sensible minded alliance war; "They are bigger than us!". A value-ranked 16 alliance lashes out against a value-ranked 11 alliance.
'Muttleys' Military Officer, "Jimson of Delaware", eyes up a larger personal rival - the "Horizontal" alliance - on the alliance listing page.

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Time: 17:22 GMT Jimson of Delaware [3370] Tick: 17:30:00 GMT
Funds: 36,824,524,717 Value: 2,734,399,593 [600] Sun 18 Aug, year 5. Noon
Very cloudy
Alliances In Game - Valuation
Alliance Points
Bounty Hunting Effectiveness Government Valuation
Rank Flags Name Title Members Acres Value
1 [p] BushLovers Prominent [A-Mail]
2 [p] Flick Flick Notable [A-Mail]
3 [p] Lovelies Lovelies Upstanding [A-Mail]
4 [p] Extremers Upstanding [A-Mail]
5 [p] Good_Empire Good_Empire Notable [A-Mail]
6 [p] Zest Fair [A-Mail]
7 [p] PeacefulSinners PeacefulSinners Upstanding [A-Mail]
8 [p] Discworld Discworld Respectable [A-Mail]
9 [p] [r] Horizon Horizon Upstanding [A-Mail]
10 [p] OrDeR OrDeR Upstanding [A-Mail]
11 [p] [r] Horizontal Upstanding [A-Mail]
12 [p] GalaxyQuest Notable [A-Mail]
13 [p] Club_Pumpers Club_Pumpers Fair [A-Mail]
14 [p] trixies trixies Respectable [A-Mail]
15 [p] [r] Fools-n-Horses Fools-n-Horses Upstanding [A-Mail]
16 [p] [r] Muttleys Muttleys Upstanding [A-Mail] 20 122,158 79,544,696,784
17 [p] Ourfriends Fair [A-Mail]
18 [p] HeadStrong HeadStrong Fair [A-Mail]
19 [p] [r] RightUnders RightUnders Respectable [A-Mail]
20 [p] [r] Cerberus Upstanding [A-Mail]
21 [p] [r] Mad-DogZ Fair [A-Mail]
22 [p] [r] We_Have_Girl_Parts We_Have_Girl_Parts Respectable [A-Mail]
23 [p] Lamp_Idols Kind [A-Mail]
24 [p] [r] Maina Maina Kind [A-Mail]
25 [p] [r] Poker-Masters Poker-Masters Fair [A-Mail]
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