Sample Page - Customisation #1

Bushtarion has 11 built in "Core Schemes" that affect the colours used throughout the game, and you can switch between them easily at any time.

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Time: 00:07:05 GMT Police HQ of The Government [1] Tick: 00:10:00 GMT
Funds: 10,602,690 Value: 0 [2,484] Sat 24 Aug, year 5. Noon
News [10]      Very cloudy
Alliances Personal NAPs
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ID Options Colour Schemes
Colour Scheme Options:
Select Core Scheme Your Custom Schemes
Browse User Schemes Create Custom Scheme
Select Default Core Scheme:
Selecting one of the built in/default "core schemes" below will unselect any custom schemes you may have currently selected. It will not delete any custom colour schemes, simply unselect them and default back to the core scheme you select below.

To pick one of your own custom schemes, head to Your Custom Schemes
To browse other users' custom schemes, head to Browse User Schemes
To create a new custom scheme yourself, head to Create Custom Scheme

Core Scheme: