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In-game there is a "Request Help" button, that all users have access to all of the time. This allows you to send a "Help Request", via the mail system of the game, that appears here.
This page is what all "Official Helpers" (players of the game granted "Helper" status by admin) see - they can see all help requests, who requested the help, if there have been any replies etc.

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Help Subject Helpee Date Of Post Last Replier Last Replied Helper Responding Now?
News: (view) KBaN 27th Dec, 22:47 Turnip 27th Dec, 23:02 (nobody)
Search: (view) Franny 27th Dec, 21:13 Darryl 27th Dec, 21:18 (nobody)
Overview: time left (view) ratinater 27th Dec, 20:23 Darryl 27th Dec, 20:26 (nobody)
Overview: (view) Tommy 27th Dec, 16:50 Gadfly 27th Dec, 20:41 (nobody)
which route? (view) ninjaman 27th Dec, 14:16 ninjaman 27th Dec, 15:02 (nobody)
Hiring and development (view) bensjammin 27th Dec, 13:37 Angela 27th Dec, 13:38 (nobody)
Overview: how do i tech? (view) peter 27th Dec, 13:22 Angela 27th Dec, 13:27 (nobody)
Hiring: (view) MC_Ollins 27th Dec, 12:23 ShadowStrike 27th Dec, 12:52 (nobody)
Overview: (view) brianwil 27th Dec, 8:18 Turnip 27th Dec, 8:21 (nobody)
ratios (view) machomeee 26th Dec, 21:45 ShadowStrike 26th Dec, 22:24 (nobody)
Christmas Break (view) bjate 26th Dec, 13:24 Kal 26th Dec, 13:26 (nobody)
News: (view) seft 26th Dec, 13:17 Kal 26th Dec, 13:24 (nobody)
Overview: (view) seft 26th Dec, 13:05 Marty 26th Dec, 13:07 (nobody)
Sentry Turrets (view) Glob 26th Dec, 11:11 Iliard 26th Dec, 11:18 (nobody)
Maintenance: (view) seft 25th Dec, 15:18 ShadowStrike 25th Dec, 15:27 (nobody)
What to buy if i'm thug (view) Cursed 25th Dec, 13:34 Cursed 25th Dec, 14:15 (nobody)
Strikers (view) Glob 25th Dec, 13:01 ShadowStrike 25th Dec, 13:11 (nobody)
Development: (view) seft 25th Dec, 11:00 Iliard 25th Dec, 11:06 (nobody)
Development: (view) seft 25th Dec, 10:39 Iliard 25th Dec, 10:55 (nobody)
my calc (view) qwerty 25th Dec, 7:55 Marty 25th Dec, 10:05 (nobody)

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