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    Final Goodbye

    Real life is being effected by the sleepless hours to not even a have a chance to win. I honestly hate losing and it's all I've ever done technically. 3rd place ally? More like 2nd loser. 2nd place? 1st loser. I mean you guys are having fun and more power to ya but we can only get so big without...
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    Final Goodbye

    Make that right now. Best of luck to all of you.
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    Final Goodbye

    Hell most of you won't give a **** but this is my last round, ever.
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    Round 88 Awards

    I thought he got R1 in Kills. I meant in total value done to enemies where it is two separate stats.
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    Round 88 Awards

    Alliance of the Round: PC they won nuff said. I don't hate. Best Offensive Alliance: Scallys because we actually had more damage done than damage taken for being where we were. And most of it was two-4 guys sending at different targets. Or just me killing who ever I could. Best Defensive...
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    Round 84 Awards

    Alliance of the Round: GC they ended up winning and deserved it. Best Offensive Alliance: GC they were relentless once they got #1 Best Defensive Alliance: Smed they organized well and fended off us, GC, and RU for a good amount of time. close second Leftovers only because they tried so hard...
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    I'm back

    For those who care hi. For those who don't that's okay too
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    [Recruiting] Pnap

    Need one more player to pnap with we got robo and Vamps covered but need a lil extra help
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    Round 61 Awards

    since no else has done it yet I guess I will. Besides maybe it will breath some life back into these forums... Alliance of the round: Tizer since you guys got R1 but in fairness we said from the get go we werent going for the win.... Best Offensive Alliance: Lukey's Photobook we dealt more...
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    Old dusty trail

    60% ar no govt defence yeah im done. Then 90% and no govt defense. Even the govt seems to be dead here. Gg. Im done. Might be back in another cpl years.
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    Round 59 Best Names

    Since no one else did it I suppose I will start this. ~~~~~O A Sperm (creative and funny) IthrewmyhotdogdownBrandisHallway (funny) Lifes not easy but your mum is (creative and funny)
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    SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM... sorry..hey just cuz Im a yank doesnt mean I dont like Monty Python.
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    SplitBound have gone to bed

    yeah yeah well DVS not Sith very dumb in his actions admitted to having multies to a fellow ally member of mine
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    [Recruiting] as the forum title says "Losing Alliance" recruiting

    the losing alliance is looking for members so we can make our name into a funny irony instead of truth. anybody intersted?
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    i think with the fact that apaches have been downgraded in attack power quietly over time...and the fact that rpgs are cheaper and fire first that there should be SOME draw back to them. how about getting rid of that little bonus...they get so they dont AUTOMATICALLY hit armored units thus they...