Round 87 awards


Dec 14, 2007
Sheffield, England
Well, nobody seems to have done this yet and I like having a bit of a record of the round so here we go - post away!

Alliance of the Round
Best Offensive Alliance
Best Defensive Alliance
Honourable Mention Alliance
Best Leader
Player of the Round - Allied
Player of the Round - Solo
Best Offensive Player
Best Defensive Player
Honourable Mention Player
Best Moment of Round
Worst Moment of Round

I've taken out Worst Alliance and Worst Player but I suppose you can add them in if you really feel the need to. Edit: and taken out Worst Leader as well, missed that first time.
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Dec 13, 2007
Alliance of the Round: I think probably the Barrys. Rough start as happens to all themed allies, but I assume part of the benefit was to get massive amounts of WK that eventually stopped the flakking? Either way, they did a good job from start to finish, and were a pain in the ass (in a good way), the whole way through. Good work.
Worst Alliance: OF. You might have won, but you were hands down the worst game players I've ever seen in every round I've ever played. Really, truly disgraceful. The epitome of lousy gameplay, imo. Congratulations on winning the most boring round in Bush history.
Best Offensive Alliance: Everyone kinda blew this round.
Best Defensive Alliance: LO did pretty well, considering we essentially only lost land to OF (thanks to 9-12 on a tick for the entire round).
Honourable Mention Alliance: Khaos was always quite active when I went to attack them (rarely, admittedly).
Best Leader: N/A
Worst Leader: Leeory I guess. The buck stops with management, and he was the leader of OF, apparently.
Player of the Round - Allied: I can only speak for LO, but in our case, probably JJ. Definitely the core of our morale this round, and stole a ridiculous amount of land every time he needed to do so, and went on a remarkable H/F spree at the end.
Player of the Round - Solo: N/A
Best Offensive Player: Again, only from my perspective in LO this round: Brandon and JJ are absurdly competent stealers. It's really a bit weird, but also impressive.
Best Defensive Player: in LO, Matt regularly threw hundreds of millions of dogs at Apaches, and I admire that level of absurdism.
Honourable Mention Player: Souls, for having dragons for ages and them never firing except once on SDs.
Best Moment of Round: Using dogs on 'flak' attacks in the flak wars era. That was hilarious. JJ getting us killed regularly in the so-called resistance. Bold moves, dude.
Worst Moment of Round: Realizing that OF were going to do full ally attacks on one player the whole round. Really lame, and boring.


Feb 25, 2009
Nottinghamshire, UK
Alliance of the Round: Barrys! I was always gonna pick them, right?

Best Offensive Alliance: Barrys!

Best Defensive Alliance: To be honest i wasn't that active, from what i saw, all alliances were great on the defence. Numerous times i would see one of the barry's say on WhatsApp "damn *insert alliance here* is so active"

Honourable Mention Alliance: Barrys - for putting up with the amount of incoming we had early days yet keeping a great morale. Such a great group of guys.

Best Leader: Ed - The amount of effort you put into leading this round, keeping the game fun without putting any pressure on anyone to "perform". For those of you outside the Barrys, Ed set up a series of mini-games/awards for each player. It was amazing, thank you for keeping it fun.

Worst Leader: I don't really have one.

Player of the Round - Allied: Loznidas. Although it was a chill round and playing for fun, Loz always responded to a highlight or prank. What a reliable guy. Great in-person, too!

Player of the Round: Didn't really play enough to notice anyone that stood out!

Worst Player: Aerosouls. Pack in with the multis dude. You're ruining the game for people. I hope Azzer comes back with the ban hammer.

Best Offensive Player: Maick, i mean, do i need to say anymore?

Best Defensive Player: Ed is always great on defence. Amazing to watch him in action and organise such a bunch of scallywags.

Honourable Mention Player: Ram. You sir are a delight to play with, such a gent and such a great guy. Always a good laugh. Same for you, Dellie.

Best Moment of Round: I honestly enjoyed every moment of the round. This is the least active i've been since coming back and it's been great. But to do that and also play with some of the best if not THE best bunch. But also, watching Maick and his bribing antics. It sucks for the person getting bribed, but to watch Maick gather his army it's magnificent to watch.. Bribing 52m SA off Cryo on the last day was hilarious.

Oh also, meeting Ed and Loz for a dinner date <3

Worst Moment of Round: Barrys got fed up of sending on "resistance" and recalling. So we collectively decided to stay when the rest of the resistance pulled and die horrifically. In turn the solos piled on. It was a dick move and i don't care what anyone says on the contrary.


Dec 14, 2007
Sheffield, England
Alliance of the Round - BAM. Normally the rank 1 alliance deserves to get this, and I know there were some good people in OF, but I can't condone - or understand - choosing to play with cheats. Sadly it just leaves a question mark over your victory. BAM did well to make their daft route setup work and seemed to have a lot of fun doing it.
Best Offensive Alliance - None. I think individually BAM probably had the best collection of attackers, but I didn't see them attack successfully much as an alliance.
Best Defensive Alliance - None. OF held up incredibly well against heavy incoming, but see above.
Worst Alliance - BAM. 'Barrys' may be the correct plural of Barry but urgh, it feels so wrong.
Honourable Mention Alliances - Fair play to RU, DC, Khaos and Brothers In Arms for slogging it out all round and putting up a good fight.
Edited to add: MWHB deserve a mention for the best alliance name.
Best Leader - Ed. Bit of a shot in the dark because I have no inside knowledge of BAM, but getting everyone to go meme routes and keeping it together all round seems like an achievement.
Player of the Round - Allied - JJ. I've heard a rumour that JJ is more machine than man. Although I've also heard a rumour that he's actually three beavers in a trenchcoat, so who knows. Whatever the truth, he was the best at pretty much everything in LO this round.
Player of the Round - Solo. I guess this goes to dando for finishing highest, although I didn't really notice him much over the round! Monk and Jimbo I noticed more and they seemed to hold their own well.
Best Offensive Player - JJ. Went from a solidly red title to easily winning h/f, as well as stealing all the land along the way.
Best Defensive Player - I'm not going to single anyone out because most of LO deserve my gratitude. Also I'm tired of saying JJ.
Honourable Mention Player - Congrats to Maikesh for finishing top 10 in a rank 2 ally. I also enjoyed Chewy's slightly mad behaviour.
Best Moment of Round - Once again LO won the first weekend and you know that's all that really matters, right? 👀 Also, nobody stole my land all round :D
Worst Moment of Round - When I overtook MrBlonde in the activity rankings. That was very weird. Also when Marvin maliciously killed my wheels :(
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Jul 17, 2010
Surrey, UK
Yeah sure i'll give it a crack

First off I just want to apologise to the resistance effort if you feel like we stitched you guys up, especially LO who were taking the worst of it. We just weren't playing that seriously and I did feel bad;y as we got free land after free land only to kill ourselves repeatedly...just not badly enough to stop.

Alliance of the Round - I feel LO were pretty boss all round and i am a fan of the way they play. They had a nice start, and for, the the level of commitment most of them want to put in, seemed to hold up against OF for a really f****** long time. I am sure this was helped by having JJ and treedude who absolutely powerhoused the round start. There were others i'm sure but i noticed these two for a very long time.

Best Offensive Alliance - Not us, we were absolutely sh*te with no patience to resend and just fought everything and not OF for the QS style 2 too many on a tick. That being said, when you play with an extremist, a mass dragon, a mass dog and no pom, your firing on the middle tick is always going to be poor so I don't really feel like it was as annoying to defend against as it normally is..

Best Defensive Alliance - OF, this one you guys do deserve. Epic contactability (take that as a compliment if you like but it's not one :p), very strong activity but more importantly you made smart choices when you needed to in terms of choosing your battles in the resistance.
(Lanky we had next to no inc to contend with and we probably lost land on more incs than we stopped land loss, what are you doing voting for us :p)

Honourable Mention Alliance - Khaos were pretty solid and we attacked them most. But no hard feelings towards the other alliances.

Best Leader - Treedude, you're a boss and so was your team.

Worst Leader - Nope, everyone's doing their best. Though most of us aren't playing with fer...

Player of the Round - Allied - Boogie/Ram/Loz/Dellie/JJ/Polo/Quitus/Ola

Player of the Round - Solo - There were loads of solos but most of them seemed to disappear after the resistance ended, kudos to Jesse/Monk/Dax/Dando for sticking it out.

Worst player of every round - Fer

Best Offensive Player - Scorpio. Lmao not really.

Best Defensive Player - Only one player got 20m eff in a tick so well done Leeroy. If ever there was a round to be fanatics, it was the round against an entire military alliance. I think if you hadn't had backup in that BR you might still have won it alone.

Honourable Mention Player - All the Barrys for sticking with me. I'm shocked nobody restarted, not even Younge.

Best Moment of Round - I think we came pretty close to holding a bil privates in the alliance at one point. Everyone in our team had white wizards at some stage of the round. Overall, we had a lot of fun playing the minigame - Ready Player Barry. I'm definitely glad we all stuck it out together.

Worst Moment of Round - FML, don't ever go full r**ard and go all military. We suffered early doors to be sure and, though we reaped the rewards once teched and all green, we still had no ability to set up alliance attacks or defence. With nothing to block land loss, nothing to flak our LETs bar privates or fight enemy LET flak bar F117 (until maickesh bribed SA), we were literally firing RPG/Striker/Harrier/Sniper/Ranger/Apache/Marine and it's just the worst. In my head i'd envisioned that nobody would want to play harrier and we migth have 1 Harrier, 5 RPG and 6 striker or something similar and have loads of bribed SA - this obviously did not happen. I can imagine the flipside might have looked intimidating, 100's of mil rangers/harriers/apache but i didn't look forward to big BRs.

From the Barry perspective, we felt like the final resistance BR should have happened and I heard Cryo on the podcast talk about it (the BR that could have been, not the one that did happen) being a stupid BR but I disagree. It would have been brutal, but it would have been brutal on both sides and we had the land advantage, not the activity or resendability-willingness advantages. You have to work with what you have. Additionally, to the point about it not being the solos' responsibility to drive the alliances to resist - that's nonsense. If you want to beat the r1 ally then it's on you to drive morale and attacks, the Barrys didn't care about it at all. Consequently getting smashed from a few different sides when we did take that BR was pretty brutal but we probably deserved it for dumping on the resistance, though i am thankful to DC for not sending too. So that was a bit of a double blow for us, but otherwise all good.
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Oct 12, 2008
Alliance of the Round - Feels a bit biased to give it to the barrys but we managed a decent round with very little activity and a full military set-up.
Best Offensive Alliance - Not sure who this could possibly go to, didn't see anything outstanding from anyone. Barry included!
Best Defensive Alliance - ???
Honourable Mention Alliance - KhoaS & RU got a bit of onslaught from us but always showed up to defend and didn't seem to lose moral.
Best Leader - It has to be @edd . An all round great guy and an absolute pleasure to play with/under. The ammount of time and work he put into the Barry awards alone was impressive, nevermind the other stuff.
Worst Leader - OF 8 on a tick was pretty shitty so here you go @Leeroy
Player of the Round - Allied - Hard to point anyone, all of the barrys were great.
Player of the Round - Solo - Not sure where this should go, most of the solos died off after the resistance. @Jimbo faired well for a long time though. Resistance spy!?!?!?!?!?!?
Best Offensive Player - Boogie, a bounty hunting monster <3 Also Maick, he had more than 110m SA while playing as RPG, that guy is nuts.
Best Defensive Player - All of the barrys equally deserve this, everyone was willing to die at any point in the round so that no barry died alone
Honourable Mention Player - It's hard to single anyone out when you play with such a great group of people. However @Lanky is a great person, got a lot of love for him.
Best Moment of Round - Getting Caz with Deez nuts
Worst Moment of Round - Didn't really have a low point, however RU was a massive pain at round start with Felix constantly HV boosting.


Dec 15, 2007
Luton, UK
Alliance of the Round:

I enjoyed the Barry’s approach to the round. Make it fun, play a theme - and yet remain a viable threat that keeps everything interesting.

Usually, you’d expect to see this award go to the winning alliance. But, I can’t bring myself to celebrate OF’s victory.

I can appreciate that LO were targeted at the beginning because of the start.

But 9-12 people on a tick at 4am to kill off a few uncontactable UK players and then declaring war - before proceeding to just bash everyone with all your guys on the tick endlessly lost it’s charm after a time. It basically never stopped for the majority of the round.

Best Offensive Alliance:

Barry’s - All in, didn’t give a ****. Loved watching them from the sidelines.

Best Defensive Alliance:

OF definitely deserve this and I wouldn’t want to take it away from them.

Honourable Mention Alliance:

Double Chainbow: For having the balls to stop being a group of solo’s and actually group up to suffer the incessant bashing tactics of OF.

Best Leader:

I wasn’t especially active in the second half of the round, but whoever was leading the Barry’s. Ed based on this thread.

Worst Leader:

Leeroy. Nothing against you as a person, but the tactics this round were, from my perspective, shitty, and you have a bunch of cheats in your lineup. FeR: You’re an edgelord.

Player of the Round - Allied:

JJ - the guy is just incredible. Even with his foot off the pedal, he’s just a beast. So dedicated, so contactable and goes out of his way to keep an eye out for everyone, their attacks, etc.

Player of the Round - Solo:

Monk was the solo that stood out to me, as someone that was solo for the whole round and managed to hold his own for the duration.

Best Offensive Player:

Maickesh. Impressed the **** out of me for a second round running. What a player.

Best Defensive Player:

Chewy - because that’s some serious incoming to manage, non stop, the whole round.

Honourable Mention Player:

Couldn’t single out anyone, but really enjoyed what the Barry’s did.

Best Moment of Round:

Loved the flak war part of the round. Brandon & Charlie are amazing starters. JJ quickly picked up on their approach and we just stormed into the lead.

Enjoyed my time in LO - fun group of guys, and they managed to endure my incessant bitterness.

Worst Moment of Round:

Toss up between the Solo’s turning on the Barry’s in the “resistance” and Ram’s fish wankcake.


Dec 14, 2007
Sheffield, England
Have we ****ed you that hard to call us cheats without having any at all? Jeez that ass still bleeding?

Hey FeR. Remember when you got locked for cheating, had a massive tantrum and crashed the server?

To be clear, I have no evidence that anyone in OF cheated last round, and I'm certainly not using it as an excuse as to why LO didn't win. What I am saying is that you're a cheat and and griefer, and I'm disappointed that people choose to play with you.

I mean, I'm all in favour of rehabilitation. If you were to acknowledge your cheating, apologise for your behaviour and promise to be less offensive going forward then hey, you'd have my support. But I take it from your message that you're not quite ready for that yet.


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Apr 22, 2009
Northants, UK
Best Alliance: Barry's. Superb concept for an alliance and took sizeable testicles to carry it out. Much like 6th Commandment, it looks amazing on paper until you have to put it into practice. For us it was attacking was impossible, for Barry's it made proper defending nightmareish.

Best Leader: Ed. Why would that even be in contention?

Worst Leader: Leeroy, because you're Leeroy and I think you are a plebian of the highest order.

Best Allied: ??? I'll say JJ because he was good conversation

Best Solo: CFS. Greatest PNAP I've had since Shronock and Chris'o and this is incredibly high praise given they were nigh untouchable. Dando stealing my top ranked solo because my laptop charger fell out on the final night is genuinely devastating - he has already sent me a multitude of bragging text messages and called me drunk about it once. Nightmare scenario.

Best Moment: Realising I was 16th by quite a margin and by and away the biggest solo left.

Worst Moment: Realising I was 16th by quite a margin and by and away the only big solo left to gangbang nightly. Oh and the whole laptop/death thing on the final night for the second round in a row. That was no picnic, either. That's the way the wind blows, I suppose.

Best Offensive: Maick. Great briber but you have to wonder how much of that is down to the mindlessly ludicrous change to Rebels.

Best Defensive: There was a POM in RightUnders who was a real pain in the arse to plan around the inevitability of him appearing to defend somewhere. I forget who they were, but they existed and that was all that mattered.

Honourable: Jimbo. Literally had nobody but a low Arsonist to protect him and he somehow managed to stay up there for as long as he did with surprisingly little effort to displace him.

A final note: I was informed about one resistance attack all round and I was constantly among the highest troop value solos from the moment I teched Scrap Bots and started buying troops. Nobody bothered to message me and I had a social group of 10 solos who also mostly weren't asked about it either. For the future, you probably want to speak to people like us if you're short on manpower and want someone who can corral players to not then jump on alliances who die as a result of the resistance attacks. Just a post-event thought.

Well played lads, into the long night I go again!


Jan 11, 2008
Alliance of the Round: OF congrats on the win with a cool route set up - last tick domination.
Best Offensive Alliance: DC caused us (MWHB) all sorts of issues in our war - whoever organised it on their side was excellent. Kept us guessing as the tactics changed with every wave. OF did a good job leveling the big solos at the end.
Best Defensive Alliance: Towards the end Khaos were a v. tough nut to crack - punched above their score.
Honourable Mention Alliance: BAM - concept was epic. Looked like a load of fun.
Best Leader: Dunno
Worst Leader: Jimbo when he was in charge of MWHB - what an idiot for not joining the resistance (again).
Player of the Round - Allied: Maick - I have no idea how you do what you do. Ola and Yano - you guys were my nemesses. RPGs and Dragons are a nasty nasty combo!
Player of the Round - Solo: Dax's nap circle was OP as was Monk/Jesse
Best Offensive Player: Suxors. Always on the offense.
Best Defensive Player: TRJ - you saved a dick load of land when i was zero'd and asleep, TY!
Honourable Mention Player: Chewy - must have been ronrey.
Best Moment of Round: Flak wars were great, much better than the round before
Worst Moment of Round: Realising that i got second place in "biggest score drop in a tick" rather than 1st.


Jul 7, 2009
Ontario, Canada
My take away from the round are a bit strange since I did strange things but...

Best Moment of Round: Flying down to Texas to have a Brodate with therealjason - thanks for the meat.
Alliance of the Round: OF.. they won - and surprisingly didn't farm the heck out of me early game
Honourable Mention Alliance: Barry decent game of shenanigans from the Barrys - good show.
Player of the Round - Allied: Maick - that bribe/clone game is impressive
Worst Moment of Round: That one player that decided they needed to land farm me about a dozen times in 48 hours :D (and then do absolutely nothing w/ the land...)


Jan 1, 2008
Alliance of the Round: To be perfectly honest, no alliance was particularly impressive this round.
Best Offensive Alliance: OF's relentless attacking, while annoying, was extremely effective. Their strategy of only picking on two alliances in the early game (first BAM, then LO) was a great idea. Their dedication and contactability earned them this award.
Best Defensive Alliance: Probably KhaoS for their performance in the back half of the round. It was pretty hard to land on them.
Honourable Mention Alliance: BAM did well with their themed alliance
Best Leader: Hard to give an unbiased opinion here given I spent the entire round with LO, so it would probably have to go to Rob
Player of the Round - Allied: Ola was incredibly active and his dragons terrorized everyone. Most people in LO would donate so that they could stay out of range of Ola. Aside from his poorly chosen IGN, he is truly deserving of this award
Player of the Round - Solo: Most solos I know gave up towards the end, but Monk stayed near the top for a remarkable amount of time.
Best Defensive Player: Probably collectively goes to LO's nightcover. Alci, Souls and Brandon were among the top in the alliance in terms of activity and defensive mobs sent. Also great people to be around!
Honourable Mention Player: Rincewind for consistently stealing land despite being bashed every single day because of his high bounty. Great job buddy.
Best Moment of Round: Convincing Souls to recall a mob because he was going to trigger AR on me, only to realize later that I was actually the one triggering on him
Worst Moment of Round: Consistently having to prank Souls to recall because he was piggying my attack or triggering AR on me. Losing a ton of troops to Jesse's F-117s at the end of the round was also not fun.


Jan 3, 2015
Alliance of the Round : Barrys, they did what they want until Leeroy killed them all on LT :ROFLMAO:
Best Offensive Alliance : OF, i think we had a clean round without loosing a single BR
Best Defensive Alliance : Polo is on another level at defence, and this round proved it once again
Honourable Mention Alliance : Barrys , not all heros wear coat
Best Leader : Lee, Who doesn't want an alcoholic leader in your ally?😂
Player of the Round - Allied : FeR, he was sublime, he was first to pbs on early game that helped us a lot, and then managed to get all ppl always involved on attacks, he never tires of attack, i don't know how can be so active with 3 kids.. amazing effort, Ola Fer and Me has over than 12k ticks online , lol we were the most actives on the ally..
Player of the Round - Solo : Noone blew my mind tbh, maybe Jesse because he non-stop rushed me till success.. haha
Best Offensive Player : FeR, he just never stop attacking
Best Defensive Player : Polo, he had a really good calls, masterclass of finding out where Reals were, hats off to him
Honourable Mention Player : Simon (Holymara), he missed the first important big BR of the round because of a fail tinder date hahaha, he should have prioritized the game hahahha
Best Moment of Round : When Leeroy got 22m eff at defence... those ext/fanatics rekt everyone
Worst Moment of Round : Can't remember if DC or LO recalling on one big br and let the Barrys died alone , poor Barrys 😢


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Dec 14, 2007
Didn’t play much this round so only have the first 3 weeks or so + what I’ve seen in the community.

Alliance of the Round: Barrys - fair play. For all the reasons mentioned.
Best Offensive Alliance: ?
Best Defensive Alliance: ?
Honourable Mention Alliance: Barrys.
Best Leader: Ed.
Player of the Round - Allied
Player of the Round - Solo: Jesse?
Best Offensive Player: ?
Best Defensive Player: ?
Honourable Mention Player: ?
Best Moment of Round: Early round was pretty fun. Being a big solo with gurus is nice. Being so quick to TL (fu TL) could have been more fun.
Worst Moment of Round: Going VD and realising how boring it is compared to SA!