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  • Dax,

    just wanted to let you know that I got the computer working again. Apparently my motherboard is an EFI configuration, so I just had to run gparted to turn it into the right partitioning format, that apparently got changed when I deleted the first installation.

    New network card started working when I changed PCI slots, so that may be an issue for the future if I ever have to fill all the slots. But everything is good now. Thanks for the help.
    Nah, been busy finishing my master's degree and working... had to see if any familiar faces was still around. :)
    Also, I'd like to point out that while people may have thought my original post (the start of the thread) was stupid, and uniformed it was purely to get exactly that out of the thread, a huge political war, because thats one front that I know how to play very well :)
    Np, and it honestly wasn't meant to favor anyone, as a whole (S2S) we have taken this round in a Do not get involved in other alliance's business, hence why we've turned down many omg lets 2v1 this ally offers. it was simply my take on everything that has happened and the truth, how I see it about everything people have been discussing, however I may have flamed zaheen too much for the mod's liking.
    So i decided to post it in the spam which will probably get me flamed and such(as i said i do stuff for the hell of it :p)
    Haha thanks, I was simply tired of his bullshit, and yeah people judge me as stupid mainly because I like to get a laugh out of things, so I tend to make quick moronic posts :p but if I simply spend the time to work it out I can be quite a talented debater :p
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