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Dec 13, 2007
Bushtarion staff cannot be responsible for the content of any messages posted on the forums.
All messages express the personal views of the author, and not the game, its creator, or staff.
Forum moderators may remove, edit, relocate, split or lock topics they feel do not follow the rules without notice or prior warning.
Forum moderators may warn or ban users that are not following the rules without notice.
Azzer will be notified of all warnings, bans and other disciplinary actions with supporting evidence available.
Any and all complaints pertaining to a member of Bushtarion staff member must be made directly to Azzer, with supporting evidence.

When posting in the forum keep the following in mind:

Warnings, suspensions and bans:
0.1 – Warnings can be given for any violation of the guidelines listed here.
0.2 – A user with 2 or more warnings can be suspended for each offense above and beyond their second.
0.3 – Suspensions length will vary depending on the user's record and the offence.
0.4 – Suspensions can be given immediately without warning if the moderator deems the offence serious enough.
0.5 – Continual violation of the rules, or extremely serious violations, will result in a permanent ban on the user's forum account and may lead to a ban or suspension of the user's game account as well.


1.1 - All discussions are to be in English which is the official language of this forum.
1.2 – Small portions of another language may be included if accompanied with a translation.

Inappropriate content:
2.1 - Inappropriate content can be removed without notice.
2.2 – Inappropriate content may include but is not limited to; The posting of pornography, nudity or partial nudity, discriminatory remarks which are sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially, religious or ethnically offensive; excessive obscene or vulgar language; posts which discuss or illustrate illegal activity; providing links to sites that contain any of the aforementioned.
2.3 - Posts with the sole purpose of advertising other games, companies or products are forbidden except in the appropriate forum areas (eg "Computers and Games" for other games, "General Discussions" for general products/discoveries you've made and wish to share). New forum users who have not posted before may not post such 'adverts' anywhere. Such posts shall be immediately removed and the poster banned from the forum.

Use the correct categories to post and no off-topic:
3.1 – Each board has a specified category. Post in the category that best fits your post. If you post in the wrong category it shall be moved.
3.2 - Don't start talking about a completely different subject in an existing thread, make a new one instead.
3.3 - For subjects other than Bushtarion use the "General" forums ONLY.

4.1 – The forum has a system in place to mask profanity. For this reason using partial masking (such as asterisks or punctuation marks) to bypass the profanity filter is prohibited.
4.2 - Mild expletives are generally frowned upon and should be extremely limited in use.

Text and images:
5.1 - Keep your text clean and readable. Don't use CAPS, different colors or different font sizes other than the default one except in small and relevant portions of your text.
5.2 - Don't post off-topic and/or oversized pictures. These images will be considered picture spam.
5.3 – Images that express swearing barred by the forum profanity filter shall be removed.

Avatars and Signatures:
6.1 - Avatars and signatures must adhere to the "Inappropriate content" guidelines listed above (2.1 to 2.3). Avatars or signatures which do not shall be removed without notice.
6.2 – Signature images may not exceed the following limits:
* Maximum height: 180 pixels
* Maximum width: 500 pixels
* Maximum file size: 40Kb
6.3 – Excessive amounts of text or signatures which waste screen space shall be removed.

Multiple forum accounts and impersonation:
7.1 – Forum users are only permitted one forum account. Additional accounts shall be banned without notice and the primary account warned or banned as well. If for whatever reason you need your account name changed, contact Azzer via a forum PM.
7.2 – Creation of a new account for the purpose of bypassing a suspension or ban is prohibited. The second account shall be banned and the primary accounts suspension extended. Further offences could lead to ingame action
7.3 - Impersonating another forum user or moderator is strictly prohibited. You are expressly forbidden from impersonating anyone else, including those named above or their forum avatars and tags, on the forum or in the game, even in jest.


Be respectful of others at all times:
8.1 - The purpose of the forum is to provide a platform for the exchange of ideas, and an area for discussions between players (past or present) of Bushtarion. Occasionally, there will be conflicts that arise when people voice their opinions. Challenge other's points of view and opinions, but do so respectfully and courteously. Be civil and constructive, not ignorant and rude.
8.2 - Any member who threatens anyone on the forum, via a post or a private message (PM), will be banned immediately without notice.

Flaming, trolling, stalking and ranting:
9.1 - Flaming is defined as making posts and comments intended to anger or insult a person or group of people. Flaming generally has no purpose other than mean spiritedness and offers nothing constructive to the community. If you can't find a way to say something nicely, then perhaps you should say nothing at all.
9.2 - Trolling is defined as making posts designed to provoke others to flame. Trolling is a little more low-key than flaming, but will be considered as an attempt to bait other users to break rules.
9.3 - A rant is a post which is long-winded, redundant and filled with angry, non-constructive comments. Ranting in this manner is limited to the Gripes and Spam forums.

Spamming and bumping topics:
10.1 - Spam is considered to be repetitive posting of the same text again and again or nonsensical posts that have no substance and are often designed to annoy other forum users. Posting spam that breaks no other forum rules is limited to the Spam forum. Please note there is a 3 thread per day, per user, limit to the spam forum.
10.2 – Bumping threads in order to keep them near the top of the list is prohibited. Posts of this nature are not conducive to community spirit and are unwelcome.
10.3 - No "necroing". Don't post on an obviously very old and dead thread. Start a new one if you wish to resume that subject.

Public accusations and exploits:
11.1 - If you consider a player is cheating in the game or is harassing you in any way, do not make a public post about it, instead report them directly to Azzer via a forum PM or an in-game mail to ID 1.
11.2 - Exploits should be reported directly to Azzer. You can, however, report game bugs in the appropriate "Help & Support" forum.

Moderator judgment and challenging warnings / suspensions:
12.1 – Warnings, suspensions or bans are not to be discussed on the forum. Such matters shall remain private between the moderators, Azzer, and the user.
12.2 - All members must respect the judgment of admins and moderators. They are the authority in this forum and they will take any necessary action to keep order.
12.3 – If you do not understand or feel you have been warned / suspended unfairly message the moderator who issued the warning. Do so respectfully though, insults will not be tolerated.
12.4 - All complaints/appeals must be made using the appropriate channels with supporting evidence. Complaints not escalated properly cannot be considered.
12.5 – After messaging the moderator, if still feel you have been warned / suspended incorrectly you may take your case to Azzer. To do so please contact Azzer directly (either via a forum PM, or an in-game mail to ID 1), stating your case and providing any necessary evidence, in a civil manner.


Board rules:
13.1 – Specific boards on the Bushtarion forums can have their own set of rules in addition to these guidelines. These rules must also be adhered too. Violation of these rules holds the same consequences as violation of these guidelines.

Alliance Recruitment:
14.1 - This forum is for recruitment purposes only. Each alliance is allowed one active thread per round, and no bumping is allowed.
14.2 - Relevant news updates for your alliance will be accepted, but no more than one every week.

15.1 - Negative feedback can be very useful, provided that it is presented in a civil, factual manner. Let everyone know what you don't like and why you don't like it, and how you feel it could be improved. Posts that are insulting and rude may be deleted, no matter how valid the ideas behind them may be.
15.2 – Before posting your idea in Suggestions, first do a forum search to make sure nobody has made the same suggestion before. If they have, use the original thread where appropriate.

Spam Forum:
16.1 - The Moderation level in the spam forum is minimal, but insults and offensive language will have moderation actions. The title of this forum area is not an invitation to go overboard or an indication that there are no rules whatsoever - use common sense here. Use the "Spam" forum at your own risk.
16.2 - Users may not create more than 3 threads per day within the spam forum.
16.3 - Users may not post the same post (either identical, or extremely similar in nature/content) repeatedly.
16.4 - Spam posts must adhere to the language rules above (1.1 - 1.2) - this includes no posting nonsense, for example random numbers/letters/characters that have no meaning.


Battle reports and ID's:
17.1 - No posting of any player's ID. This is most important and any posts of this kind will be immediately edited.
17.2 - Battle Reports may be posted, but all ID's must be edited out first.
17.3 - Owner and Company names may only be posted in threads relating to names in general (eg "best name of the round" threads etc.). Posting a player's owner & company name instead of their ID (eg in a battle report, complaint, or anything else) is not allowed.

Selling, buying, transferring or advertising game accounts:
18.1 - Selling or announcing your interest in the sale/purchase or transfer of a game account is completely forbidden. Bushtarion does not allow the transaction of game accounts between users and any user doing so will do it on their own risk, knowing that the account may be banned. Posting about this on the forum is not allowed.

Real Money for in game services:
19.1 - It's forbidden to offer or request real money to other players in exchange for game services.
19.2 – It is forbidden to offer or request any form of account upgrade (eg Bushtarion Credits) to other players in exchange for game services.

In-game suspensions, warnings and bans:
20.1 – In game warnings, suspensions and bans are not to be discussed on the forum. Such matters shall remain private between Azzer and the individual.
20.2 – Discussions of specific rules and elements in Bushtarion's EULA, forum rules, and IRC rules are permitted as long as they do not refer to a specific/individual case of a warning, suspension, kick or ban.

By becoming a member of the forums you agree to adhere to these guidelines. These guidelines are subject to change without prior notification.
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