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  • IETS ALIVE!!!!!
    I absolutely adore your jolly stylish black umbrella, dear chap! Fantastically useful devices, the umbrellas! I believe every fellow should have one, what-what!
    [6372] [Obama is a ******]

    His account is now locked by an admin, as are about 8 of his team mates. Rumor in my alliance is that is was due to multi and/or account sharing. I do not know if you ever acted upon my concerns about his offensive name. I am happy to see that that account has now been shut down, for whatever the reason.
    Obama is a ****** [6372]

    Azzer, I live in the United States and Obama is the name of our current president. This players name in your game is extremely offensive. I have sent you an in-game message (to id#1) yet there has been no response or action.

    Do you consider this name appropriate? I may stop playing if it is.
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