Sample Page - Customisation #9

And finally, a different sort of customising - the various options available to you relating to your in-game ID, just to make some of the pages feel a bit more suited to you.

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Time: 00:06:37 GMT Police HQ of The Government [1] Tick: 00:10:00 GMT
Funds: 10,602,690 Value: 0 [2,484] Sat 24 Aug, year 5. Noon
News [10]      Very cloudy
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ID Options
Word Filter Disabled (Politics, Mail etc.):
The world filter will filter out basic swear words from your politics, game mail, alliance overview messages etc. unless you disable the option here.
Disable "Your Alliance" Images:
This will disable your own alliance logo from appearing on your alliance page (does not affect "alliances" page when viewing alliance logos).
Disable Search Box Auto Hide:
This will prevent the search box "auto-hiding" when you submit a search.
Hide Hiring Adverts:
You can disable the reminder to purchase your routes blueprint technology here, if you do not intend purchasing or simply find the advert annoying.
Hide Hiring Descriptions:
You can disable all of the unit descriptions from appearing on the hiring page, to make the page tidier/quicker to use.
Hide Help Links:
This will disable the "Show Help" links that appear just under the weather icon on most of the in-game pages, and also hide the "Request Help" link in the in-game menu. The "Show Help" links provide basic information on each page designed to help beginners to the game. You can still request help by sending an account mail to "!help".
Disable Advanced Tooltips:
You can disable the advanced Javascript tooltips appearing on various pages, which will then use old/standard HTML tooltips. It is, however, recommended to keep advanced tooltips enabled.
Enable Page Footers:
Enabling page footers will display the "Page Generation Time" and "Page Load Time" texts at the bottom of each in-game page. The 'Page Generation Time' is the time the server took to actually process the code and create the page you see. The 'Page Load Time' is a rough estimation (using JavaScript) of how long your browser actually took to receive the full web-page from the server - this time only starts counting from when the first bit of data of the page started sending, it does not include "connection time" to the server.
Menu Headers Locked:
Locking the menu headers will prevent them from hiding/showing the menu sections below them when you click on the headers.
Keep Portal Nick Anonymous:
Finishing in any portal rankings will store your account 'nickname' next to your name as a tooltip/popup, unless you select to remain anonymous here. This also applies to your alliance if you are the alliance leader at round end, and the alliance finishes in the top portal rankings.
Enable Live Hyperlinks:
Enabling "live hyperlinks" from URLs is solely your responsibility and we recommend leaving the option disabled. Other users may provide links to potentially unsafe material that could harm your computer/network, interact with your game account, or be inappropriate either for yourself or your surroundings (eg your place of work, internet cafe, school/college etc.). Any URL's you do visit are entirely your own responsibility, and Biggest Brightest Games has no control over the content of any website outside of the domain, and cannot take any responsibility for any adverse consequences resulting from this option being enabled or for visiting any URLs provided by any other users of Bushtarion.