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Dec 14, 2007
East Midlands
Besides being the title of a rather funky Groove Armada album, this section of the forums is for two things;

First and foremost, a place where people new to the game, or perhaps just new to the forums, can say hello & introduce themselves without the fear or worry that their thread is perhaps "pointless" or "spammy". Perhaps a simple "Hello", perhaps a bit of a gaming history ("I've played these games..." "I've helped to lead these alliances..." "I've been a lone-wold and slaughtered millions in..."), perhaps even some personal details (age, gender, country, profession, courses if student, interests, hobbies etc.).

Secondly, to avoid "Goodbye" threads from spamming up various other sections of the forums, it's a place where people who are taking a break from Bushtarion (either short term or long term - though never forever, people always come back Wink) can say their goodbyes to whoever they like.

Note: Any forum regulars that are insulting, flaming, trolling or spamming anybody who is leaving, or anybody introducing themselves, will be given an instant warning and where appropriate, ban. If you didn't like a player, then simply don't say bye to them - don't start trying to flame or insult on their farewell thread. Likewise anybody attempting to indimidate people new to these forums who are trying to introduce themselves, will be forcefully evicted!
Not open for further replies.