Solo Partners

Jul 21, 2015
Hello, Im trying to add people as solo partners and when I put their ID into the box and click the |Set First Partner| button nothing happens. It doesn't update to show me the name of the person or the 72 ticks counting down.

I know I have the ID correct.
I can see the button being pressed in and popping out.
The internet doesn't load or anything after pressing the button.
Ive tried both partner box's.
Ive been solo for days, even got gov assist a few times.
I'm not requesting to join any alliances.

So if anyone has any idea why this function isn't working for me that would be great.



Official Helper
Dec 15, 2007
Oslo, Norway
Have you tried it with a different browser? Have you tried to clear cookies?

I've not had this problem, but I did run into an issue once when I tried to buy credits. I think I solved it by clearing cookies and logging in again, but I may have used another browser/computer.