Potential for another ally


Head Gardener
Feb 14, 2009
Why would they go from a 15-target hit to a 3-target bash? :S

I think it was laziness and a decrease in available participants. i know there was some miscommunication between allies, so i, personally, went to bed since it was like 5 AM.


Jun 16, 2011
theres plenty of people out there with the skills to make a successful alliance, the trouble is the egos of people.
The way certain people act cannot lead a ally, its not something everyone has.
Im sure plenty of people can tell you the best startup or the best ratios to have to attack a certain person / calc anti rape etc.
People that take alot more into consideration when attacking, but none of that matters unless your able to lead a successful alliance.
A alliance that coexists, one that doesnt have constant bickering, people who just love to play the game.
There may be a potential for another alliance, but who among the successful laid back players would really lead it is the question you SHOULD be asking.

Bushtarion now has become a game of fun for me, less about winning since last round, everyone i think has the ability to do that now.
Its more about teamwork and working as a actual alliance rather then sitting there planning attacks that never get executed or defense thats never organized.

You can get that being the top alliance ofc sometimes* but it doesnt necessarily make the game fun for everyone, planning constant defense, waving players etc.