PL Goalscorers


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Dec 17, 2008
Basically, post the name of one player you think will score in the upcoming round in the premier league. You can only use the same player once. You will win points if your player scores, and at the end of the season the user with the most points wins a blowjob from Twigley.

The points will be awarded as follows:

6 points for a goal scored by a goalkeeper
5 points for a goal scored by a defender
4 points for a goal scored by a midfielder
3 points for a goal scored by a forward
1 point for a goal scored from a penalty
2 points for a goal scored from a freekick
(To avoid confusion, the players will be classified as they appear on the fantasy football game on

If a player scores several goals, you'll be given the points for the highest scoring of them. (Example: A midfielder scores a goal from open play and a penalty, you'll be given 4 points). You're only given points for one of the goals*.

* You can say that a player will score "two or more goals". In that scenario you will get the points from all the goals scored by that player, but if he scores less than two goals you'll get no points.

The deadline for the predictions is 2 hours before the first kick-off of the round.


1. MattM - 11 pts. (Players used: Nolan, Jelavic, Michu, Cazorla)
2. Hamilton - 9 pts. (Players used: Van Persie, Lambert, Crouch, Aguero)
3. Dimitar - 6 pts. (Players used: Podolski, Sigurdsson, Gerrard, Bale, Suarez)
3. Twigley - 6 pts. (Players used: Giroud, Torres, Ba, Jelavic, Fletcher)
5. Tiger - 3 pts. (Players used: Nasri, Defoe, Tevez, Podolski, Suarez)
5. Lafin - 3 pts. (Players used: N. Dyer, Long, Fellaini, Torres, Suarez)
5. Chris - 3 plts. (Players used: Torres)
8. Avash - 1 pts. (Players used: Michu, Van Persie)
9. Martin - 0 pts. (Players used: Szczesny)

27 Oct 12:45 Aston Villa v Norwich
27 Oct 15:00 Arsenal v QPR
27 Oct 15:00 Reading v Fulham
27 Oct 15:00 Stoke City v Sunderland
27 Oct 15:00 Wigan v West Ham
27 Oct 17:30 Man City v Swansea
28 Oct 13:30 Everton v Liverpool
28 Oct 15:00 Newcastle v West Brom
28 Oct 15:00 Southampton v Tottenham
28 Oct 16:00 Chelsea v Man Utd

Deadline: 27 Oct 10:45 GMT
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Apr 27, 2012
Suarez to score 2 or more.

(Im risking it)
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