No purposely FTW alliances please


Feb 20, 2009
The Clouds
Ranks 1-20 top negative H/F rating? lol

The playerbase is dying still nothing will change, people play to win and winning is by winning in score. That's the objective ;)
The objective of a game like RuneScape is not to win by score, or total experience, or to dedicate your life to a game by giving out personal information and being woken up in sleep.

The players who play any game like that can't possibly have the fun that say somebody who simply plays games for the sake of playing a game.

I can appreciate that it is fun to "win", but there's many different ways to win. I've always picked wrong words and badly thought out comments to sum up players who play to win, but having up to 19 people babysit you and your incoming really count towards a win by your score valuation alone?

It's even rare for a solo to win by that nature, more often than not even they are contactable these days, and that's come about via a knock on effect by everybody else around them in order to just stay in the game.

This has pretty much filtered out everybody who doesn't wish to play this way, or people who just have better things to think about other than Bushtarion, and that's why the player base has declined into nothing. I've always been laughed at, especially in the early days, and my first ever round(s) which were 8, when I made jokes about changing the game name to "Phone Wars", but it was true then and it's true now.

A mobile app for this game would be the end of Bushtarion as you know it, for me at least.

Your perception of winning is very different to mine, and most likely your perception to life is different as well. Not to offend you or anybody else, but if you maintain this play style you will find that it's just you, your kind, and the bots that remain.

Everybody else is going to just move on with their life and look back at this and grin, because the majority of the player base don't find this play style fun.