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Jan 11, 2008
As we've had a few posts of this nature lately I'd just like to clarify the purpose of the Gripes forum.

If you have a problem with the game, whether that be game mechanics or a member/group from the playerbase - This is the place to voice your concerns.

The gripes forum is not, however, the correct place to make complaints.

This is for two reasons:

  • Azzer does not periodically check the gripes forum for complaints about, for example, staff. The place he does check is his forum inbox.
  • It is not for the playerbase to discuss/decide whether a staff member is right or wrong. This is the sole responsibility of Azzer - who will investigate any and all complaints regarding staff.

This is clearly outlined in the forum rules:

"12.4 - All complaints/appeals must be made using the appropriate channels with supporting evidence. Complaints not escalated properly cannot be considered."

This rule is as much for you as it is anyone else. Your complaint will not be considered if it isn't sitting in Azzer's inbox. Nothing else will be taken seriously - And the thread will be locked.
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