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    To Abort, or Not to Abort? I think this may be a new low point for western society.
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    Liverpool to be bought by Boston Red Sox owners

    MUAHAHAHHAAA We shall take over your football teams, and call them soccer! And sell Bud Light at your games, and call it beer! America shall colonize England!
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    This Game Needs More Oliver Cromwell.

    Need I say more?
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    [Full] Nameless haz an ally!

    It's true! Just created it! :) I'm looking for those who are stout of heart, and firm of bottom. What we're about: We aren't FTW. Not quite FTL though. I'd like for us to finish in the 5-8 range (preferably in the upper end...). Along the way, we will hopefully have many ugly battles...
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    Online MMO I'm playing now, care to join me?

    You get to be a citizen in the world, pick a country and a region, and level up and make money and all that crap. You can start a business, or run for Congress, or be a soldier, or whatever. The political system is a pretty big part of the game. Right now the US is at war with a major global...
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    Slight Change Re: PWs and joining allies

    I'm in a PW and just recruited someone to my ally, and I discovered that I can't defend them for 90 minutes, just like in W1. It seems to me this should either be removed, or at least make it an option whether or not for there to be a waiting period between joining an alliance and being...
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    What's your opinion?

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    "Report Cheater" button

    I suggest putting a Report Cheater button on each ID. Someone who thinks a certain player is cheating could click the button, and then type in why he/she thinks this player is cheating. As it stands, not everyone (new people especially) know how to report a cheater, or can be bothered to type...
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    Happy Memorial Day!

    Surely we have some vets here who deserve to be respected today (even if today is nearly over)? Come pay your respects here, or shout it out if you've served. I know I've played with Asmo and Gadfly for many rounds, veterans both. :nworthy:
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    Some online Risk anybody? So yeah, this is basically Risk, except they can't call it that. Games generally last a few days, since they aren't live, but instead it waits for everyone to take their turns. Bunch of different maps and stuff, more than you get with the board game...
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    Kill Azzer!

    Since some organization is going to be necessary to actually kill Azzer, our alliance is forming to do exactly what our name says. Join up!
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    <Bobbin> High School Musical ftw. Join me in flaming him, it's really for his own good. :onfire:
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    Dilemma for the horny young men

    Would you rather have sex with... A man who looked like a very attractive women. OR A woman who looked like a very rugged man.
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    War system overhaul

    War declaration range: 80-150% Effects: War declaration is automatically mutual Declaration is immediate (so as not to allow outside alliances to get involved) Alliances at war are prevented from attacking anyone outside of other alliance Outside IDs are prevented from attacking anyone in a war...