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  • That's been extremely helpful actually! Thanks very kindly! I'm still unsure whether or not to go for a bike or not... I definitely want a new car, just don't know if I should get a bike instead :p I may just do my CBT this Summer and see what it's like, if I enjoy it as much as I predict I will then I'll probably sway more towards the bike side of things... Why did you learn to ride a bike? Was it just more convenient with jobs/commuting/travelling etc?
    What motorbike do you have btw? I've been genuinely considering getting one recently (CBT this Summer then direct entry when I'm 21) and don't honestly have a clue what to go for... I'd quite like a Kawasaki Ninja ZX or a Suzuki GSX-R...but I may be thinking way over the top here... What was your first bike?
    Giff! I'll swap you something for it... like... a bar of chocolate. Or a free massage coupon!
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