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  • Dear Leeroy, Coon1, Solo Guys

    We , around 20 Thai players are going to say goodbye to Bushtarion.
    This game is dead due to Admin action.
    They will lock Asian guys who beat their r1 ally down.

    We are sure of this when there were more than 100 Thai players playing Bushtarion(12 years ago).
    Until the day of resistance, Some innocent players were locked.(I'm one of them)

    -I'm sure that Azzer ban me because I comment on his new imba Cyborg Gardener. ***AR with cost 2800$. Everyone on forum are with Azzer and tell me "go to hell".
    After that incident, I got locked.
    -Another innocent guy name Kren were banned. He was a quite high-ranked solo player who always play OPS briber. He bribed basic protestor/thug , trap a lot. He is undefeatable to R1 ally which is Azzer's friend. He got locked after that.

    We would like to say thank you to both of you.
    Even though we have fight each others at first, we manage to cooperated do Resistance to R1 ally at the end, it was fun.

    Good bye
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