Well i'm out soon


Feb 10, 2009
Well ... This was fun comming back for a round of bushtarion for a summer break. I had so much fun playing this game over the years since 2003 that i just felt i needed to play a last one before a teaching year that i know will be long and hard on me. I have the time to finish this round and after school start i will disapear.

It saddens me to see the state of the game although it must be expected from a text based game on the internet. It's easy to see that this game is giving it's last breath but for the type of game it had a great long life.

Too bad no alliances would care to take me this round either (applied in all of them). I had no reasons/will to give any info on myself and it seems that all alliances were too serious to take a freelancer. I usually have much more fun/shine the brightest in an alliance setting but hey ... solo round i guess.

If i have some last words for a few of you, here they are.

Gazzy, A real leader does what's right no matter the cost. I don't completely understand the situations that happened this round. But what it means is that a real leader would kick cheaters out of there with any real proofs but also that a real leader will stand behind his members trough adversity/trough the **** that can come your way. I cannot judge due to my lack of knowlege but you're the only one that know if you're a real leader although my guts feeling makes me think you actually are one.

To the soap opera forum users, let it go/relax/take a deep breath ... making drama on the forum only makes this community feels bitter. Honnestly it's no fun at all and if i was a new player and would see a forum like this one my first reflex would be to find another game [sarcasm]and we all know that pushing new players away is the best way to keep a game alive right? [/sarcasm]

To the cheater/cheaters (only really saw 1 this game but there might be more). You gain nothing playing the game on easy mode. I understand because of gaming psychology that you can get fun breaking the other's game and it's normal. You like to push the limits and are ruled by ''what can be done'' instead of ''what should be done'' and it's ok in itself but, it's kinda pointless in a game that allows you to mess up someone down and zero them. Mess them up in the way the game intended and feel the satisfaction of killing them. chaotic persons not as bount by society's rules can become 2 things, lawless thugs that destroy things around them or agent of change that will make the world around them a better yet different place. In what categories do you fit?

To the old players. Nice to see your faces around. I always been an Under the radar player and most of you probably don't remember me even if i played my first games probably before most of you. Hope life is treating you well and you have good times with the job/family/friends/etc.

With that, Stratovarius, ex leader of Who Cares? salutes all of you, finishes this round, and leaves to dissapear in the darkness of the real life.


Oct 14, 2014
I don't really know you but u seem to be a nice guy and that seems to have become rare in this game so it's sad that u are going. I wish you the best of luck
Kind Regards Felix


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Apr 27, 2012
Stratovarius? Saw your name all over the shop in spy reports, you done well this round from the glance looks I saw.

Good luck at school! Bye!


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Jan 26, 2013
Manchester, UK.
Being mostly inactive after day 10 I didn't see you around much, but it seems you impressed those who were more active than me, and it's nice to see an impartial view here on the forums. Your comments are well thought out and completely fair, although I suspect they will fall on deaf ears.

All the best,

- Gazzy.