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Dec 14, 2007
Grenoble, France
First I'd like to point out bush is a fantasy game, so weird things happen. You don't see cybernetic t-rexs walking down the street each day, so please don't complain if there's sun in winter, or (more likely to arouse complaints) snow in summer.

There are often threads made in various parts of the forum complaining about how "there hasn't been sun for x hours" or "the weather in the UK is NOTHING like this!". Please don't bother to make these threads, the weather system is fine as it is and won't be changed. The whole point about the weather is that it's randomised. So you can get rain for days or sun for days, doesn't matter.

The weather is also affected by the season. If it's winter then of course there will be a lot of rain and even snow. That's the way it is, after all, no one makes you grow in sun. You can grow in rain if you like, you'll just lose some of your seeds and so your money. But you'll have an immediate advantage over all your friends who are waiting for sun and have no's all part of the game.

After all, if it was sunny all the time we might as well not have weather at all...

Another suggestions-specific point to make: Bush does not have//need weather forecasts of any kind please. There are many many threads where such things have been suggested and you can use the search page to find these and see why. Predicting the weather is all part of the game and who plants when can affect what funds players have at different times, and so is part of the strategies. Any kind of weather-prediction element (even if not 100% accurate) would detract from this somewhat.

So, please, no threads about weather prediction.

Thanks Smile
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