[Taken] Leaving feedback in response to Recruitment

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Jan 11, 2008
Responses to recruitment threads are very much welcome and you can choose to either endorse a player's request for membership or, alternatively, leave a negative review of their play style.

Both types of response are bound by the same rules as any other sub-forum.

Criticism of another player is not breaking any rules, although in an ideal world this criticism should be constructive.

The only rule you should bear in mind when considering a negative response to a recruitment thread is:

  • Challenge other's points of view and opinions, but do so respectfully and courteously. Be civil and constructive, not ignorant and rude.
This is the only rule I can foresee being applied to negative responses to recruitment posts, but you'd have to say something fairly derogatory to have your post removed.

By all means leave a bad review of someone's playstyle (or lack thereof) but don't be cruel/attack the character of that person.

Examples of both:

"I've played on X number of occasions with Bloggsy. He is not a very active player, he does not work well as part of a team, his communication is lacking/none-existent and he's rarely online"

"I played with Bloggsy last round. He's basically a bit of a retard, avoid him at all costs because he sucks".

Basically, its not difficult to say something negative whilst still being nice/reasonable about.
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