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Sep 9, 2008
Hey Everyone,

I reset my password just so I could log in and post this. But before you get carried away THIS IS NOT EVERYTHING. I wish I could get it all but I can’t.

Here is a collection of Bushtarion War-Stories that I was able to get off web.archive.org. They were posted over the time period Apr 05 - Oct 06 (although a single one from 04 was also available). Of course formatting and emoticons are lost as I would have to add tags to every single post, something I am not prepared to do at this time.

Original posts can be viewed via web.archive.org through this link:
http://web.archive.org/web/20061113...php?f=20&sid=f2f769e7547422102556dc0f696c8081 (note that nearly every link outside the aforementioned time frame are broken as the page is not cached)

I will however post all those available here so they are on the forums. I will post from most recent to oldest. I will require at least 10 posts to fit them all (due to a post limit of 32,000 characters and a requirement of 300,000), so please don’t post replies until I have posted all I have to post. I will update [this space] when finished.

[edit]Finished posting, that is all I could get. It is not everything, but still a pretty decent portion.

I also have them all in MS Word with all formatting and emoticons. I don't know if anyone wants it since you can still access them on web.archive.org, but if you do I've attached them to this post as zip files. I had to cut it in half as .zip max attachment size is 97.5KB.

I thought I'd also use this opportunity to suggest that we encourage war stories to again be told. The old forums used to have a section dedicated solely to these war stories where comments were directed into other areas of the forum. With such a set up in the new forums and a bit of encouragement, we could again see bush history regrow. Obviously with the playerbase of today and the lack of FTW it may appear somewhat lackluster in comparison, but when you look back you'll be glad you saved those moments. I guess it all depends on what happens to bush in the future, but that's for another thread.

If anyone has stories from past rounds, I strongly encourage you to post them. Whether you have them saved, or can write it off the top of your head, I'm sure others will appreciate the effort.


Nonchalant (Sat 14 Oct 06 12:01 am by Fubu )
Subject description: as much as i can remember
Nonchalant was formed from the a majority of old players and some new faces aswell. The "older" players have been with us a few rounds, but as always we had to bring in some new blood too. In previous rounds we have been Confusion, Noisufnoc,Discombobulation...

We began the round with the following lineup:
Fubu,DeathScythe,Recycle,Royalty6,Dinget,Grassy,Poopsmith,Havelock,Craig,Lukey,Stevey,LewisK,Dr4545,Thawk,Harriergirl,Woodsy,Nickk,Mak and err....(mail me cos i forgot-an ill update it)


first tick passed away, and we had a good few people online, which was nice to see. we started pretty strong (for us) and over the course of the next week or so we progressed nicely, getting our developements done and trying to steal as many acres as possible. From the start Recycle, Woodsy,Stevey and Nickk, were all holding high positions within the top100 which was nice to see.
Obviously as soon as we started to get fat, we attracted some more attention and then came the attacks, quite a few but nothing major for now. We played our best defending as much as we can, and tbh we didnt loose too many acres.Once the "flak wars" started to die down, we continued to tech up as fast as we could and generally continue with our day to day business. Hitting smaller players and generally being nasty
A couple of weeks in we had agreed to attack the top alliance (at that time i think it was ravenous) along with a few other alliances. Although on the same note i dont remember saying we wouldnt hit other alliances hitting them A couple of our members sent at LO, and then we got a few messages asking why we were hitting them, as we were all supposed to be working together to take down rank 1. Fair enough i couldnt be bothered arguing so we recalled.
A couple of days later unfortunately i had to go away on holiday...so if this part isnt 100% correct forgive me as im going off what my offcers told me when i returned....

Middle of the round- ok so i leave my alliance wednesday morning at rank 6 (iirc) put my sexy beast officers in place and hand over leadership to Recycle/Royalty. A week later i return, eager to log onto bush to see how much money ive made (yeah sad i know )
As soon as i log in i see that our alliance has been hit, were down to about 16/17 members alot of the members had left and we were at rank 17/18. I must say thanks to all the people who stayed throughout this week as from what i heard it wasnt very nice. Apparently whilst i was away a snap was agreed between ourselves Axis, an LO for the duration of the period whilst rank 1 alliance was being attacked. From what ive been told a couple of hours after this was agreed our alliance recieved mass inc/waves from these two alliances, and well yeh, they pretty much raped us backwards alls fair in love and war
Luckily for me and our alliance the people who were left in charge and who stayed with us hadnt given up, theyd managed to sort out replacements, bringing us new faces, such as hamilton,Aaron, Asda,Jake,Vasques and a couple of others. Which was great to see, and even better we still had some fight left in us.
I got to work as soon as i could filling up the remaining spots, with players such as Middy, Sirwolfy and Nacho.
From then on in we started the long rebuild. Morale started to improve which was awesome and we were soon boosting up through the ranks again. Deathscythe at this point (besides dissapearing for food every 5minutes) decided that he wasnt enjoying his route, and therefore restarted as a POM. He quickly grew back to his old score, and then some. I gotta say he took to it like a fish in water and impresed me immensley with his "surfing" skills lol
Another week or so passed us by, and alot of our members were doing great a few of us in the top 100 with i think royalty being alot bigger than the rest. We soon got a little nonchalant about the whole situation , and probably got to many acres to what we could hold onto.
The waves soon appeared from what we could work out to be Ataxia (along with a fair few solo'ers). We tried our best doing as much damage as we could, gettin people online who we could, and defending those offline. Unfortunately it wasnt enough in the end, and they kept coming back over and over again ...we lost 60k acres in about 24-48 hours.
Alot of members logged on the following morning to see themselves zeroed, no men, not many acres, but ah well it was fun in certain respects.

Last few weeks of the round- after our second major bashing we decided not to get "as" fat as last time, but still continued to steal as many acres as we could get our grubby little mits on. Recycle and Stevey having a contest for the alli land stealer stat. Both players doing awesome and soon had acres coming out of their ears.Unfortunately we lost poopsmiths activity due to him going to college/university, but up untill that point his Poms had saved us so many times (and he still finsihed most active player in the alli)- so cheers poops
Other than that we continued our own lil alli attacks againts different alliances including Fawlty_towers, rage, EH, Waiting_On_Flip etc. And we had our fun in our own way. Recycle managed to somehow jump into the top 30, and held it for a while until the big dogs saw him, and then he was hit for about 10k acres in one session, but managed to save his troops
We still attracted attention and always did our best to defend etc. There was a coupld of days where what looked like a solo group hit and zeroed a number of us, which was a shame, ah well que sera sera.

Some Memorable Moments of the Roound:
-Lukey's dissapearing act that got us all a little worried...tut0tut
-Recycle's jeeps - oh the poor poeple he hit them with
-Asda suiciding his whole army as he forgot to recall an attack (always a classic)
-Middy's jokes threads - brought an awful lot of laughter to many a face im sure.
-Stevey and recycles competition for the alli landstealer

Ive gotta say this round although weve had numerous ups and downs, it has been one of the most enjoyable for me. We have had a number of people pass through the alliance, but also a high percentage of the final 20 players who ended with us also started wiht us on the first tick, id like to say thanks to everyone who has been with us, attacked us, or been attacked by us .

Heres to more fun rounds ahead

PS. If any member of Nonchalant would like to add antyhing then please pm me and ill slip it in somewhere (in a none sexual sense)

Leftovers (Thu 12 Oct 06 07:16 pm by Treedude )
Subject description: What really goes on behind blue eyes :p
This round was an interesting one for me, had its ups and downs, highs and lows, the usual kind of stuff but more extreme .

In The Beginning

We started the round full of hope for great performance with LDA being involved and with her a fair number of players who had a wealth of experience and activity. We did ok for the first weekend, managed to hover around the top 5 for much of the time. We had a few serious hits from the top 3, lost a bit of land and troops, took part in some resistances with Martin in these early days but quickly stopped them after being piggied with geo's by Dixy twice in a row. As the days wore on my brother came to stay with me and so I couldn't be online as much as I wanted to be, which led to massive inactivity on my part and LDA having to do alot of leading which was entirely unfair but I am very grateful that she did. However she couldn't keep this up, I've spoken to her about it and I've no hard feelings about the whole thing, i understand completely why she left.


Anyway with LDA leaving she obviously took the people she had recruited with her, which dropped us out of the top 10 for a brief spell and out of competition for the top (altho as we had lost members due to people leaving we were still getting inc from the top 3 allys, which was a pain in the ass). I quickly recruited as many people as I could, a big saving grace being Luthai who had recently had to disband his ally meaning he had a few players who could join with him. After a long period of wallowing around the lower half of the top 10 we finally managed to fill up and through random and lone attacks we managed to get our land back up and worked our way back towards the top 5.

Enter The Resistance

Now is about the time that Martin organised the big resistance on Meh that was so widely complained about. We were asked to hit so we did, it got us some good land and moved us up a rank, which was all fine. Then Martin came to me again asking the same but on Rave, claiming they were over double their land/value (kudos to Martin for foolin me with the stats on that one) but whether we were tricked or not doesnt matter, we sent whatever the reason was. As LO has an abundance of bikers at that point we were given siers as a target (at the time their biggest player, being rank 1). We were fortunate in that siers' net apparantly died as we were attacking giving us 2 rare ticks when he wasnt online but we managed to deal some significant damage and eventually Rave went the way of Meh and fell down.

It should be noted that in both cases I ordered organised bashes to be stopped on Rave and Meh after they were no longer a threat, we didn't need to carry on bashing them down so we didnt

Onwards To Victory

So as it now stood Dixy were rank 1, Ataxia were 2 and we were 3. Ataxia and Dixy were switching places occasionally, they were very close to each other in value, but then Dixy started to take out Ataxia, meaning we had to leap into action and halfway through the 2nd wave LO organised a hit on Dixy with a few solos (there were meant to be more allys but they couldnt get troops together in time). We carried on hitting Dixy through the night with CD helping on a wave or 2, but the majority of damage being done/taken by LO with Ataxia close behind. After my only night of staying up all night Dixy finally collapsed and we had taken rank 1, but again I stopped the waves once they were no longer a threat, possibly not a great decision as Rave took it upon themselves to descend like vultures on Dixy's acres stealing around 150k of it in 1 day (my numbers could be wrong, don't have my logs here to check the number pane gave me).

Hold It Together Men!

Around the time of taking down dixy we gained beast as a member who was rank 2 or 3 at the time, finally after asking him to join for weeks and weeks he agreed and we gained a very valuable member. After Dixy had been killed we knew it would be our turn next if a resistance was formed so we tried a different tactic from the previous rank 1 allys (do nothing then die or in dixys case try and take rank 2 out and then die) and we made a ceasefire with Axis. I had planned to kill them after the threat of a resistance had gone but unfortunately the resistance came for Axis first meaning we couldn't take them out alone as we had hoped to do.

That aside Cyrus, who I had recruited right after losing members to Bed, was getting in several arguments with members, eventually causing beast to leave and others to threaten to leave if I didnt kick him. I was forced to kick him for the good of the ally, I hope he understands that, I didn't have a problem with him but what choice did I have. After these 2 had left we dropped to 6th on ally points. I later learned that we were over double the value of rank 2 before they left with almost double the land, in essence we had it won until they left.

Enter The Resistance Part 2

So seeing that we had dropped and word quickly spreading as to why a resistance was quickly formed in which we lost around 75k acres, dropping us to half of what we had had before beast and Cyrus had their argument. At this point I thought it was over for us but then the incomings just stopped and we lived on. Over the next couple of weeks there were resistance hits every so often, twice a week usually, a couple were successful resulting in big land losses but as in the first case just when I thought we couldn't survive any longer and it was the end, the incoming just stopped and we could rebuild. This period was also dotted with incoming from hobo and f0xx pretty much every day, which gets really annoying i can tell you, damn stealth, damn it to hell!

After a while the resistances just stopped coming, not sure why, but that left us free reign to take out the would be resistors. Can't remember the order which we took out these allys but first off ill talk about Rave again, they were massively land fat after raping Dixy down to size so they seemed like the best target. The first night we attacked with just LO and CD and we got wtfpwned, so we stopped for the night. As it hadnt worked the first night and Rave were now rank 1 we went back with another ally and some solo helpers and this time Rave went down, after 2 waves they stopped defending and started hitting sleep mode, and the land raping commenced. We ran out of targets that werent in sleep mode and had land before I felt the need to call a stop to the bashes so we just sat on top doing not a whole lot for a day or so.

I can remember less about Meh dying again, not even sure we did much to help it but anyway they got killed again as they got into the top 5, they were coming up strong and were a clear threat with the players and activity they had

The interesting one was Bed. They were an absolute beggar to steal from with them having like 6 PoM players. We tried for a week, did some serious damage, kept them awake for a long time, but didn't manage to take that much land. I called a halt to hits on them over the weekend of the meet as it wasn't fair, but when that was thrown back in my face a few days later I called open season on them again, but we still found ourselves unable to steal any major bits of land, PoM's are SO annoying

And then there was much rejoicing

After the meet the round pretty much wrapped up for us, it didn't have to, we could easily have been taken, but no1 tried so we survived (or at least I assume thats what happened, I've been v v v v inactive the past 2 weeks with moving into a new flat and staying with friends etc). And now I'm sitting here writing this looking back on what I can be proud to call the round LO won.

As the ticks stopped the ally was (in no particular order):

Treedude - Leader
Luthai - MO
Avvy - CO

To all of those players they have my utmost respect and gratitude for the time and effort they put into making this a winning round. All the crap we had to endure was worth it for proving LO has got what it takes to win a round.

And finally...

Contrary to what people have been posting on these forums we haven't gone back on our principles, we haven't broken any of the laws of LO, we had fun, the only time we didn't was when people *****ed at us and accused us of tarnishing our name when we hadn't actually done anything wrong. We played to our strengths and we only used bashing when it was needed, when we were taking down a rank 1 and when we needed a quick kill, altho to be fair with Bed that didn't really work coz of the PoM's but that was the reasoning anyway (I've always recognised it's needed in some cases, whenever I have spoken against it is has been because it's been used when it isn't needed).

I'm the only player left in this game who has been in Leftovers every single round it has been in existance, I know who we are, where we came from and what we stand for, and those of you that know me should know that Leftovers is THE most important thing to me in this game and I would never do anything I believe to be against what we stand for, and thats why I can look back on this round without 1 bit of regret, I'm proud of what we achieved and nothing that anyone can say will take that away from me, and I hope my members feel the same.

And so to summarise, it was a great round, and I am pleased to say, without any sense of hesitation or irony..


Mullets too!


EDIT: My memory is shockingly bad so if anyone from LO has things to add to that story then feel free to post it on this thread (LO members only mind )

Bed (Thu 12 Oct 06 11:12 am by LadyDarkAngel )
Subject description: Goings on in between the sheets ;)
Bed story, as far as I can remember

Bed was formed on August 14th (a few weeks into the round) by myself and some members who had originally followed me into LO (namely orpheus, deathAngel, rosana, bill89, steve_god, corco, marksy, atomslaya). The recruiting started immediately (through the forums and in-game) with a lot of swaps & changes mainly due to inactivity and a few shipjumpers here and there.

Bed was pretty weak at this stage and trying to "find it's feet" when I was forwarded an alliance mail in which Dixy was inciting other alliances into killing Bed because apparently we'd refused to join in resistance attacks on Ravenous. Needless to say this came as a bit of a surprise, as I'd not been contacted nor spoken to anybody in Dixy about any attacks at that point! It later transpired that Martin had spoken to one of my members about attacks and was told Bed might not join in, which Martin took as a flat refusal from Bed (incidentally Martin and I weren't on speaking terms leading up to this because of Dixy piggying LO resistance attacks on Ravenous with geo, earlier in the round)! I made my stance on attacks on Ravenous clear to Martin... Bed didn't have the activity nor LET and our involvement would make no difference to the outcome of the war -- this was also based on my own knowledge - which I didn't divulge - on Ravenous' activity, or lack of

Ravenous died again, which is when Martin contacted me to say the resistance (some 4/5 alliances) were attacking Meh. Bed's activity was still atrocious and again, I felt an additional alliance wasn't needed in these attacks. This was going to be the second resistance attack in which Bed was going to lose out on land, so temptation was great, but the sheer scale of attackers on Meh disgusted me into making the decision that Bed wouldn't join in.

Shortly before this time I had been contacted by an old friend who was in Axis, asking me if Bed would ceasefire with them for the remainder of the round, which I refused. A few days later, I was informed that LO (rank 1 alliance) and Axis (rank 2 alliance) had agreed a ceasefire. I outed this information pretty much straight away in the forums, to flat out denials from LO members which carried on even after Treedude publicly admitted to the ceasefire. I guess I angered LO a tad as we started receiving incoming from LO, their pnaps, Axis and Badforu and his multies. At this stage the resistance decided to kill Axis so as to remove one of LO's main supporters on attacks (the other major support being Badforu whom was eventually locked... even if a little too late as his involvement most definately aided LO). Axis went down and LO were again alone at the top.

At this point, I was again finding myself kicking members through inactivity when Lordie messaged me on msn asking me what Bed's situation was like. After I explained that I'd just kicked a couple of members and another couple had just told me they were going inactive because of RL issues, he asked whether I'd consider taking in a few remaining Meh members as Meh was disbanding. The members he proposed were himself, angela, jack, freddy, lisette and dick (all others had or were quitting). So that is how Meh members came to Bed About a week later, after a great deal of convincing work, howly agreed to join me and later on ladyhawke also got into Bed, after Dixy disbanded. Khris followed after I kicked yet another member for inactivity (yes yes... the kick button is worn out)!!

Our activity started to improve dramatically and the general morale in Bed was good We joined a few sporadic resistance attacks on LO, gained some land, reached rank 1 in effectiveness and rank 2 in valuation. LO still wanted us dead though, so started a series of "aided" attacks on Bed... on the first night's attacks they were aided by Ataxia and Badforu. I believe we let Ataxia through and defended against the rest. The following night was interesting, to say the least. CD and Bed had an agreement that neither alliance would aid LO on attacks on eachother as LO had been rank 1 for a long while and didn't need any help from other alliances (this is not to say Bed and CD weren't attacking eachother without LO). So to say I was shocked to see CD members waving us with LO and Badforu on the second night of waves on us is an understatement (I know Bob well enough to know he'd never go back on his word). It later transpired that Crumpet saw fit to forge some mails she'd exchanged with one of my members (jack), to read that Bed wanted CD dead, and post them in CD's politics, to use as an excuse to attack Bed with LO (no need to speculate as to the reasons why, as Crumpet is Luthai's pnap so her intentions and allegiances were pretty clear). The addition of CD incoming to the LO/Badforu waves did us some damage, but we continued defending like fiends. Crumpet was later confronted by her leadership about the mails, to which she admitted having forged them and proceeded by trying to back up a lie with another lie, by saying jack threatened with what she's written about, on irc Anyone who knows jack, knows he doesn't use irc So the lies from Crumpet kept coming, thick and fast, in a desperate attempt to justify her original behaviour, but digging herself into a much deeper hole with each one!

CD reinstated the "no waves with LO" status quo and as Ataxia were now in resistance discussions with Bed, LO found themselves alone, again. They carried on attacking us with Badforu and his multiple accounts until Treedude ordered LO to stop waves on Bed (which I was very grateful for... after 1 week of solid incomings I was averaging 2 hours sleep per night and Angela even less, and were both starting to feel pretty sick). I don't think everyone in LO was happy with Treedude's orders though... and this is when I started to realise this wasn't about LO wanting the land they'd not managed to steal from us, but it was purely about killing us. As Luthai proceeded to mail Ataxia and other solos to keep up the attacks on us even though LO couldn't Other than Badforu, everyone else refused. Badforu kept us up a few nights, but we held our land well, started doing him some damage and eventually the inevitable happened, when his accounts were locked! YAY we got to sleep again!!

All went reasonably quiet on the incomings front from then. There were talks of resistance attacks on LO with Ataxia, CD and Ravenous but not much came of it. Through inactivity, tiredness and sheer disorganisation

During the last week of the round, we had a bit of a war with CD. Through us BH'ing some of their members and them retaliating and us retaliating and…. It went back & forth for a couple of days. LO came back for a few last minute attacks, but nothing too painful.

I end this round, with Bed having achieved what I personally value the most in terms of rankings (and voted for at the start of the round in a forum poll or rather, in case anyone should say that I value this only now Bed achieved it). Rank 1 in effectiveness ~ if we manage to keep it that way before round end
Personally speaking, this has been an interesting round for me. Not exactly the quiet one I was hoping for, but one round I will never forget, as I finally had the opportunity to play alongside some great people whom I’d not played with before!! Thank you to every single one of you for making this round one I won’t forget and for putting up with my temper tantrums!! Alas they’re part & parcel of that Italian fire you’ve all experienced! Now you can feel sorry for Welshie and the dutch, knowing what they have to put up with every round

Bed's final line-up (in no particular order):
Angela -- now get some sleep!!!
Corco -- SAS’ best POM friend!
Drak -- tireless defender, it’s been an honour
bill89 -- you’ll be missed next round!!
Howly -- MINE!!
Jack -- didn’t know whether to hug you or kill you half the time
davec -- thank you for not minding my texts in the middle of the night
saint1d -- booze & ipod = great entertainment
Princ -- don’t think I’ve ever shouted at anyone so much before
freddy -- Angela’s biatch!!
Lordie -- great MO and a great guy
dick -- daddy-o!!! It’s been a pleasure to finally meet you!!
Khris -- RAWR
Ladyhawke -- the queen of texts… thank you for saving our butts so many nights!!
Atomslaya – defending humvee rushes with SD!! Truly defends at all costs
Podunk -- aka fishy
Lisette -- the tarzan lady!!
wumpy -- put down that burger!!
Whitehawk -- think he’s at the pub again!!

Special mention to my pnaps: siers (always there for me) and welshie (most inactive pnap ever!!!)

The reasons for my leaving LO are not relevant to this story, but to clarify for those who have made accusation as to me leaving because of incs, this couldn't be further from the truth. I'd joined LO for a quiet round, and found myself pretty much leading the alliance (due to Treedude being very inactive), yet without any real power to gain activity from original LO members (messages reading... Treedude doesn't mind... He's not even here... It's the LO way... etc. etc. spring to mind) nor the ability to kick inactives, made my time in LO extremely frustrating. By August 11th things weren't any better (me being the first point of call if LO got any incs, and Rob still struggling to log on for them) and as I had a family wedding to attend to that weekend and wouldn't be contactable, I decided to go solo and think things through for a couple of days. Which is what I did, and, as friends who'd joined LO with me were suggesting I lead an alliance again, "my way", I decided to go for it and Bed was born!

For comments: http://www.bushtarion.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=274532#274532


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Meh (Sat 07 Oct 06 11:43 am by Howly )
Subject description: Who Gives A MEH!!!!!
Below is a very dry and long account of Meh. I apologise if i have missed anything, or gotten events out of sequence, but i've tried to be as open and honest as possible.


Two - Three weeks into Round 18, Meh begun to take shape. Meh was to take the Core of Jack's alliance and take them to new places. The question was, who the hell were we going to get!!
So Angela, Jack, LadyHawke and i went looking for members.

Our starting list looked like this: Angela, Jack, LadyHawke, Werner, Jacques, Lordie, Lisette, Dick, HK_Random, Marvin, Kuda, Drak, Khris, Bobbin, Ollie, Monk, ShadowStrike, Moonshade, Bryan and I.

Before it even ticked we had issues and lost LadyHawke, who found she had unsolvable issues with Monk and left. She was replaced by Mumble. (Want it noted here that when she left she had out ids, and this caused alot of unrest and concern amoung the Mehs).

It ticked.

Meh quickly rose to Rank 1 for a short period of time (very short, we've learnt to start just not maintain it). before sinking into a solid top 5 position. For the first week we were approached by alliances for snaps, mutual back scratching and killing Rave with Dixy and LO, as they are getting away with the round. The snaps were turned down, having a long term committment to another alliance wasn't something i wanted Meh to do. I personally felt it was out of tune with the new age. Dixy started up it's war drums on Rave and started to move to attack and gain land. Meh did not join in. Not to say we didn't think about it, but to be honest i don't like Martin, which is kinda odd since before this round i've spoken to him once.....let's say he managed to make a lasting impression..........and everything i've done has been tainted by that......part of the reason i had to keep getting other peoples opinions in my dealing with Dixy. Allowing personal bias over-rule would not always be good for the other 19 people in Meh.

Rave and Dixy spent the first 2 weeks sallying forth against each other, with the ocassional incursions against Meh. We assisted Rave alittle, but tired of there attack twice and disappear mentality. We attempted to carry attacks out on Dixy in style we were not comfortable with, mainly 3 targets - everyone split there staff. We must have done something right, however i am unsure as to what.............anyway Dixy planted Krunk, in the guise of Hobo. Which only highlights that i'm actually rather trusting of people (and rather desperate for movable LET) and Martin & Co. don't know about where to draw the line. About this time we had some other leaks. Someone who will remain nameless, spammed some people with our overview. Realising certain information about the alliance to the general community. Further to this we had some individual crack a members account, take screen shots and try and blackmail us into buying them off to keep the information from being handed out.

This person was reported and locked. However, i'd like it noted that some time after, this information turned up in the hands of Dixy. Even now i still find myself pondering these questions: How much did they pay for the out dated information on us? and What sort of individual would take a game so seriously to do so?

Over the first 2 -3 weeks we had some more line up changes due some activity issues:
Bobbin was replaced by Bullet
Drak was replaced by Scott who was then replaced by Freddy.

Anyway, as reflected in our Banner "Pane realised both Martin and him fancied Monk". Meh was being asked by both parties to interefere with there stalmate. Which was rather silly, because anyone would realise......ranks 1 & 2 in a stalmate means rank 3 gets a chance to tech it's bum off, land up and resolves it's immense activity issues (ie. You want to log? "meh"). So, we settled on a policy of ignoring them and getting on with what we needed to do.

sequence of events, roughly went like:

1. Attack Dixy with Rave
2. Keep Attacking Dixy alone without Rave
3. Attack some random allie with Rave to stop them from joining Dixy and doing nothing
4. Attack Rave with Dixy
5. Change sides - Attack Dixy with Rave.
6. Kill Rave
7. St Martin & the Resistances - aka. who needs to change there pants?

I'm going to skip ahead to Part 4/5.

Martin and i had started to talk after Menedeli had been pestering me about helping Dixy against Rave. I was rather disinterested, if it involved working with Martin i wasn't keen. (yes that one convo rounds back was a really set opinions on my side, i can't speak for Martin). Anyway, after chatting with my HC (Angela and Jack) we decided that Meh would help Dixy. Yes i felt physically ill. After Martin and i clashing over targets, Meh eventually sent in Angela to neg the deal. As far as i was concerned, we had agreed to attack Rave with Dixy in the singular, Martin was under the impression i suspect we'd help wipe Rave from the top 20 then bendover for Dixy. Meh held that deal and kept there word, as we saw it. Dixy and Meh LT'd Dixy went in first and Meh sent 2 ticks later.

In those 2 ticks, Meh members were spammed by Rave. "Dixy are out, if you want to attack" and other such things. When Meh appeared on Rave's alliance page, the messages changed. Rave started to make a counter offer. Which is suspect translated to: "help us wipe out Dixy and then you can bendover for us". However i will address this, because at the time were where accused of a Eula break by...........anyone want to guess? Bingo! Dixy. With Rave already committed def to Dixy's attack on them, it left Meh's targets undefended or at best last ticked. Pane stated this fact in PM to me, which wasn't a shock since it was on the spy reports for Rave what they were doing. Majority of Meh landed, but against some defence. There was no free ride, nor land for help deal. I'd have helped Pane even if we hadn't landed. Have i mentioned yet how much i personally dislike Martin? Well by this point my skin was crawling. We had fulfilled our agreement, and we could change sides ---- So we did (thank God!), Angela still talking to Martin and Lordie dealing with the Dutch. Angela was instructed to answer Martin's questions honestly or at least without to many straight out lies ie. Q. Are you attacking again? A. Yes Q. straight when you are back? A. Yes Q. will you cover siers? A. more than likely not. I think we did push the bounds of truth, but who is going to admit to an alliance, who is currently active and in warmode that they are the next target?? I didn't think so!

Rave LT'd on Dixy, and Meh Followed. At this point Dixy went wild. Meh HQ received some interesting abuse, we were verbally attacked on IRC and members got some interesting PMs. Anway we sent and most of us landed again. Suddenly Martin's aim for the game changed, no longer was he about stopping the Dutch (IF he ever was). He became about getting his own back on Meh, particularly myself. The second time we sent, Dixy's defence pattern had changed. they no longer defended Rave period. All or the majority of defence was v Meh. I didn't like this, it was wasteful. It allowed Rave to get easy land. So, after the 2nd or 3rd send i called a stop to our attacks on Dixy. Meh went into random attacks. And Rave raped Dixy into rank 3.

During this time we had some incoming from Dixy, i think after losing 2k land, we started to stop it all. Dixy then up'd it a notch and attacked with Rave. We stopped it. After that, Meh ceased to have any real incoming (apart from the solo stealths) til Rave's revenge Bash on our HQ.

Rave settled into rank 1 and head into there standard behaviour. Inactivity. Meh on the other hand moved it's focus. We encouraged BH attacks in a hope to raise our BH score. Over the week, Meh started to grumble for war. I think at some point i said fine, but you might have to log on for that.........the moaning continued, but meh waited. Til! Lordie one day logged on and said can we kill Rave? He set LTs, fished around for interested individuals and asked the ultimate question: Do you think anyone in the allie will log on? I gave him a honest answer: Hell No!! LT is equal to asking everyone to log off. So the question became: How do you fight a war, without other alliances and without activity. Rave experienced the answer with excellent results. For Meh, not Rave. Instead of going for the quick kill, we went the another way. It took over a week to get Rave to the point where Meh could land. Slowly but surely we were grinding Rave down under the leadership of our MOs (Lordie (Lead Mo) , Monk & Dick (note other member also organised, these chaps are just the main 3)). Rave was rank gaining wet dream, we took bounty, we gained effect, our govt value increased and the Points rolled in.

I think, in retal Rave only had one success and one draw. The rest were solidly in Meh's favour.

We'd done it! Alone! Us! Of all alliances! That must have really had upset some people.

During this period we had another line up change, ShadowStrike was removed from the alliance for abusive behaviour and was replaced by WD.

Soon the rumblings and rumours of a resistance being formed by Dixy begun to surface...............ok screw that, i couldn't move without people c&ping stuff to me about it. The same went for a number of Meh's members. I did not plant spies despite what Martin has said, there was no need and i don't think spies should be encouraged in that manner.

Around this time, another situation arose. Werner was locked. My opinion on this, isn't for public consumation other than i feel the events surrounding the lock are murky and does not show everyone involved in a good light (that does include the game creator).

The resistance strike in the late GMTs of Thursday night/ Friday morning. They could not have chosen a better day. Meh is an alliance of high school students, workers and a college people. There isn't a member who didn't have something they didn't have to attended too outside the game. The screen shots have been posted. There is no need to for me to cover the volume of the resistance or the amount of people that they covered. When facing that type of incoming you have 2 choices run or sleep. Defence after awhile is suicide because you may hurt one alliance, but there is 7 others you have to still defend and you've already batter yourself against alliance number 8. It doesn't work. With all our knowledge of the resistance coming, we did not hit sleep mode for two weeks and hope you'd go away. That doesn't work either. So we tried to fight, and apparently that was not good enough for our attackers either. I'm not sure what occurred after i left for work, nor when i got there could i see the allie page. I logged on and sat on the mils page and had to use other Meh's to direct my def.

Many Members, simply logged off. Went to bed, school, work and etc. They got raped into the ground, and even then the vengence of most alliances was not satisified. At around 1-2 gmt the Meh Prots/HC had a talk. Angela was exhausted, Jack needed to head home and i was off to serveral hour meeting. It was agreed, that a general mass text message to all members was to be issued (thanks Angela!) to the effect: "If you can get online, do so and hit sleep. The Prots are going into Sleep". (Jack held out another hour or so, for when he left sleep mode it would co-inside with him waking up). We've been called weak for doing this, myself imparticular. So be it!

Eight hours later, Meh still had incoming. I came out of sleep mode, low and ready to give up. I was disgusted with the game. As mush as i applaud the resistance and the fact that it managed to do something for the first time since R13. I also censure them. You are have done a grievious thing, you have made bashing the norm and the accepted. Something the majority of you have at one time or another complained about or at least commented against, you have set it up as the only way to attack. So as you praise Martin & the resistance (and note, i'm not saying he does not deserve words of respect, to organise an attack at that level is worthy of it), remember with sadness what it cost playerbase.

I was not angry, til i came out of sleepmode. I logged on to see 200mil tick sharing on a guy with 195 land. Rest of the allie dead or in sleepmode. I've never seen something in Bush so stomach turning and sad. Is this the skill level we have reduced the player base too? So we put anger to good use, and lauched Meh Mark 2. We lost alot of members, but we got some really great guys to join us. Mikey, Havelock, WhiteHawk, Thinking, and James. We rebuilt, and we climbed the ranks. In under a week we were back at rank 4. Apparently that wasn't acceptable. Axis started to attack us on a daily basis, we managed to block them most of the time. They then started to tell other alliances we'd been bashing them. Which i personally think is amazing. Only people in Meh with staff were Prots. And who is afraid of a Protestor?

Anyway, one week later Axis, LO, Solos and Ataxia (one or two) started to attack Meh en masse. To be clear, this wasn't organised between them. They never discussed it. They weren't working together. Along with that, i'd like to mention that Angela is the Queen of England, Jack is the Presidient of America and i'm a major religious diety!!! Yes! fine!! pull the other one it's got bells on it too! Rather my view of LO's Smeg too.

It's kinda heart breaking to see, that after weeks of effort and fun it doesn't mean a thing. Rank 1 had snap'd everyone and was happily killing anyone outside of the group who could be a threat. THAT IS WHAT YOU GOT FOR YOUR RESISTANCE!!!! You have instated bashing as the only way to attack, snapping as the only way to survive. Welcome to the new age.............it's the same as the last age, just in fancier packaging.

I gave up, Meh stalled and died. The new leader lasted 36hrs later, apparently seeing rank 20 LO/Axis Solo hitting rank 20 HQ to zero someone's staff was the final straw. Meh started to dissolve. I was handed back lead, i booted the remaining few and left them to the protection of AR. Meh continued on for another week with 1 member.

Then ceased to be at all.


Thanks to all the members of Meh, you made this a great round and have been one of the best groups i've ever played with. Again i apologise for not being the leader any of you deserved.



PS. The Comments Link: http://www.bushtarion.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=273945#273945

Dixyslea - What really happened? (Tue 19 Sep 06 01:40 pm by Martin )
The creation of Dixyslea was almost a mistake, it first begun with our beloved Hewo approaching me on a lovely summer’s day asking if I wished to join an inactive ally with good players. So we could still do well without insane online times. So we recruited, picking up players with the calibre of Guff, Avash, Polo… we begun to see we were going to be a strong alliance. Icy and Crumpet joined, both the two “Best Newcomers” of the previous round, both ready and raring to go.
Hewo then got a job and stopped being hideously active, and handed leader to me (and then it started to go wrong), I didn’t want to win the round, from the start I wanted to go for rank 2, let the Dutchies win and just kill everyone who wasn’t the Dutchies for fun. That caused conflict with about 50% wanting to follow my plan and 50% wanting to go for the win. So we thought, oh what the hell, we’ll go for the win and then just enjoy the round if we didn’t.
We started the round with the following people:


After the initial “Everyone who bought 7 acres is top 10” part, Dixy shot to rank 1. Which is the normal occurance in any alliance I have been in (never not been top at the start). So we chugged along, not as many in the top 20 or so as I wanted, but still rank 1 so it was ok. Ravenous then overtook us about 8 hours in, and then we never passed them….
When the random flak incomings came in, I recognised the style of some Dutch players, boosts, and the names gave us a few IDs to work with. Hewo and Signpost being our only Prots gave us issues, as Hewo was never online, and Signpost had school. Never-the-less we struck the Dutchies in the name of “Oh, well we *might* win”. We started a flak war before even 24 hours were in without any Prots. It was very difficult and soon we started to lose, keeping the mentality: “We are slowing them down, woooo” we continued. After getting hacks and thinking “Oh for the love of God we are screwed”. I ran crying to Treedude asking for LO’s assistance. They helped and we started hitting Ravenous together… The ranks evened out slightly, but I upset LO (BY ACCIDENT STEF ) and the joint attacks ceased.
The rest of the round seems slightly blurry up until about 3 weeks in, so the following events may not be in the correct order or even correct in themselves.

Within the first few days Angie and Hewo got kicked from the alliance, and then replaced with LadyHawke and Wilddisease, which gave us an active Prot and a lady who hates the word “sleep”.
I then leaped across IRC trying to find Howly and being unable to I approached Angela in order to get some help to take out Ravenous: The thoughts at the time being if Ravenous fall we can kill Meh 1v1. A successful strike on Ravenous was made and Meh and Dixy both started skipping around their newly acquired land, following the same trend of splitting the IDs 50/50 we organised another attack… the tick Dixy sent we refreshed and saw red from both Ravenous and Meh… We had been countered and backstabbed…. Ooo, hell no!

Alliance: “Martin, wtf we do, we need to kill Ravenous”
Martin: “No way, Meh die… at ALL costs”

We then focused all our defence on Meh, letting Ravenous run off with the free acres and us feeling very proud of ourselves as Meh hitting us backfired, as they took big losses and got no land in the counter (first one at least, I don’t remember the rest). By my thoughts (which are still to this day) Howly was trying to pull a Sordes, and make me beg her to hit Ravenous with us, and she would ally with each one until we killed each other. Like Sordes did in round 16… I am a very stubborn person and it didn’t work.
I think Dixy still had the rank advantage over Meh but Ravenous were still far ahead of both alliances. We then focused all our attacks on Meh, and even infiltrated their IRC room and managed to scope out their defence (but it was initially just for pure comical value – Gotta love my Krunk). Krunk then a few days later posted logs into the #bushtarion channel, and got locked. I woke up and was informed what happened, I then instantly made a point to apologise to the Meh members which I knew (all accepted – Monk, Angela, Khris). I also mailed the HQ and got a reply from Howly, along the lines of:

Martin you are pathetic, this is a true reflection on your alliance as you, you cannot control your members, you are an aweful leader and your apology is not accepted. You are defiantly mouthy enough to talk the talk, but no way you can walk the walk. You wont kick Krunk either because you are weak…

(There was more but you get the jist – that was retyped, but she was just as subtle)

Anyone who knows me knows I do not respond well to being insulted (especially unfairly). We then exchanged mails of an uncouth nature for a while.

I had now taken it upon myself to destroy Meh, but after Meh and Ravenous’ bashing of us, we were too weak, so we had to wait until Meh and Ravenous fought. Me waiting for Meh to die so we could beat the crap into them at our own level. To everyone’s surprise Meh won (kudos to that, I really do commend you). For the one reason, and one reason only “Howly cannot win” I started a resistance. I didn’t even care if it was a bash, Meh had to die and that was all that mattered. 5 alliances (Dixy, LO, EH, CD and Ataxia) all commenced hitting Meh. Simply enough, Meh fell to rank 10 in value or so.

I then kept getting messages asking me to organise a resistance on Ravenous, but I couldn’t be bothered, I didn’t want to win, so someone else can put the effort in. A few in Dixy then kept bugging me, so I said “Meneldil and Crumpet you have leader, go do what you want to do”. So they did whatever, and Ravenous died too. At the point attacks started on Ravenous, Ataxia were right behind Dixy in value but had more land. Making an effort to let Ataxia overtake, we commenced (that was my one order to Meneldil, do not take too much land). We didn’t take much but shot ahead of Ataxia. Within about 16 hours of being rank 1 I got bored, I couldn’t be bothered to sit here, so we hit Ataxia, just for the sake of it. Ataxia called upon the other alliances and we started being “resisted” too. I gave the order of “Kill what you can, we will not run and let them get free land, defend against Ataxia and kill them. Anyone hits sleep mode and they get kicked!”. I like to think we did a good job of fighting. Although fighting left us with no troops unlike Ravenous and Meh we were unable to repel incomings when we fell to rank 10, and we kept dropping, wave after wave kept coming. We fell to value rank of 17 before the big waves stopped.

Then the rebuild commenced, Ataxia still sending 5/6 man waves at us each day, but being able to repel the incomings with such commendable perseverance. We lived to fight another day, stealing about 45k land in 2 days to get us up to rank 10 in value, with the top players.
LO sitting up top quite a way ahead, Ataxia having been knocked down too, but still bigger.

Mini-resistances against LO started, like one or two waves every 3 days or so, but noone with the motivation, so LO stayed up top.
We shot up to 250k land, probably more than LO at this point and hit rank 4 in value (marginally ahead of Bed). I then got word CD and LO were hitting us, I was not surprised, Harby had been wanting to help LO win since the start, and right now we are being stomped again, do we have it in us to rebuild again… How far will we fall before this stops?

I am leaving with the members like this:


Awesome group and I am glad you chose me as your leader

ps - There is more about the spying in channels and stuff, but that is just what I wrote a little while ago and I can't be bothered to add stuff in.
Continued (Sun 24 Sep 06 08:52 pm by Martin )
Krunky said:
Krunky wrote: The Truth About The Channel Spying

First off, I am not going to apoligize for it as it was f'ing hiluarous.

Using multiple nicks to fool people was the name of the game.


I can not claim credit for this one, as it was WildDisease all the way. He assumed the name Blood, and made up some bogus excuse and was soon in their ally channel. Only lasted for a bit, before Blood joined, and the channel was dead quiet, so we never learned alot. But it was quality funny for him to be in there.


Now this one had to be one of the best. Meh launched an attack on us so I assumed the name Hobo, and well pretended to be Hobo. Sorry Hobo . Anyways we got alot of their defense plans and such, saw where their attacks were real and where they were fake. Then we retalled and saw where the def was real etc etc. Joined a few more times after this. Was quality. Anyways was pretty funny.


I joined under the name Loser under some bogus excuse and used this to our advantage. Then Loser joined about 30 minutes in and I wasn't kicked for another 2 hours or so. Real smart people they are. Anyways I even managed to get some guy kicked from the ally I think. Was so f'ing funny.
This was the best one by far.


use the whois button newcomers.....

Hyphen - The Kovenant (good old days) (Thu 14 Sep 06 11:24 am by aplayer )
Subject description: Just saying hi and clearing up a few things for old time sake.
Hey guys and gals, just thought id check up on the bush forums for old times sake, its been a while since the TK round and im not one that likes to talk on forums, so i havent been on here since the TK round, so i decided to read all theTK and stuff about me in the forums,, intresteing... i must say.
So i thought i would come on here say high and answer a few theories back in the day.

For one the forums i liked was sir drums, when all this crap when down he was there in the same room lol,,, it was fun.

1) The TRIFORCE was made up of TK ,Rizla and OoP's(order of pheonix)

2) I was the leader of TK(Hyphen) and LordErtz leader of (Rizla) and Persephone of (OoP's).
!!! Note: now SPY because you were in the alliance for the first two weeks does not mean you are or ever where the leader of TK, i seem to remember when we created the alliance group in the first week that i didnt want you to be apart because you were cheating and still do with 6 accounts. Hence what half of HITMEN was made of, wow who would of thought lol.... nad OoP was created well well after spy left ha!, and i gave that job to my GF awwww.....

3) TriForce for what ever you belive was created to make the round more intresting and fun, and thats what it did and thats all that is to it... get over it people its a game.!

4) Anti - only defended a couple of attacks in the whole end of the round, i dont care if people dont agree, i have no reason to lie its just a game guys.

5) The condition of the anti nap was that we could not go over rank 25,,, this nap was for a few days people! not the whole round! and yes we did break it but they were not willing to attack us as it would of hinderd their score, and i dont blame them.

6) HITMEN - was full of alot of good friends who yes i do see in real life. however they grew fast yes, and i comend that... but to the people that matter, they know they where told not to attack them by TK,,, even though HITMEN developed many frustrated enemies. besides the alliance was half fake accounts anyways ha just check the all mighty spys cloning history ha. and how some of the ip's seem to be all anom proxies .. Sorry spy but the truth must come out,,, mate been nothing but nice to you,, whats all this going behind my back! and all you do is go on your little crappy computer and bad mouth about the people in the game... its a game!!!! you got somthing to say,, say it to my face.

7) Myself(Hyphen, James and Sarah Persephone) have not played since because i looked at my average time stat on bush that round and it was 12hrs a day.... Well crap i said, it was to addicting and to much time taken up so we had to quit to get a life ha,

Will TK ever come back, Yes and No,,,,, it would be good but me finishing uni off i dont have the time,,,, but i dont mind in lending in a hand to make a round intresting if nessary,,,, but i will not be a leader.. its alot of stressing and work.

So hay if a round gets boring drop me a line on email or msn, hsvjimmy@hotmail.com...

If your here to dis any of what i have said, dont post it go see a doctor and tell somone who cares.
Just remember its a game!!!!! to have fun!!!!!

I give all the credit of Triforce to everyone, not one person!

Regards, Hyphen

Git Ya Duckies Hot Righhht Herrree!! (Wed 23 Aug 06 07:14 am by Krunky )
Subject description: Wow Im the First One \\o
The Legend of The Quackers


It all started on a nice day then came the purple pant eating monsters known as the Dutchies. They ran over Orgasm which was a lovely alliance except Polo kept showing people his bum . Disgusting I Know. So one day I was bored in Orgasm and decided to leave and go solo see where I end up in the world these days. Somehow me and Silent got to talking and alas Hot_Duckies was created. We choose Hot_Duckies on a compromise. He wanted the name Hot_Pockets (tbh i was like wtf are you smoking mate! Actually he just saw a picture of SG and LDA it wasnt purdy ) and i choose Duckies! So therefore Hot_Duckies was born!

The Beginning

Silent got his friend Damnation to join on the first day which was terrific excep they were both SO-SA and I was a PA. BJ flakked me for 3 days straight. *Shakes Fists*. Anyways we set out to recruit. We got alot of good people. But alot of them left because we died. Finally we got full and got our favorite Martinje in the alliance. At this point I was trying to secure a NAP with Discombobulation. But marvin didnt want to babysit us even though we could hold our own. Eventually after loads of oral sex and such we got a NAP with Disco. Sadly we waved goodbye to Crumpet and her Inhumane troopers. We had a few wars with some minor alliances such as TheMotherLand whom we creamed \\o but Growth_Spurt and their NAP were a tough bargain for a high teened alliance well done to them!

The Warish Part Thingy Ma Jigger

So yeah Disco and TA were butthumping each other consistently and Martin was itching for a fight so he planned some attacks and we generally pwned the first two waves until they realized it was like 7 HD members and like 8 Disco members. Hehe. Pwned. They proceeded to butt-rape us like no other and we all died back down to the teens again butt we had some funds for some odd reasons. Disco never recovered and we said goodbye to them after a while when Fubu discovered he needed to wear a mini-skirt. At about this time the leadership position became a hot potato. It went from Silent to Martin to some other people then to me. Wow we had some fun times with me in charge especially with our ill banner made by the wonderful Harepusen. \\o So yeah then our Asians left us hOngz and icy they were some good people but again it hurt we re-recruited again seemed like we lost a member a day. Then Vannila went crazy and started owning people with Prime our p-solo friend \\o.

The End Of My Story

Well eventually we were all Smeg and giggles and having a ball but i had a vacation to be on so i deleted and gave the leadership to Loser. Who eventually lead the ally to its fiery death. Boo-Hoo I know. Was a Great Ally These Hot_Duckies men stand proud Duckies!! You deserve it

People in the ally i remember if i forgot you it was because we had like 60+ people come through the ally. :S

Krunk-Ofc a terrific player
Silent- My FOunding partner
Loser- You are too sexy
Martin- Well done on the attacks
hOngz and icy- crazy asians :p
Legeril- Good Man
Damnation-^^ The Virginia crew of SO-SA newcomers who owned generally speaking

Meh i cba to figure out anyone else just pm me and ill add ya on!


Landscape Designer
Sep 9, 2008
Noisufnoc-We Bare All! (Sun 07 May 06 04:23 am by Krunky )
Subject description: A tall tale about marvins pants, fubus spliffs,silly dutchies, and wierd Americans
The Beginning:

So on one sad and rainy day in Southern California, lonely HisKrunkness is looking for an alliance, and alas his great friend Poopsmith is online so HK asks him for a spot, and Poopsmith obliges. HisKrunkness dosen't have high hopes for himself or the ally but looks forward to a fun round with a buncha cute people and friends. Before the round began we had to determine our officers, we decided that a rotating approach would be better for all, and allow easier coordination. So then we voted on the positions, it pitted me the Leftist Democrat vs the The Stauch Republian Craig for the MO spot. Somehow i managed to steal it from Craig at some point. Fubu became Leader mainly at this point with Zeraph, and Recycle and some other kooks became CO.

The First Days

We all started very slow with some of the main players missing the first few hours, yet Recycle and Craig where holding solid positions within the top 50 and others were scattered around the top 250. So on the first day we battled in the teens trying to grow as fast as we could, and tech rapidly to prepare for the bashings of day two. Day Two was very interesting we had Craig,and Recycle with spots in the top 50, with myself in the top 20 lingering in and out of the top 10. Fubu was making considerable strides in his start and was top 100 by now i think. Poopsmith sure did save our arses alot with his gurus, and alot of members started to get their rank up. We didnt lose too much land, only when we were overwhelmed by a combined force much larger than us. Day 3 was a disaster for us after reaching the top of the second-tier alliances at rank 8 we finally got the incoming we were waiting for, and our NAP ChazzyFizzle had their own problems too. Luckily we had some members that escaped harm because of high ranks, or low land counts. HTs and Gurus continued to save our booties alot. Thanks To Our Thug and Prot Players Again!!!! Especially Mak for doing so well so early. Our night coverage was weak though and during Sunday Night- Monday Morning most of us got hit by some alliances with myself getting raped of 1600 land and falling from rank 2 =(. Recycle continued to be one of the fastest techers in the ally along with Craig and Fubu. That week we continued to rebuild while trying to hold a spot in the top ten.

The Early Middleish Part[/b

After getting beat down a few times we continued to focus on teching while hoarding land, everyone contirbuted a bit, and we eventually got back to top ten. When PAs came out they were a disaster for us, we didnt even defend against them except with fakes for fear they would wipe us. Finally we got some decent units, and began to hoard more land, and defend properly, many of us were happy and our NAP ChazzyFizzle was doing quite well. Recycle continued to impress leading the way with teching and such. Many other players got their techs done fast, and the arrival of spies in our alliance helped us kill little allies.


Where to begin with such a tryant alliance? Our NAP leader somehow gave them our ids, and they began relentless attacks on us dropping us to the low teens and making morale quite low. Eventually we struck back with mighty power, and continued to pwn, eventually we realized the fighting got us nowhere and stopped, a couple of weeks later they were pwned by Koala??? Help me out here??? Please??? God dammit??? Aneways..... Yes Thank GOd for the end of the Terrorists or was it?

The Middle Parts

Chazzy never recovered from the attacks by Terrorists, so they basically fell off the face of the earth, only to make a comeback later... HOORAY FOR CHAZZY. Enough of dem bums and back to our story about special people like Krunk Marvin and Fubu, and wierd aussies. Well we saw that NRAA needed a nap so that was arranged and we quickly rose from rank 10ish to like rank 6ish very quick and surprised bushtarion. Then Virus gave us some trouble and we had a brief encounter with them really producing nothing much, cept a land loss here or there. We kept raping solos and little allies and generally enjoying ourselves


Eventually we started to save... we had some nice times in IRC making fun of Fubu, picking on dinget and marvin, making the dutchies cry some more and generally some other cool stuff. Our land was still way down there, so we decided to land whore. Oh what fun it was... We then had the daily everyone stare at krunk's land total and go OMG how did he do that?? That lasted for a bit... Then my real score became like 400 mil and well it wasnt pretty. Then came the massive flak attacks by me... while everyone had troops to play with I had 69 Rangers... woohoo go me... anyways we continued pwning and general, and i gotta give a special shout out to my main land suppliers The Solo-SA Group of ids 1531,1532,1543,and 1625 you cost me like 11 tril in flak damages =D.
Anways we caught with NRAA in land due to the dutchies finally learning how to get land, and the aussies becoming more active. And Buck became a stellar force with his Robos leading every defense and scaring off many Sym and Val. I think we passed NRAA on land and then we settled in our cozy IRC room.


Somehow my 2 hours a day didnt cut it and i lost my Mo-ship... bummer i know but it was passed to capable people. We then expierence large amounts of boredom, expoloration of anal passages, and in general great head performed by Fubu and Marvin. Reycle and MArt accumlated nice Funds too.. CUz they dont flak like meeeeeee!!!

Final Day

We all spend and get portal and get rank 6 and some impressive land totals. We overachieved and became a dominant force in bush while remaining an unknown. I wish good luck to all of you people in life. I tip my hat to our beautiful and lovely NAP NRAA and our SNAPs for being peaceful.

The People
Fubu: I love you
Marvin: Stay In Touch Matey
Leaver: Most Improvement In One Round Ever
Recycle: Great Player, should be top 10 player someday
Buck: Great Defender, very active
Dinget: Op ME DINGET
Zeraph: Crazy Man With Hairy Balls
Myself: The BEst player ever... without a doubt
Freddy: Impressive player with good skills
Learner: Never really got to know you, but nice land total
Boris/Joris: You and ron boggled me
Ron: Way to steal at the end
Poopsmith: Great Guy, should be a top player
Mart- Impressive score matey
Mak-Nice job with thugs
Craig- You inactive S.o.b. hehe i wuv j00-
Havel0ck: Nice Job With t3h apaches
Beaz- Didnt Really Know You
jdoodle: One Crazy Ass MOFO

I know i forgot some people cuz my memory sucks so if i did tell me!!

The Invasion Of The Solos (Fri 05 May 06 02:13 pm by Melnibone )
Subject description: Motorheads m/os strory of the mini round
Well where to begin Myself and Blackrose were looking for an ally at the very last minute as i didnt fancy going pure solo so i asked in the main bush room if anyone was recruiting for pw4.... after a few pm's from people and a few convos Twigley had convinced me to join Shadows ally called Motorhead (the main selling point being that Maxi and Clem would be there (two players i have the utmost respect for)

well we joined and the member list did indeed look good

Leader - Shadow
M/O - Twigley
C/O - Illumination

Members - Me,BlackRose,Maximuzz,Clem,Silent,Subdivisions and Manicle

With this starting group we grew quickly and were vying for first place with 2 or 3 other allys the flak wars were as fun as ever (only a hell of a lot quicker) we soon realised though that after the basic wars we were falling way behind Pure_Solo the only plus point we had was that before the round myself and Shadow had spoke at length about route selection and we'd decided to go quite heavy on armour killers (military etc etc) with only one robo and both our prots as VD's this saved us from being completely wiped by the 4 big robos in Pure_Solo who were dominating the round

Morale was quite low at this point and due to some r/l issues Silent decided to leave, we brought in a guy i recommended called HadToSay or Garrett to his friends (great move this guys a superstar) and plodded on

Then there were a lot of problems in the ally we were falling further and further behind and myself and Shadow had a little dispute about the way the ally was being led at which point Shadow left the ally and handed leadership to Blackrose, round about this time subdivision also quit as he was not enjoying the round at all so at this point we were running with 8 members but still holding 2nd thanks to some good strikes on the allies below us, at this point i asked my r/l friend and bush legend Angela to join us but as she was pure solo she agreed to restart and go POMS (she was fully teched in 36 hrs) Shadow also came back at this point as a member

by now our lineup was

Leader - Blackrose
M/O - Maximuzz
C/O - Twigley

members - me,manicle,Angela,Illumination,HadToSay,Clem and Shadow

Things went from bad to worse as Maximuzz had an emergency which meant he was going to be afk for 3 days and the same with manicle, manicle left temporarily and we brought in thelegend known as Drak (he did exactly the same as Angela (restarting and teching like a demon) at this point we changed the leadership team around as well with Angela becoming c/o and myself taking on the m/o role, round about this time Shadow was removed from the alliance as well due to ongoing problems and Manicle came back

Nearing the end of the round we also lost Twigley (read pw4 thread for more info on this) which allowed us to bring in Manicles nephew a great player who luckily was fully teched and a great defender unfortunately our ids were given to all the pure solos and wave afer wave of organised attacks were sent to us (if what the solos have said is true it was organised by none other than our ex-member Twigley who didnt want us to get credits)

Thanks to some of the best defending i've seen and fantastic night coverage from HadToSay, Illumination and Angela we were surviving but our 5 or 6 bil score advantage over the rank 2 ally dissapeared and we fell to 3rd place (not bad considering there were 30+ solos sometimes on each wave all larger than us in individual score) thankfully everyone ssumed we were dead or dying and started to get easier land elsewhere

With less than 48 hours left of the round BlackRose and Maximuzz were geeing everyone up and getting them to steal their asses off while trying to hurt ranks 1+2 in the ally page we took down the rank 2 ally in the morning/early afternoon of the final day and were desperately scrambling to get a full id list of the rank 1 ally with only a few hours to go, thankfully Clem stepped up to the plate with a list and the order was given - pick an id from the list and wipe the floor with them every member of the ally launched at them and a few solos (who i assume were spying us) joined in too we took the rank 1 slot just after 6-30pm server time and Azzer made the awards less than 10-15 minuytes later giving us the win we had hoped for but at times had looked impossible.....

our final listings

Leader - BlackRose
M/O - Maximuzz (passed 24hrs earlier from me due to mental tiredness lol)
C/O - Angela

members - Manicle,HadToSay,Illumination,Drak,Clem,Me and Manicles nephew

From BlackRose and myself thanks for giving us the most fun we've ever had in a pw and probably more fun than in any W1 round....lol oh and thanks to Azzer as well for giving us something a little different

(some of the timing might be off for members leaving joinin etc due to mental tiredness during the round...lol)

Illuminati (Wed 26 Apr 06 04:35 pm by Shade )
Subject description: A players point of view
Hey, no time for introductions this is my tale of Illuminati....

after last round appearing as animagi and with myself joining halfway through the round and saw really strong team already in shape made up from a lot of friendly faces and a few new faces... we finished a commendable 10th and were looking for an equally good round next...

our sexeh anap evolution who were with us last round as retribution and really helped us through as i reckon we did too ... sticking together through the bad and good times... so prospects were good

dont ask why i put it in chapters.. only reason i can think of is so theres not mass text to read

Chapter 1: The Beginning

In the beginning, when God created the universe, the earth was formless and desolate. The raging ocean....... sorry, sorry wrong story... here we go

We started slowly and with our leader being inactive (which was not technically her fault) but still kept the alliance moving... as the start of the round panned out and developments started Free, Ranzou and a few others stormed ahead of us... evolution took a higher position than us with a more active show... apart their activity it coulda been the fact we were raped constantly by smyb/val for about 4 days or so at the start (no hard feelings) grrr.

the haddock slapping from rounds before started.... were not really sure on the concept but i think we worked out it involves the fish definition of haddock and not anything dirty which pleased some members of the group... ...

general concept shown as *me hits neill with a 10ft haddock and sees him fly across the room and hits the wall with a splat*....

we took on new members as a few inactives dropped out which was to be expected and Illuminati was fashioning nicely with a really effective spread of routes.... and there was much rejoicing

Chapter 2: The mix up

just as we rose to the top ten being quite fatty ... a member *cough* void *cough* unexpectedly dropped out and so we messaged him... but no reply even though he was online.... (hmm tis strange we thought)... so we and our anap hit him... he became aggressive and threatened to give out our IDs unless we recalled... soooo we did

buuutt... he gave out our IDs anyway and we were massed by his new alliance dropping to rank 21 from 10 with a few of our biggest and most active members zeroed... at this point we cursed and swore lots... however we managed to agree not to attack him and the IDs wouldn't leave the attacking alliance... we all stuck strong knowing our experience from previous rounds would show through (if only on occasions.. )

Chapter 3: Unwanted Visitors

as we started rebuilding and developments were well underway with shocks and ninjas out we clambered back up the ranks with some big hits on our largest and fattest players resulting in losses for the attackers there was much much rejoicing

until on one tuesday night another wave came pounding on us from terrorists this time... they seemed no more developed than us although higher ranked but showed some good co-ordination.... the IDs that were apparently 'safe' after they were temporarily leaked must have got out somehow.... (at this point we cursed and swore lots all in the name of good fun obviously )

our nap had the same problem so no help there and so we took some hits loosing a bit of land here and there

Chapter 4: Darker days

the next day the same thing happened... this time terrorists declared war on the forums and we fended off most attacks with only 1 casualty... now we were kicked back down further

after rising up a few ranks we hit another hurdle... koala massing our anap... we defended... but it got us no favours when chazzyfizzle hit us... like koala to evo in full force with backup... we looked pretty screwed but managed to hold off quite a lot of the attacks

as the reports came through we took a few losses including a suicide by myself *looks proper noobish here*.... but we also dealt about 3 times their damage pushing them down 4 ranks when we lost 1.... *rejoicing ensues here*... however loosing over 1k land we were... yet again going to have to rebuild a bit...

our members all held firm and we stood our ground keeping together knowing that when we had better units we would rise up... and overthrow the conformity we have been forced to abide by!! (im sorry i got carried away and started lying there)..

so yet another successful defending spree

Chapter 5: Retribution

after CFs attack on us we decided to gain some of our land back... waves organised by rofl (who left briefly after) commenced and the first one was followed up by our anap... stealing on 2/3 of attacks it seemed reasonable to hit them again ...

this time attacking with mainly our own alliance stealing more land... altogether taking them down to few ranks below us since the wavings from them had started when they were 7 or so ranks above

Chapter 6: Restoring our glory

being waved seemed a thing of the past so.. we decided to return the favour down the alliance rankings (as per usual)... we hit several alliances and larded ourselves up rising to rank 10 with evolution still ahead :S...

At this point 5 or so of our members went on hols leaving us less active and relying on evo much more... but we still managed to hold defense and kept rising up the table... when we heard of the attack on terrorists from vortex we decided to "return" the favour on terrorists for earlier in the round taking our land back

with evo being hit hard quite a lot of the time and also with a wave from vortex set evo at rank 5... we finally caught up at one point being bigger on non land score ... after being behind them most of the round we finally showed that we were still a fighting force

Chapter 7: The middle bit where not much happens

this chapter like ronsill wood stain does exactly wot it says on the tin... nought much... with a top non land rank of 3 we seemed to be set firmly for a top ten finish again ...

not sure when about but sometime between the last thing that happened and the next thing DORO had a little war with evo over a few 'inappropriate' messages from an evo member....unluckily for us DOROs ID list wasn't as good as we thought and we had unknowns flying our way.. making their attacks less effective...

although the attacks on us seemed to be on mainly myself for some reason ... but anyway the result was evo got hit pretty hard DORO smashed them a fair few times with SAs and they had to spend pushing them down the ranks...

(only staying above us from being fat)

we had the return of rofl.. one of our most active and experienced and the intake of a new player frisky who fitted right in with the ramblings of our resident drunk neill aka jew boy... apart from this we just sat back and watched the cash roll making some attacks and stuff when bored

Chapter 8: Running out of ideas for chapter names now

this chapter has nothing to do with the title... something happened and that wouldn't have gone with the last chapter ... anyways.. the first wave on us for ages hit in the night (GMT).. unluckily for us it was symb/val ..

people were awoken and defence brought from evo.. 5 or so people were hit and a few took big losses and so had to spend some of their savings

with that fun over we saw our IDs once again spreading slowly around alliances and our mystical abilities eluded everyone again with the list being completely wrong hahaha...

which helped us out a bit im sure... however i couldn't help but notice that i was on the list 3 times... *glares at the person who made the list*

Chapter 9: ViruS

this whole thing started out when we and evo hit virus and stole 4k land from them ... they got pretty pissed (as you can imagine) and that night waved evo... this was the first wave we'd seen in a while so evo spent up a bit and defended all attacks with our help...

however where they did hit they hit hard as we took sum losses including land ... this is when i realised the amount of troops they actually had... quite a few of them just massing on one particular unit (RPG and TL mostly) but this provided sum big problems.

so of course we retaliated the following night with a few attacks landing on a few of them... a few more waves were sent and recieved with Virus's TL players smashing evo ...

a ceasefire was called and due to lack of support for the war from both evo and ourselves a truce was agreed to.... the few of us that were up for massing them were disappointed and so we just had to sit on our land .

Chapter 10: The bit at the end

hope ur not too bored by now... the last bit of the round as always is pretty uneventful.. a lot of attacks going on to boost score with land but not many mass attacks as activity is generally low.

at this point we were rank 3 non land with evo still sitting above us overall due to land... DORO struck evo a couple more times but they had cash to cover the losses..

however to avoid complete boredom.. marc/city spent up to 16 mil F117s.. lol... which was fun for a start until 6-7 or so symb/val members raped his land down about 10k ... but he did have some fun hitting them back.. hehehe

not long after this we learnt about terrorists waving not only evo but confusion our snap as well... both were very pissed off... evo sent a few attacks back... and then they waved us as well so later on confusion waved them with NRAA and a few of us taking down 2 of their big players

after a couple of days terrorists dropped back down to the last page and confusion seemed a lot fatter ... on the last day however NRAA/confusion hit evo spreading over 6 or so people on different ticks and they took a few hits (some more major than others)... a few of us spent and decision misinterpreted the sleep mode and got zeroed and land stolen because of it - Total: 18,794,486,844 incoming hostile 2,000,000 incoming friendly

but we were holding high up in the rankings non land before the last 10 ticks ... sum wavings here and there before the end of the round but evo and us held strong with a 6/7 finish!!


i gotta say this was one of the best rounds i've played since muffinmen (i had to slip it in somewhere (not that kinda slipping in though, dirty people.. tut tut ))... great bunch of people... amazing fun to be a part of an alliance who never crumbled under pressure... stuck by their leader and got what we deserved i believe.... illuminati were as follows:

Di (Leader): a great leader, only female member of the group but somehow managed to put up with us
Ranzou(Co-Leader): founder of the alliance waaay back... brilliant player
Free (MO): the old but wisest in the ways of bush.. always on to cover our asses
Bundy (CO): tried to keep our spamming down to a minimum.. u have my respect for that
Rofl: great tactician... came back to us in the end.. glad u did
Frisky: name says it all
Show: great guy always looking for a target even if they have 10 mil bunkers.. hehe
Davs: two words for this guy... Disco Legend
marc: new to the alliance but it was good that u joined... v.good player
jewboy: always drunk and ready with a haddock... our resident drunkard and spammer (aka neill)
Stank: knew how to attack and did it well... always had land
Iceman: our youngest member... twas sad u werent as active
Seven: didnt really speak to ya much cos of different time zones
Spit: the ancient one... managed to withstand our immaturity.. thats gotta be sumthing
Decision: had stupid amounts of funds... always jealous of this guy
Rommel: never a bad person to have on your side... always loyal to the alliance
Waste: good guy to talk to... a willing player
Stan: another of our night guys that i know we couldnta done without
Hands: v.good member for any alliance.. knows wot he's doing
Shadow, aka myself: Sexy biatch! No Terrorist Leader player can bring down this mighty RPG (Ranz\o/u was here)

special thanks to evo for being an amazing anap... and with most defends and defenses out of all the alliances it shows why they are ... always there to defend us around the clock... underrated by some people i believe

what happens in the next round... we will be back.. whether we are as strong or not is unknown... wot is known is that i wont be there... but will always have the spirit of this alliance and shall return....

thanks for a great round to anyone else i havent mentioned


Vortex (Fri 21 Apr 06 04:15 pm by Sordes )
The planing of Vortex started very late last round. Far to late to be able to grab alot of the good players aswell as most of those that where with me in TGA had desided to go elsewhere. Half of those had lied to me upfront while other half i knew where was going. Regardless this coused a dilemma as wasent expecting that many to leave. This alongside alot of problems that started building up just before round and signup, alot with several players not being able to play. Aswell as others that where supposed to appeared to be elsewhere already.

This situation made it clear that Vortex starting the round with 13 members, where several wasent top allie material wouldent stand a chanse for the win at all. At this time a more realistic goal of rank 3 was desided on amoung several of the ones in the early round. Ofcourse the path to get rank 3 and to get rank 1 is very different. Knowing this we knew entering many wars would be suerside to us, as we where very weak at start. This coused me to deside that our only approach that could give us some advantages was to enter a full nutreality towards the other big allies, while same time making sure all knew we where weaker then them, but far stronger then we really where. All to be able to make them leave us alone, since we showed no intrest in the win we belive this approach worked well.

Vortex Gradualy was able to build up its memberbase to 20, even so it was far from good enouth to manage in longer term. We where naped with Koala who was a okey nap. Their activity was moderate at times but alot of fun times talking to alot of them. My own Shocks and other units was on regular visits over there for a time period but after a little while it started getting alot harder to help, they got targeted by the bigger allies and it was little we could do with what we had available that would make a differance. This left us with a weakened nap also for a longer time period.

Vortex was starting to get really really fat. And we where stil left alone, but the situation between Ric and Virus was getting unfavorable for us. Due to Foxx helping Virus in the attacks the war was progressing far to fast. In an attempt to even out the sides again i approached Foxx in probably a little drastic way. Trying to bluff once more to get GU to back out, even tho i belive what i said was true i probably said it in wrong ways and i heard later on that Foxx had been drinking some that night, big mistake of me to go in an agressive and little provokative way towards Foxx at that time. It coused Foxx to go to martin and Virus and they hit us hard later on. We knew that hell we cant stand a singel chanse against this, so i ordered everyone to make sure to Die rather fast.

The reason for this was since we couldent win we might aswell make the best out of our situation and focus on more the long run. Knowing dieing first allows us to pillage on the allies that die after us gives us the best chanse we can to get third. At same time as this i went on Forums and Declared war on Gu and V, the only reason for this was i hoped it would make them come back and finish us off fast. Had no intension of even hitting back at that point, just to be sure to die faster. But a little luck one could say happened after this. GU swaped sides and after some battles V started to fall. This pretty much desided the round. We found out GU and Ric had made deals to wait some days to battle. These days where harsh on us.

Our Moral was really low even tho i had told everyone upfront this would happend many wasent able to keap their motivation up. Vortex was strugling badly, Koala keapt asking for help but with our situation we just wasent able to do as good as anything. At this time starting to replace members was our only option, members that was tired, dident have motivation or just keapt making things worse was replaced. Members keapt complaining about no alliance attacks. The reason for this they where well informed abuot also but they dident stop, eventualy after cousing a uproar i kicked Waste instantly. He refused to listen to reason or the guidelines that alliance was operating under. He later tried to organise hits on us that wasent to sucsessfull 2 landsteals and 3 of the allies taking part died. THe other ones backed out after finding out who they hit.

For the rest of the round most of the time went by to replace members and stabilising the alliance, Vortex was stil rather fat as we had no one really close to us at the time and the ones above where all to busy catching GU members that stil wasent dead. In time several of GU ended up joining Vortex after the fall, along with others they helped make the alliance stabil and working quite well together after a little time. We made Political Deals with NRAA and Confusion, even tho many say it was a chicken move it was to prevent Virus being able to gather more allies to hit us with. They where annoying enouth on their own. Vortex has stayed in the Shadows almost all round, the only allie that has seen us really active is ViruS, who we have keapt on hitting in several ways almost all the round after they fell.

Near the end we feared our Goal of rank 3 had sliped. Since we had several battles that was little hurting and we where behind on land. But thanks to us keaping ourselves out of range for most part and taking barly any unit losses our effectivity ratio was better. And when the round ended we where rank 3. Along with this we ended up with the Most Active and Most Dangerous Stats. So as a leader im very pleased with the resoults. Vortex as an alliance wont continue, however several im sure will continue to keap in tutch. And to all members of Vortex this round, be it early or late. I thank you for a good round.

The Final Memberlist of Vortex was:



Landscape Designer
Sep 9, 2008
Symbiosis (Thu 20 Apr 06 06:20 pm by Iliard )
Subject description: Here it is :)
Please be aware that this story encompasses my personal journey to leading Symbiosis as much as it does the formation

The planning started extremely early, as Rob announced the demise of Leftovers, both and I and twigley were left homeless. So we chose to create our own alliance, without much hopes of grandeur, just a walk of the mill alliance. So, with that, I brought together “my group”. (The definition of “my group” is around 8 players who have played every round with me since Ymdrech) Twig and I did a little recruiting around the sides, and we were still a little short. Then, out of the blue, I received an invite into a Chan, which included Ric and twigley; and our combined alliances were born.

It was an interesting line up to say the least, some players, in fact many were untested on the big stage and others, were the battle hardened. I can only make the comparison from myself to Welshie or Steffi, both are highly experienced players whilst I, at best would be classed as “untested”. Regardless the morale within the group became extremely high, we were sure that we’d at least put up a good fight for rank 1!

With crisps and coffee in hand the first tick turned over! It was the start of a long few weeks, some very stressful few weeks, not just for Sym/Val but for quite a few alliances out there! We had an impressive start, taking ranks one and two, but surprisingly an unknown group took rank 1 from us (GU). Soon the ranks were switching and the top 5 were in a constant flowing motion; developing the latter fights to come. The interesting development at the start came from LeeBot as I am sure many of you will be aware; the posting of the Virus Id lists was a major boost for us, not tactically, but for morale, we felt we had some sort of edge. In hindsight, the open ID lists made Virus a target no-one wanted to hit, and in fact had us avoiding those targets as we were well aware that during flak wars, the effective defence from V would make the attack inherently useless! Flak wars are flak wars; people got land, some people lost some, which was a major disappointment, but for the most part both alliances held strong. Upon the second Wednesday of the round, we formed an agreement with GU to hit Virus, which we proceeded to do, taking a fair share of land. However, this agreement was not to last and quickly we were left to continue the offensive on our own accord. The very first tactical error from our side came into play here; Ric made the decision that it would be better for us to mass on land from other alliances, than to finish what we had started with Virus. This would prove costly in the long run as by leaving the offensive, we gave Virus that much more time to plan and grow. The switch by f0xx to Virus’ side became apparent very quickly, but no offensive came from their side. Satisfied with ourselves for all the land we had taken, the smug smiles would soon be taken away as we overlooked an important development, alliance ETA’s. A brilliantly organised and timed Virus attack (whoever ran it, or came up with it, I tip my hat to you, and please make yourself known so I can shake your hand!) which was sent the very tick that the alliance mod came into effect making our (Symbiosis’) defence late, and useless. Valhalla fought as hard as they could, but left alone versus the forces of Virus and GU. They didn’t stand a chance. Losing over 40k in land hit them hard, and positive morale became like gold dust in our alliance room. Symbiosis were left to stand alone for a while, before our saving grace came in the form of F0xx, performing the same trick he did for Virus, and coming to our aid, believing that possibly we would be easier to beat in the long run? Who knows why, but the fact remains, with GU on board, we seemed to have a chance again. The offensive on Virus was a major surprise. We attacked in big groups for a while and appeared to take the upper hand. As it got late, many players went to bed satisfied with our night’s work attacking Virus. Welshie and I choose to bear the torch deep into the night continuing until Pann got up out of bed (at 9:30am!); and I must say we left ourselves amazed. Virus just stopped defending! F0xx passed a confusing rule into the attack chan, which was, if he was not online, his alliance was not to attack, fair enough I suppose, so that left Welshie running the Sym/Val attacks while I ran the attacks for NRAA. No matter what we did, we encountered no defence, from anywhere. Every attack gained land or killed a player off, it was, Confusing! It seems that, Virus just gave in, threw in the towel and walked away. As happy as I am that they fell with little fight, it was a shame to see it happen retrospectively. The next few days simply involved land feasts at Virus, trying to take more than GU did. A short term nap was agreed with GU and NRAA to give us both a chance to build after the fight with Virus, of course we didn’t plan on sticking to it, and a LT of 22:00 Sunday night was agreed. Unfortunately, certain members gave the game away by mistake, and GU launched 4 hours earlier than we planed, while I was on a 2 hour bus journey unable to help! As Welshie put it, “After some initial losses, i.e. 4k land and tons of newcomer mistakes we get the upper hand” and upper we stayed, fighting GU into the early hours of the morning where they left for Sleep mode, leaving NRAA to fight valiantly alone. The interesting “outline” of the round is there to be seen in my little “overview” but there are some issues I wish to revisit…

The Twigley incident was, well it was, unfortunate. A misunderstanding became the ultimate trigger, but if I am honest, I think twigley hadn’t been happy in the alliance for a long time, and felt undervalued. It was a shame for him to leave, but more so, a shame for him to leave on the terms with which he did. In retrospect, the machinery of the alliance moved in a smoother motion once twigley had left, and by no means do I wish that as a negative statement in his direction, it just meant one less cook in the kitchen, so to speak.

For the most part, this round has been the most exciting and most fun I have had in bushtarion; yet it has shown a side of the game to me I would hate to see again. Regardless, I have thoroughly enjoyed this round, and I’d like to offer up a big thank you to the players of Virus, Gu, NRAA and Vortex, and any other alliance who we crossed paths with for an entertaining round, and I wish you all the best for the next. As you may notice, NRAA don’t pop up to much in my story, but that does not mean I have overlooked them. Getting to know jack this round has been an honest pleasure. Both the alliance and leader deserve better than what portal will record for them. My personal pick for rank 3, even if just for their fearless defending.

Now, for some personal mentions;

• Twigley – A fun guy when he’s not trying to annoy me

• Jimmy’d – A fun and great guy, but I doubt he’ll touch pom again! Immy MUST have the “most rushed in a round” stat!

• bully - does he ever sleep? Impressed me with his commitment and ability

• Orph - the only member with his own channel... /Orphsleep... join it and highlight to wake him up!

• Supersneker - our resident patter... no ally is complete without the sneker!

• Weirdo - lured back home by LDA and a few cans of stella and a chicken Madras

• Corco - Our resident aussie gentleman... quiet and always there!!!

• Jer - joined us mid-round, an old "Welshie group" member... slowly but surely got himself up there

• Vicktorie - drunk & horny AGAIN!!!!!

• siers - No. 1 daddy - enough said!! Does it get any better than this guy?

• Omi - quiet and deadly!

• warrior – Let me set the scene, warrior has incs.. “<Welshie> Send out, <Warrior> ok” It ticks over…Warrior gets pwned “<Welshie> WHA?! <Warrior> I had five mobs out”! Comedy at its best!

• BJ - a couple of hours before the round ended... damn my boss called me away... result? [range] 394,552,267 hostile SAS completely totally and utterly killed 976,628,836 allied staff.

• Hexeh – an old friend, loyal and still with me. Thank you ***61514;

• Bill89 – it was a pleasure to have you with us, thank you bill!

• Welshie – In my opinion the best military organiser the game has to offer, taught me so much, and impressed me more. Thank you for giving me the honour Sam.

• LDA – Heh! Was wonderful to get to play with you steff but incredibly stressful! If your not shouting at me your complaining about something (such as; <LadyDA[24]> ily - you started a war and then went off to have sex ffs)

• Odin – inactive! Inactive! Inactive! Oh, but he has his boyish good looks

• Sir Wolfy – Wasn’t the best of rounds for you, but still glad to have had you there ***61514;

• Vannila – always a pleasure mate, cracking land amount aswell

• Howl – Firstly, thank you for being in my alliance, it was a pleasure to know you and to play with you. Your gurus and activity helped save us more than just a little land. I’m sorry for how we parted ways, and I hope in the future, I’ll get back the respect I lost.

• Bo - In an amazing oversight on my part, i managed to miss Bo out, thank you for your contribution, but more so, for our talks in pm's which kept me both confident and this side of sane. I owe you a lot

Thank you to everyone for a great round, we may have lost rank 1 to noobhalla, but that was only because we donated Sander to their cause; we deserved it really! He he! Well done guys and gals!

The Legacy of Discworld (Wed 05 Apr 06 10:18 pm by Asmodeous )
Subject description: ~not a war story~
I have to be honest, after the start of this round when we were hammered left and right because our ID list was leaked by a spy I was ready to make this my last round.

I felt like I had failed all my members and failed as a leader especially since it was my policy of giving everyone a chance that led to me letting the spy in.

For those of you who don't know me on here very well, I have a unique way of playing the game. I play by my own code of honor. I don't send spies to other alliances and I do not post stoled ID lists mailed to me.

I don't participate or condone waving someone unless it's strictly a revenge attack for someone who has waved one of my members and usually the only thing I attack at the low end of my range is bots when I'm trying to build up. Truth be told I don't launch very many attacks for land. Lastly, I try to be polite and friendly with everyone I communicate with, even when it's someone who is attacking me and they act like a complete prick.

My very first round I was in an alliance called Brotherhood. Not knowing any better I thought setting a weekly score minium for members, a mandatory daily donation plus an alliance tax, and kicking people who were growing slow was normal for all alliances.

Then one morning I went to bed a member and woke up to find myself leader of the alliance. Over the next couple of days the other members left until finally there was me and three others left in an alliance deep on the third page.

Then one day I recruited this guy who was playing his first round as well. You might know him, his name was Moggy. With his help we learned together, recruited a few more people, and amazingly finsished the round in portal at rank 25 which was really amazing considering we only had 12 members and max alliance size then was 40.

After that round I decided that I was going to play again and make an alliance but not like the one I started in. It would be an alliance anyone was welcome in no matter what their experience level, one where people could grow at their own pace, and one where you could learn the game and have a good time doing it.

Hence, the birth of Discworld.

Many great players have either got their start or at one time or another played in Discworld. Players such as Moggy, Iliard, Mattheus, MaXi, Souls, Cannibal, Rev_Jim, and Random_Blob just to name a few.

Now, after much thought, I have made an important decision concerning Discworld.

I have decided that the legacy will not end after this round as I planned. Discworld will be back next round and for as many rounds after that as I am capable of playing and others are willing to join it.

So to all of you who I have played with over the rounds, and to all of you who I will in the future, thank you, you are Discworld and as always Discworld will be here for you.



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Sep 9, 2008
ViruS end and the beginning (Wed 05 Apr 06 09:58 pm by BlackWolf)
Following post will go through fair bit of ViruS history up to date, including what happened during round 17 and what will happen in future.
It will contain some areas people will deny. Some that will get people angry. And some that people wont believe at all.
I don’t honestly care about that.
Have fun reading, arguing and calling me liar and being wrong.

ViruS basicly started at round 6. It was ViruS first round under that name. We were group who came from game called planetarion. Bushtarion supposed to be new game for ViruS to play as gaming community.
ViruS never grew any bigger than that as gaming community and died slowly after quitting planetarion.
Only bushtarion wing of it survived.

From beginning it came pretty clear to me that this game had people with no skill playing it but with activity small group was controlling it as they wanted.
It was clear to me that because ViruS couldn’t compete with that group in activity we would need to use other ways to overcome them.
That’s why ViruS from beginning was forced to use mass over “skill”.
“Skill” is wrong word here because even we were new I still think our skill on certain areas were light-years ahead of others.
ViruS used and trained tactic that were completely new to this game. On later rounds some people have used it as argument against ViruS and trying to make us look bad because of it.
Yes ViruS was most likely first alliance in history of Bushtarion using mass tactic.
If it wouldn’t been us it would been someone else sooner or later.
From beginning ViruS aimed to be alliance that was capable of fighting against every type of enemies. We were alliance built for wars.
What we weren’t ready for was all that crap that laid beneath surface.
This game was and still is about friends.
We were new and all we wanted was some fair fights and fun. What we got was lots of crap from people who already had picked their “friends” and rather killed everyone else before and then let “best” to win.
That’s what this game is still about.
ViruS was never meant to be political alliance. We wanted to fight and we love wars.
But what ever we did on battlefield we suffered in forums and politics.
Why? Because our enemies were there before us. Because our enemies were afraid of alliance that can overcome them on fair 1 to 1 fights. They attacked against us on front we couldn’t fight back. They knew Azzer. They knew each others. All they needed to do was to decide they didn’t like us and get their friends against us.
From day 1 to this post people has always though ViruS was big evil of this game. Has been and always will. Its something I cant agree with. Of course bad/evil doesn’t see himself as evil does he?
Problem was that we weren’t evil in first place. ViruS actually was and has been always neutral towards everyone.
From day one ViruS decided not to have friends. Decided not to have so called enemies. We decided we are neutral to everyone unless they make us to be something else. We never had any kind of grudges towards players, never hated anyone. We played as everyone is target, but not enemy.
How this turned against us was that others playing this game were so inside warm people that they couldn’t stand idea of attacking their “friends”. Instead they rather found common goal for all their feelings and decided its better to hate ViruS.
Even up to date I can find alliances who are calling others to help when they find they can’t fight 1 on 1 with us. Even if they are higher ranked than we are.
I don’t say ViruS has been nice alliance, vice versa. We have always played dirty, we have cheated, lied, fooled, used mass and bashed. But I can’t see us as alliance that has done anything more or been particular cruel towards people in this game.
From beginning ViruS has always been just on alliance among others.
There’s something for you to think. Maybe it brought this game closer to each others than ever before to have common enemy. Who gives a smeg? I don’t.
But never I’v been in situation where I have lacked of people who have wanted to join my side.
I wonder why.
That’s end of part one of my story.

What ViruS did.
On rounds 7 and 8 ViruS learned to play this game. We gathered mass and learned some tricks. On round 9 we gained our first victory. Same time we learned how easy it is to win when you use “friends” all we did was get others to team with us and bang we got what we needed.
Too bad those friends we had then quit playing or turned against us for reasons unknown. On rounds 10, 11 and 12 ViruS fought its fights well, always were in top struggles but didn’t success to survive to end. On round 13 we didn’t have even 30 players to fill our 2 alliances. It was more like what was left of ViruS playing together for common goal. We started round with 2 alliances where 9 members in both. Somehow we managed to stay out of troubles and find ourselves in situation where victory was practically handed to us without real fight for it.
On round 14 ViruS was meant to be on “rest”, we supposed to play together for fun of it but we just couldn’t do it. Post about that and disband of ViruS can be found in this forum.

Round 17 past and future together.
I have had account on all rounds since round 5. Some rounds I have played more some less. Ever since disbanding ViruS on round 14 people bombarded me about if I was going to bring ViruS back or not. So one day I then decided ok we gonna give it a try.
It was pretty simple. From day 1 it took us 3 weeks to gather force maby stronger than ever in history of Bushtarion, then we decided 1 alliance is not enough and went for 2. It took us 2.5 days to have full 2 alliances of people. Almost everyone we asked was interested. Only 2- 3 persons turned us down. When round started we had 2 alliances of big names of this game. Well all but handful of big names of this game.
What actually we had was group that had skill. What we lacked was spirit and most of all activity.
Some people have said on forums that we sucked, they have accused me because of it and they can do so in future as much as they like.
Fact is we tried. From beginning of round we tried to make crystal clear it for every member we had that even they think so by looking names we had, that nothing is won before last tick of round. Another fact is that all these big names let us down. Some played more some played much less. But none of them played on level they could have. Those who got closest to that level were dragged down by those who didn’t.
We still were force to recognize, we had skill and we had enough mass. What became destiny of ViruS was fact that even we were good in frontal wars we sucked behind scenes. I will go more to that later. When F0xx and Welshie came after us. We had only 1 option to do. We needed to give acres. That was so easy job to do but became so clear that when these big names saw their round going down fast they lost all interest to play.
What I then did I didn’t do because I had to. Instead I did it because it was my option to do. Yes I kicked people out. I kicked some really big names who had done really good on that round until that moment. Fact is that at that morning they didn’t do their job as they were expected. Other fact is that it wasn’t real reason behind their kick. Instead I wanted to start from clear board. I wanted to play rest of my round with people who were playing Bushtarion for their own enjoyment, giving their time for it and were ready to play for alliance. Basically I got rid of those who were biggest score queens, were about to quit after 2 weeks anyways and took those back who were coming back from their own free will.
For rest of round I have enjoyed of every moment. Our group is tight, has high activity level and we are having loads of fun. Isn’t that what this game is about?

Now to story behind scenes. From now on some mod can clip this part or edit it heavily if they think it’s necessary.
As I have said before in this post I can’t find single thing in past of ViruS that we have done some way worst or more evil than other alliances out there. Too bad some people can’t separate this game from real life. It’s simple, when I make post to forums about ViruS this or ViruS that. Only once in my history in Bushtarion I have asked my alliance to back me up. And at that point those I respect most in my alliance said they couldn’t do it because it’s not what they think of this matter. Ever since I have not even once asked them to write single post under single topic. Actually we have had strict rule that only HCs have right to write in name of ViruS. Why? Every player playing this game has their own free will. I can’t force anyone to think anything. Same way I can’t force anyone to boost my alliance or its idealism which comes from me because it wouldn’t be theirs. At end of days this might been bad idea because forums are basically who spams most wins fight basis working place. What makes me sad is how I see alliances coming to forums 1 after another to boost their idealism and trying to make them look good. Too bad if you don’t know who those people are you can’t really see how sad it is. I actually pity them.
What I pity even more is that how people who I don’t even know, people that have not ever played on rounds where ViruS were in this game, being turned against ViruS by those who for reason or another have grudges against me/ us. I don’t have idea of what you people think about things like that. But I know that some things like racism are purely coming from parents and teaching of others. You don’t born as racist.
ViruS has kicked and raped those who have betrayed us, but countless of times we have also given those people 2nd change.
Not ever has ViruS intended to have so called friends in this game. No instead we enjoyed of playing “against” everyone. Why? Because that’s what games like this are all about. Those few I can call friends who plays this game, I would rather see in receiving end than on same side as I am. From beginning of my history in this kind of games I have always enjoyed of seeing friends fighting against me. It’s what makes this all fun. Winning and loosing against friends. Of course that’s just my opinion and you can have yours. But I cant do anything else than pity those players and alliances who are playing game where they have so called friends and half familiars but cant get even one decent round because they cant attack those.
Alliances that run to beg others to help them when they cant do smeg against their better ones.
I realized not long ago why so many of old-timers are going solo. Because of that pure fact they are tired to all these don’t attack this and that lists. Tired to listen others asking this and that to be killed with their help. Too bad those lists have already ruined this game for so many playing it. You have 2 options you try to get inside those so boring circles and know half of this games to will leave you alone or you get attacked by that half who doesn’t attack each others. Sad!
And what happens to those few who have guts to make alliance that doesn’t want to have in-game friends? They get massacred on political side by those who does. Not because they would be better but because they can’t stand idea that others would do something they don’t.
How many of players in this game do know me? I can count 2. But only 1 of those I trust inside this game and that’s not Yuki!
Rest of you know exactly what I have always wanted you to know. I’m irritating prick? ROFL!
How many of people who have even read my posts have though which are made “in name” of ViruS and which are made by me as person? Are those same? Far from it.
ViruS has always been alliance with principles. We have always been alliance with honour. To keep that all working it has required me to be something that I am not. Making me avatar called BlackWolf someone you all think you know but none of you do. When I have written in name of ViruS I have always done it knowing exactly what I have been doing. Some may call me idiot and some actually do think so. After reading this all even more people will think so. But those few who have talked to me in IRC and seen glimpse of my real personality have always said they are surprised how helpful and nice I actually am. How’s so? Because when I have written under name of ViruS exactly like I am doing now for last time ever. I’m doing it as person who is leading most hated alliance in this game. And who is actually enjoying of every moment. Who enjoys of pissing you all off and making you all mad. Who enjoys of that how sad some people are when they get angry of posts like this. Who enjoys knowing how many people he has tricked during all these 2.5 years. Have anyone of you ever thought that this is just a game! I enjoy of winning. But it doesn’t make me sad to loose if I can have some real fun at forums and piss someone off just to see how they react because of something that happens in-game. I enjoy of being part of this gaming community, winning is not everything.
That’s exactly what happened on round 12 Sordes. I did it on purpose. I wanted to see exactly how much I would need to push you to get you snap us. And now I know. Did it make me sad? Not at all I actually laughed when Sordes and Welshie attacked ViruS. Same way I did this round to F0xx when I told him to recall all their attacks or we wouldn’t have pact. Did I really care if ViruS is going to win or not? Sorry to disappoint but I didn’t. I have won round. It was R9. It was only goal that I had when I joined this game. After that I have played for fun of playing and being part of this game. I have stayed in my role. But never I have forgot that this is just a game. Good game, but still only game. No I don’t get mad to those who don’t get online to send out. No I don’t care if I loose my units or not. It still has been one of funniest things when Azzer attacked me and killed all but my T-REXes. And no I don’t hate spies I actually like them.
Sorry to disappoint you all. But I have been laughing to most of you all the time you have thought I’m mad about something.
If you would really know me you would know I’m actually calm person. That’s what has made this all so challenging.
That’s from me to you all.

This was my last round leading ViruS. I’m tired to carry cloak of invulnerability. ViruS time has passed. Alliance that was more hated than anything this game will see. I call that achievement. Maybe single alliance up to date that has changed this game more than any other. There’s something for you all to try to accomplish.
I wouldn’t change single day in this game. I’ve laughed so much to so sad people who can’t see difference between game and reality. I’ve laughed to so many miserable people who ran to others to beg help when they saw ViruS true power. And I will laugh to those mad comments you respond with to this post.

My thanks to all of ViruS members, current and former.

Standing alone in the night, ViruS will never forfeit from the fight!
ViruS forever, there is no cure.
Thou shall fall in our war.
Audentes Fortuna Iuvat
Fortune favoured us!
Yours BlackWolf
Leader of ViruS

Ps. Propaganda? Think about it. Maybe some of you will understand. If you ever do I’m always there for some chitchat.
Response (Wed 05 Apr 06 10:10 pm by ~Yuki~ )
Oh, where should I start?
Throwing comments about BlackWolf’s text, saying that I wish he includes me one of those 2 persons who are the only ones who -really- know him, or telling who I am and what I’ve seen or noticed while playing Bushtarion?
Or stating that when I started playing, I promised to myself I would never write anything on forums..? (So this will be my first as well as last post here.)

Let’s start from the fact ‘who I am’ and see where it’ll lead us, shall we..?

I’m Yuki, BW’s gf.
And yes, I’m real - not some imaginary creature as most of the players seem to think – and I’ve been around longer than any of you might expect, though it wasn’t until round 12 when BW actually managed to lure me to try the game. Right from the start to the very last moments I’ve been confused by how many hates not just ViruS, but also BlackWolf. And I want all of you to know, that every time when you’ve spoken awful things about him -as a person!- and accused him from this and that – you’ve hurt me more than you ever could imagine.

Hundreds of times I’ve wanted to open my mouth and tell to every single one of you what a wonderful person he is in real life – one of the kindest persons I know and a true life saver, in many more ways than just one or two. And countless are those times, when after a student party he’s the sober one, taking care off that both me and my friends find safely back home again.
But every time when I’m about to write about him, I think it a bit and stop.
What would it change? Would it do any good?
And the answer is always: ‘nothing’ and ‘no’.

And why?

Because all of you have made up your minds ages ago and refused to see the real person behind his texts. And cause no matter what I’d say to those who have decided to hate BlackWolf and ViruS, would only ignore it or turn everything upside down. Always have and (so it seems) always will, unfortunately.

If anyone truly wants to know what BW’s really like and is willing to listen, however, I’m more than happy to set the records straight.

And what comes to ViruS, all I can say is that through that so commonly hated alliance I’ve met the nicest and the most wonderful persons whom I’d like to call my friends still for many years to come. I only play Bushtarion because of all the lovely persons I’ve learned to know thanks to the game. And just like many others - just like BW, for instance - my behaviour depends much on the situation, whether it’s game related or not, whether we’re on the same side or not. And I really hope you can see the difference there and come to chat to me every now and then no matter what has happened in game.

If I lie about the game (or yell in order to make something to happen - if nothing else seems to work), that doesn’t mean I don’t like you or that I hate you now does it..?

That I haven’t been around much just to chat, is also something that shouldn’t been taken personally: uni is taking most of my time and – as some of you’ve noticed – it can’t be handled by me without being a small party animal from time to time. My luck - very much not like BW’s - is that I’ve been usually given some time just to chitchat about daily life and make you see the real me - not just the text that appears on the screen. (Admit it guys and gals, I’m sure nearly all of you hated me when I first appeared there )
Too bad the luck ran out during this round….

I’ll give you some mercy and try to finish just after few lines, but bare with me just a bit longer, because this is also my farewell message (Oh, I’ll still visit irc, as always, you won’t get rid off me that easily;))

But before I go, I want to say thanks to all ViruS members: both those I knew and those I haven’t ever ‘met’, those who stayed or left, those who were loyal all the way or were spies or betrayed the alliance at some point (Hey, it’s still only a game. You just made it much more fun I can honestly admit that I could have done just that if had ever been given a proper chance ***61663; and then they wonder why BW never trusted me in this game *lol* But you labelled me as his gf - forever loyal to him and his alliance. Such a shame…*sighs*…cause that might have turned out to be something really interesting. )
Thanks also to every one who ever bothered to talk to me long enough to find out who’s the person behind the nick. ***61514;

”If you can’t win them - join them? Been there, done that, had enough...and now I quit.”

Anyway, it was fun as long as it lasted.
No hard feelings etc…
And see you around!

”Definitely cute, absolutely innocent… and just kind of devilish”
PS. Don’t bother to write comments. I never read forums, anyway…

Round 12: Dragonfly of Ikaros
Round 13: Merrick of Mayfair
Round 14: Final Farewells of My Long-Lost Sanity
Rounds 14, 15&16: Requiem of Fallen Angels (mostly private worlds)
Round 17: …


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Sep 9, 2008
The true story of GlobalUnderground (Sat 01 Apr 06 07:16 pm by f0xx )
Subject description: before everyone are like "what is GU?"
So i wasnt going to write this that soon but some ppl were making so here we go....

The Real story Starts at round 16 with me and some of the future member being in Pie with the lovely Maxi .I had something like a core made of 10-11 real life friends who all were very addicted and i knew were all good but never played in an alliance that was going for rank 1(atleast most of them) so i had the difficult task of creating a team out of solo players.With a lot of help from Nickk and clem i recruited the 20 ppl needed for the alliance.Then illumination connected me with jack(the leader of CN).I was looking for anap and i was very happy he accepted my offer.At that time CN were rank 2 and i didnt know their play style but i had an impression of them being a very capeable alliance.Overall i had an impression that next round would be very easy.We had angela leaving,welshie not leading and sordes with a much weaker group.Tho we ended agains virus stronger than ever,welshie(which was ric and ilianrd) and sordes whos group wasnt that weak...

So with the round over I created the alliance and we had the full 20 ppl inside.I was very happy to play with ppl like cheese,nickk and clem.Tho a few days before tha start 2 members left giving some explenation that i dont think was very reasonable(me pokes illumantion ).Then the round started.GU started at rank 17 i think....slowly climbing to top 3 after a few hours.Then was the time we noticed we were 17 members instead of 18....after checking it was clear someone deleted...that someone after few minutes was clear that was a spy working for virus....now that was a very bad moment for us and morale was lower than ever.

NRAA was rank 7-8 at that time which was worse than i expected but well it was only the start.The first night we gained our first rank 1 and hold it for quite a long time which was very surprising for us coz we were only 17 ppl and 2-3 warent started yet...that boosted our morale a bit.The first 3 days went quite well(i think,coz i lost net for 2 days and i was expecting the worse when i logged but was very surprised to see us at rank 1 yay :)ppl were flooding me with mails telling me how good we did covering incomings during the time my net was down.I felt rele proud then,tho i knew soon we were going to get huge incomings from virus due to the spy we had....and here they came.

Day 4 it was around 2 am local time iirc, everyone knew we were heavy on eauropeans and everyone thought that our down time was during the nights which wasnt exactly correct...we had no downtime Oh well virus came...2 screens of icnomings on 11 ppl with 4-5 ppl on each of those members covering 3-4 ticks even more on some...then we knew we were Smegged up.We were all mad cursing that spy...then we were like "lets make them pay for that land".So we spent and covered the incomings that were looking coverable and sent all our lethals at those that were impossible to cover which resulted in loosing quite a lot of land but dealing heavy damage to virus.First wave was over and the second wave began...we did the same again.Overall we lost around 5k land which was quite a lot for day 4 but virus lost tons of flak.

At that time we knew we took a huge set back coz ofthe spending we did.Things were not looking very well for us but all we were thinking of was how to revenge on virus.I dont think anyone of us was thinking about winning the round at this point...all we wanted was virus to suffer.So i made the only thinkg that looked smart enough at that time.I contacted Ric who was very happy about us wanting to attack v.

So next day was payback time.We had GU/NRAA/Sym/val in the attack.Ric planned it well and we started bashing.Over and over and over doing it a whole night long....We took some land...gave no losses at all and did some damage.I didnt rele think the attacks were very successful till at some point ppl from virus started contacting me.I had Meneldil,Timster,No-dachi and martin talking to me a about a ceasefire which at that time looked just hillarious.We bashed them some more and it was time for rest.I woke up next day with 2 members zeroed coz of virus pure let rushes.

Then was a time to make a decision.We had our alliance with no funds and a very small ammount of land....virus who took heavy losses both land and units...and then sym/val being very fat and losing almost no units in the war.There were ppl from v constantly telling me that ric was using us to flak his real attacks and we needed a break so i set a ceasefire with virus and we started growing.Virus started concentrating on sym/val.The war in wich virus and sym/val were involved seemed quite equal tho at some points it was looking like virus were losing it.

We had nice peaceful time during they were concentrating on each other so we grew really big.Nice and fat.The only problems we had were with vortex and some pure let rushes but that was not much of a problem to deal with.We continued to grow and develop...that time was very precious coz we were underteched compared to both virus and sym/val not to talk about vortex who didnt have a major war with any of the groups.But my guys rele did what they were supposed to do.Zeratul was keeping the rank 1 spot for quite a long time(he was a bit lucky tho coz he was the only guy that didnt lose land to virus and he had a special mission to rush for CW which he did great).

We were catching on techs with the other groups and more of us were in top 10.Then at that time it rele looked like virus were loosing the war, so it was time for us to go to war again.We sided with virus.It was moday i think and Zeratul already had CWs which was a great force at that time.The ppl who started them was like 2 days behind him and he already had a very nice ammount of them which gave is a lot of advantage.So at that time we launched an attack agains val(which at the start we thought was sym :/)The attack lasted with val being completely crushed losing tons of land and units, alot of zeroed members and GU/virus gaining tons of land.NRAA decided not to take part in that war.

That was the time whan i noticed the quality of virus.Innitially they were quite behind on land compared to us.That evening they almost cought up on land.And that goes for both virus wings(cactus and defiance).We gained tons of land too but due to NRAA's decision to stay away from the war they didnt gain anything.

At that point i had a clear plan for winning the round which seemed very good to me.It was killing using virus to kill sym/val then siding with sordes(who to that point didnt had any major war with anyone at all and was teching and saving like mad) and killing virus,then with the help of NRAA we should have taken vortex down coz of the fact that their anap was quite sucky.I tried to stick to that plan.

Tuesday came and it was supposed to attack sym then but i needed some time to concentrate on what was happening and consider everything.NRAA was still staying neutral which was very strange to me....virus tried to attack sym then but they recalled everything coz sym were expecting that attack and pulled quite a good defence.Meanwhile i was almost going crazy talking to everyone in my group and on the other side talking to virus ppl and our anap leader.When reading the forums everyone had the impression that virus were using me to kill welshie's lot which was completely wrong but was very funny coz everyone was thinking that welshie is dead already.That was a very clear proof how only a very few ppl know what exactly is happing at the top.

So wednesday came we were discussing our strategy with martin about killing sym.Then all of the sudden sordes contacted me on msn and we had a very unpleasent convo.What he told me basicly was that virus were using me(which wasnt true), that i should let virus and sym fight their own war and that if i help virus kill sym he would simply "bash me out of the war".Yes i still remember those words sordes .Then i tried to explain that he wasnt right without giving too much datails about my plan(to side with him later and kill virus) but he simply wasnt listening to me and was constatly telling me that i have no chance to win the round whatever i do.Then i was basicly pissed coz it was just clear that at this point GU was the strongest alliance due to circumstances and he was acting like we didnt even exist.

So basicly what i did at this point was coz of what sordes said to me then.I contacted martin i told him what happened then he just told me "we are going to attack this night.You chose who to attack - vortex or sym".Then ofc i said vortex.Martin asked me to talk to jack and persuade him to join us into attacking him tho he refused.So we launched.Sordes then came came on irc and told me that he would do everything he can to prevent us from winning the round.Vortex were defenging only our attacks...we took a counter too, but we beated them both in attack and defence.

Then we had a very long talk with sordes.I basicly explained what my initial plan was.I had the impression then that he was sorry for what he told me earlier and i saw that he was a cool guy.That night was a big mess in my head.My plan was as good as nothing then coz vortex were basicly dead.So i had to think of some way to beat virus.I knew we couldnt stand a chance against them.I needed an ally in the war against them.At that point val were quite dead, vortex too this leaving us with only one possible ally that were strong enof to kill virus - sym.It was quite strange coz just when i was going to contact ric he came to me .

So we set an agreement to completely kill virus.GU stopped the attacks on vortex at that time and everyone went for a good night sleep preparering themselves for tomorrow.And tomorrow came.We started waving virus(this time even NRAA helped .We waved and waved and waved them doing the same 2 days long till at the end disbanded.We were going to stop attacking them but sordes told me that they have done this before and we should not stop attacking them coz that is just a trick.So i posted the ids and gave an order for everyone to spread on the ids.We all spread well and due to the fact they were solos with no AR they were basicly raped.It was friday night then.GU were in war with different alliances from monday wich was very exhausting so we needed a rest.Jack suggested a ceasefire with sym/val.I didnt rele think that was a good idea but we were more tired than ever so we set a ceasefire till thursday dont remember the exact time but i think both sides knew then that this ceasefire wouldnt last long.

Surprisingly for me saturday evening everone in GU were online expicting us to hit them.Well yeah i forgot to post the ceasefire :/ but i was very surprised that my mates were so eager to war after the 5 days cosntact war.So the long waiting started.I talked to jack everyday trying to persuade him we need to hit them soon or val will rebuild and then it will be impossible to take them down.Tho it seemed like he belived that they were not going to break the truce which was just stupid(sorry jack .

Then it sunday night came.Jack came to me on msn and told me that sym/val are going ot hit us later tonight.I told him that we need to attack asap but he told me we should use this knowledge and defend.I just couldnt agree with that and persuaded him to get as many of his ppl online and launch na attack.1 hour went.From the 8 ppl that were initally on in GU came 18 and 15 from NRAA.So we basicly didnt have much time to plan so just sent 1 real and 2 fakes.It was crazy.The losses were almost the same for both sides bit our losses were spread on more ppl and we had tons of flak there as well( on that single id there were more than 30ppl whith 30% of their flak and 70% of their let).So we did some damage and stole some land.The first attack i classify as succesfull.Then we sent second attack that i can classify as successfull too.Tho at that time they retalled on us (GU) and took 1 tick of land too but that was managable.Things were not looking bad at all.

Then happened something that i still cant understand and i still cant accept.Yes it was a bit late but compared to our local +2 GMT it was even later for us.I was preparing the next attack,when i asked ladyhawke on our channel how many ppl they had online she answered me "4".LOL.We thought she was joking but she wasnt....we had 4 ppl in NRAA and 15 in GU(who are supposed to be at their downtime).Then we just knew it was over.It was 6 am local time.We could have fought sym/val for a day longer probably but there was NO chance to win coz at that time they had a day off which meant they would continue a whole night and a whole day and at that time most of the ppl in GU were more than 20 hours online.And we basicly were "why should we fight this war alone when they are supposed to do as much as we are". My mates were just pissed and so was i.The sun was alraedy rising outside and we still havent slept.The problem was not that.We could have continued the same way for 10 more hours if needed.The problem was "is it worthy?"There was not a single person with less than 16 hours activity in GU for the first 2 weeks and all that we blow away just in 1 single night coz we cant force our members to be online.That was just pathetic.Looking at our 3 screens incomings it was very funny.Welshie was continuing to hit GU over and over when he knew that in NRAA there were like 4 ppl online....4 ppl online...even the alliances at rank 20-25 had more ppl online at that time.My mates were all like "Smeg them why should we fight their war alone", then they just went into sleep mode steadily.I never agave an order to go into sleep mode.Lots of us had 2 weeks off their jobs/schools and it was monday and we still were online.And now there was no reason to continue like that so all we wanted was to annoy sym/val the most we can so we went into sleep mode.We were initially going to try to rebuild but there were some very big issius at that time with our anap so most of us just gave up not seeing a point into dedicating so much of their time for nothing.

So that is our story.I hope i wasnt very boring

GU was
zeratul - the best player out of all the BGs
neshta - you know i love you
vegas - i still look forward the day to see u sober:p
lomski - i kom kil you!
desagrable - you suck {}
SourceDirect - one of the ppl i admire most
korpi - the samo goes for u
NetEek - u suck too
alexian - the russian pimp
Nickk - our little slut who never logged in to send away and still made it to top 5
clem - i am gonna miss u :~(
mastah - there was a time i rele hated u
bobo - ehm...never got to know u well
oondasre - the aussie with non-assie play time
rebel - i still remember u sending 15mln to the real and 1mln to the fakes
The-Super-Fly - "Smeg why did everyone recall from the real?" clem: that was fake TSF u newcomer!
subdivisions - i wish u were with me from the start
zazemen - forgot to mention u so u get bald the guy that proves that activity>expirience

Those are the ppl that were with GU till the start and stayed till the end.Some thanks to riempiers(u know why:),sordes(for some of the very useful advices he gave me after the little fight we had:), jack(great leader,most of his members dont deserve him),younge(probably one of the best guys NRAA had who was always there and sacrafised alot of his sleep ty mate:)

Some thoughts on the alliances fighting for the top:
virus - probably the best alliance out there this round they deserved to win the round
sym - what can i say...welshie
valhala - u guys just refused to die
vortex - deserved a better anap just as us
NRAA - ehm...great allaince tho u are not ready to give what it takes to win

one more thing.
Cheese - what u did i find as a new low in bush.

post ur comments here

A CO's Account of LO [Round 16] (Thu 23 Feb 06 11:49 am by Iliard )
Subject description: Not the official, but It'll give people somewhere to post till Rob does one!
I’m left with a great feeling of responsibility writing this, while we all know its down to Robs nature (that of a lazy walrus), I still feel rather privileged to write, what may be the account of the last ever round of Leftover, though, I can only hope it isn’t to be, and that somewhere there is a successor to Rob who also believes in being all round useless and having a good time!

So to start with the formalities as it were, Leftovers, a surprisingly good start. Even I somehow crept top 50 and stayed there for a while, as did Belial, Rob and not to mention a good few others. So time was spent in the bliss of being successful, but what lay beyond was a trouble we did not yet comprehend! Just like that the early troops were out and a good few of us obtainedGurus and Heavies, Mr-Blonde was very good at this stage covering us from a good number of attacks. Fortunately as the first waves started coming in, Treedude and myself managed to start buying heavy thugs on mass, taking serial killers rank 1 and 2 respectively. As you can imagine, these were fun times in LO, with Mr-B blocking everything and the rest of us killing what’s left, the biggest problem we had at that point was that we had defence there but Mr-B blocked the flak before we could kill it!

Before too long TGA came knockin’, and being LO, we’d apparently left the back door open, and damn did they pile in. In retrospect maybe both Rob and I got a little angry, but Sordes was calm and didn’t take our abuse too heavily, and to be fair apart from being smashed, zeroed and land raped into the floor, TGA didn’t do much damage

Enough of that, so, Lo was left to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and remember to lock the back door from time to time. But Alas! Our ID list was being passed around like a bong in Robs living room and the incomings kept coming and coming, and thus began the start of Rob’s Speeches. How we loved the speeches, so motivational and well written you’d swear he’d got his mother to do it! So, for much of the round we have incs, there are some fights, some of us get land, we have some more incomings and then oohhh its Havoc!

Now, some of you may question, “surely that’s not all that happened?!?!?” and my answer is, yes, we did have incomings and battles worthy of mention, but we did not come in at rank 1, ergo, anything we did within the game becomes pointless no? This was a particularly interesting round for those that were in LO, and highly productive in literary circles. Let me start with Belials Christmas message; possibly the funniest thing I have ever read, and right now I don’t have a copy, I’ll be sure to try and post it at some point when I find it…

Moving on, in a different tangent from the drunken actions of that crazy man Belial came the spamathon and other Spam efforts; http://www.bushtarion.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=14217

Claire and her “ode to leftovers” http://www.bushtarion.com/forums/viewtopic.php?highlight=leftovers&t=14176

The Laws of Lo ; http://www.bushtarion.com/forums/viewtopic.php?highlight=leftovers&t=13610

Being In LO was a ball, it truly was a fantastic round. It was a pleasure to have played with you all, even if our ANAP were a litte, you know, Freaky!

Sexeh_Grannies - Cizza & Steve's GILF Hunt ! (Round 16) (Tue 21 Feb 06 12:37 pm by Steve_God )
Subject description: SG > LO (Both FTW!)
After the previous round leading what ended up as Sacred, along with Cizza my Right Hand man, the most loyal members continued with me for the following round along with other new faces.

Being open with my id 'Steve of G0D' - I thought I'd link my alliance to my name... SG... and out popped the idea of 'Sexeh_Grannies'
It also ment the previous rounds theme of 'Lube' could be continued

In the planning stages an A-Nap with Angelas crew was agreed... that was very breifly before the round start, and she went back on her agreement... typical really...
So I turned to the faithful Treedude with Leftovers who we ended up napping with in the previous round, and he happily agreed

Over the first weekend things were going well, staying inside the Top 10, only for ours and LOs ids to be leaked to Sordes group (TGA) and we got waved, and waved, and waved some more, oh, and waved a little bit more all the way down to nearly the bottom of the Top 25, and the same with Leftovers.
Needless to say, there disappeared any chance of a SG & LO victory
Although it also lead us us being the first alliance with a Green title, again!
{First to 'Fair'}

I had some bad real life stuff to deal with early on (from where my Round 17 name came from...), and things got put on hold for a while with Cizza, PinPower and Jiggy holding the fort while I was otherwise occupied...

Then the long recovery began... using pictures of GILFS for inspiration, including players Angela (briefly) and Stefi (LDA), and a variety of other comedy (and sometimes pure wrong!) GILF photos.
{Sexeh_Grannies I object!!! }
{Sexeh_Grannies} - HQ Picture

Mid-Round the competition changed from beating others, to beating each other.
SG were slowly but surely taking LOs title of the most fun and comedy alliance away from them, and to prove who was best, Vannila created a private world for the 10 best SG and 10 best LO players.
{LO vs SG challenge!!!}

Needless to say... SG won after a few days by a rediculous margin!
Following which a comedy mutiny took place as DeathCult being the sly dog that he is, called the alliance 'SexyCult' - so after we had secured the win, me, Cizza and Bazza broke off and made the TRUE 'Sexeh_Grannies' - And creamed EVERYONE's asses

Their excuse was that they were still winning at that time in World 1 and had more to deal with... any excuse

During the last few weeks, many of SGs players has to leave due to personal reasons / boredom of the end of the round / quitting the game / etc... So I had to frantically run around like a headless chicken trying to find all the large solo players I could find... and there were surprisingly quite a lot of them!!!
One of those that left was Marksy... (And help him get Portal we did!)

Group motivation was increased near the end with an Official GILF Music Video:
{:: GILFs For Life ::}

And as the race to beat LO heated up, they got involved in top alliance wars and made themselves a few enemies, and over the last week lost some considerable score putting SG ahead!!!
I then released the score and land limits set for safety reasons and let the active alliance members let rip into some easy end of round land!
(Those mainly being Silence, Cizza and PinPower...)
After not too long... we were at Rank 5!!!

For the last few days we had The GILF Awards as a final push to hold the high ranking! (Although deep down we knew it wasn't going to happen with other alliances that had larger savings.)
{:: The GILF Awards ::}

However it still did the trick in proving that SG > LO!!!
We finished Rank 7, and LO Rank 8 - and 3 of my members (again... Silence, Cizza and PinPower) managed to portal! Well done guys!

After speaking to him his words were:
"Treedude says:
we would have got rank 6 if that score queen Fortune/Guy hadnt joined Terra"

I'm saying nothing... all I know is:
Comedy: SG > LO
Private World: SG > LO
Public World: SG > LO
Havoc: SG > LO

It was probably my most fun, entertaining, and least active round in 3 years!!! Thank you all!

With Treedude leaving Leftovers to other hands,
It has also ended the Godly Era of leading alliances...
{An Ode to Leftovers}

At least we ended on a high!

GILFs for Life
Lube/Grannies/Treedude/Leftovers/Comedy Alliances FTW!!!

All comments Here!!!

My Views on the Ric/Iliard vs F0xx/jack war (Mon 20 Feb 06 02:34 pm by Younge )
So, after a very intreasting night of none stop waving by welshie-lot and f0xx-lot,

i wont say how they cheated in this post i wont cry how they toke my land as im sure that many of you are awhere its part of the game! (as they did none of the above apart from nicking land and killing me or trying)

So my views on Ric/Iliard alliances,

I'v been with these group of people people and i have to say last round was very intreasting playing along side such active people and such people who really knew how to play this game, and play it well!

My views on F0xx/Jack alliances,

Lets not be to harsh on f0xx, he did try and im sure his members put there all into it, but f0xx like i said to you mate, "try and make fun o me ill revenege you", Guess what, you wont make it top 200 this round im playing to kill you and make yourlife hell as you made mine hell when i was Anaped with you. Jack alliance, well, what a great bunch of people, i would name them one by one, but ill be here forever and you dont want to hear that, you want to hear about the war in my views. But there was a few members who stock out, Harbinger, keept me i line, no messing around with him, Jack, set me targits i tryed my very best to please him, Ladyhwake, she is my angel, and ollie, the only reason i sent on atatcks was to get him land. And oh yeah monk, so i could phone him up and wake him up the lazy bugger

So anyway the war

but this round i was a little more worried about the group, after we(jack/f0xx) alliances sent at them the first 2 waves went very well and i did think for a moment that we could win this war after all even if we did lack the members who where online, but we had a fighting chance!

Then, welshie got his crew into gair, and dam did they fight back, they went for more of a "I WANT MY LAND BACK YOUR DEAD" approch which i thought was nice as it was all on GU tuff

so after the first few waves the tables had turned and it was welshie alliances for the win!,

so this left me in a sticky prostion, i coul lave my alliance and run, and hope i hit sleep mode and get a nice nite sleep and just wake up today which my land and face them being solo which i personaily agree is the selfish and coward way! or i could stay in my alliance and hit sleep mode and fight it out till the end!

i did not know what to do, as at this point i got told that f0xx was planing to kill us, his own Anap, ofcrose i played along at first as its not something you believe, its soemthing you question and just pas on to your leader.
But in my case leader was offline, my closest friend in the alliance would not wake up after 30 phone calles (monk), and i turned to my friends, who where unknown, and the enemey Welshie/Iliard .

I spoke with these guys and i was speaking to them as friend, not the enemy, just friends and they did reasure me, even though im sure they where tempeted to tell me to just leave so they coul rape me they talked to me, carmed me down, said i was in charge it was up to me in a way!

i toke there advice and i asked what my alliance friend thought of it, yes, they dissagreed, but then again, they wanted me to stay so ofcrose they would!

i spoke with unknown about this and he said just leave, go solo, keep ur men and your land your land fight another day. I am agenst running away i rather fight and die with my alliance, but people where putting me on the spot, unknwon was looking out for me, so was my alliance, ladyhwake said if i leave and go solo she lose "all respect for me", unknown said " he will block me if i dont do the right thing. Therefor both friends where looking ou for me and im sure they both where right but i thought to myself, if i leave yes ill be running away but yes ill fight for another day by myself and alone and welshie will get me.
So i decided to stay and hit sleep mode so i could get some rest for the next day.

Overall i was in one off the hardest situations in my bush life, i had so many paths, so many to choise from, so many which could change so many things, but in the end , i deicded to stay and figh with my friend because our leader "jack" is a 1 in a million guy, so are those who i played along side this round.

So i hit sleep mdoe in the alliance after ladyhwake and jack told me to get some rest as i was drunk and tired.
Comes the next day (which is today the 20/03/06), i wake up to a phone cal from monk when i was in the middle of having a nice dream of me killing welshie alliances by myself , and he said i had incoming, so i got myself up, got online and i saw a nice screen fall of red and lots of numbers coming my way!
So i did th right thing and said to my aliance i want to leave now, i dont want you to die defending me, even though you want to, so we talked, and then more incoming came, and more, then it came to the point where i had over 5 waves on me.
I said defend the last few waves and im going to leave, or hit sleep mode and just get some rest and maybe get m life back to normal,

so i picked up my men, sent away let the first few waves in and iv hit sleep mode for about 1 week, so thing will die down and i can get my life back!.

so the war is comnig to an end just befor it even got started,
Many people will blime t on us like f0xx, and many people will say that we where inactive, but the mian thing is we had fun and im sure by the end of the round, ill have even more fun killing and getting land like i used too.

but i like to make it clear, those who attacked me, i will get you back, in this round, or the next, or the next, even if it means me doing it in 3 rounds time, i never forgot intill we are even

so thanks for your time, im going to go get my life back now, and enjoy life for what it is and log on soon!

if you have anything to say about the war, just post it here, but try and not ***** me of or aim things at me, as it really not called for, And yes this post is all about me and MY VIEWS, so yes it has me in it guff, piff

Many Thanks Younge

my journel (Tue 07 Feb 06 04:41 pm by maniacs war )
Subject description: the nooby start
hello every one.... i will tell you of my wicked story in my journel, it's a good tale so no going away

Subject: got to win Mon 06th Feb, 2006.
with a bag behind my back and a mountain to climb, i start my epic journey.Thinking to myself 'i gotta win, i gotta win, i gotta win'...oh don't you worry i shall win .
This is day 1.
i've got myself some land and some workers willing to farm for a steady pay so i empty my pockets for them and give them my money.now i have my workers farming. i can relax and just make some profit from the plants.

day 2.
Subject: bored Mon 06th Feb, 2006.
so far, so good....no attacks from anyone lately! i can build and grow..for now......=-\
i've gotten loads of money out of my stock! and now to get more land =-p
strange....my workers are revolting against me, apparently i'm turning into a evil ruler, can't say that they deserved whipping during there work . luckily i brought in some hippys and yobs to quite them down .

that was my short and exciting story!---m9ore to come


Landscape Designer
Sep 9, 2008
Want some Pie? (Sat 04 Feb 06 07:22 pm by Maximuzzz )
Subject description: Want to know what’s baking? Pie!
PIE, Pie or pie can refer to:
*dish baked in pastry-lined pan often with a pastry top
*A slang term for a woman's vagina.
*Proximity, Immediacy, Expectancy: a set of principles for treating Combat stress reaction.
(Source: Wikipedia)

How to start? Writing a story like this was harder than I thought.

Let’s start at the beginning. End of round 15, while I was CO in Raiders, I decided to ‘found’ my own alliance. Huntress_Tina decided to stop playing and raiders wouldn’t be back in round 16. I didn’t really lead an alliance before, even though I had quite some experience with both CO and MO. After an animocheck and talking to some good friends, the plan was being created, slowly but surely. Around 2 weeks before the round’s end most of it was set. A very good roster of players, around the clock coverage, the route-setup decided, all by sending a lot of e-mails around. Most was kept secret and at the start of round 16 not a lot of people knew about Pie, nor did they expect a lot from it. Keeping that in mind and the fact that Pie was a new-formed group we did good, better than I expected, and I’m proud of it(which leader isn’t proud of his crew? )!

Why the name Pie? I don’t know, it sounds funny and it’s something else than the usual ‘cool word’ name. If I remember correctly it’s Clem that came up with it, on IRC.

We started off the round with 20 members, most online(except some aussies) and very motivated! Even the start surprised me, we had two members in the top 10(f0xx & Zeratul), and hovered around rank 3 the first few days, then sinking to just outside to 5. Our mutual nap, Confusion at that time, had a very slow start and was outside the top 20. After giving them some time to see if they would improve, we decided to change our mutual nap to Venom, which had members who were friends with people and Pie, and who we knew were reliable and good. Now I’d say this was our first mistake. Now don’t get me wrong, Venom was a great group of players and friends, but their leader just wasn’t able to lead that alliance correctly. Tbh, I was stunned when I saw and heard how he was leading.

Pie decided that staying low at this point in the round was the best. While other alliance were fighting each other, we were teching up, and bill89 was one of the first to develop CW’s(Robo-Shields side). We were asked by all sides to participate in attacks on ‘our common enemies’. I remember that some were mad that Pie didn’t do anything, or at least, not enough. :p

One of the best moments Imo was the retaliation on TGA. We had incomings from them, and could in no way defend properly against them. We had to organise quickly, and at first I didn’t expect the retal to be successful. Venom was busy with defence and attacks, so we had to do it on our own. In 2 ticks we had send fake defence, a fake attack and picked a real target and finally released the angry mobs. And yes, we were successful and we’re still proud of it. We were the first ones to hit TGA and get land off them. Altho the Resistance was already being prepared, a lot saw this as a sort of ‘signal’ or ‘green light’ to start attacking them as a whole. More info and Br’s here: http://www.bushtarion.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=13350

(hmm this story is getting a bit too long, I’ll try to summarize a bit more. )

During these resistance attacks, most of Venom practically suicided itself on TGA, because of a wrong decision of the leader. Almost everyone was telling him to call it off and recall, due to a lot of defence, but yet he stayed, and killed most of the alliance. Iirc they were around rank 6, Pie being a bit lower. Venom dropped around 10 ranks because of the forementioned ‘event’, and logically, being an easy target, they got mass incomings from TGA and other alliances. Instead of fighting they disbanded, without notice, we had to find it out ourselves. After a couple of days, the incomings were now directed at us, and like predators attacking a vulnerable target, we had more and more incomings. We were hit outside the top 10 aswell, and lost a few members plus some lost motivation, thus the related activity going down a bit. After hovering around rank 15-120ish for around a week, while still having incomings, having to recruit new members and keep the activity, motivation and teamwork high, things started to brighten up a bit. Venom got together again, and we decided to stay with them, which was, our second mistake.

Around this time of the round, we were still sticking together and holding on, some members really working very hard whereas others had to be replaced due to inactivity, irl issues and other related reasons. The core was working together efficiently, but we were low on Aussies and Americans. I’d like to thank the few who’ve hold the fort at night, sometimes alone, and txting around when needed. During a week or two, we’ve had quite some new members joining. Little by little Pie became a unity again and working togheter, activity getting up. It was around this time iirc, that Clem was hoarding land like crazy, really amazing, and losing most of it again, earning him the most land loss stat. :p ‘t was also the time of hitting a few alliances around rank 15, best example of it being TheSnowmen.
During a long period we also had a snap with Clueless, because we decided it would be better to hit together. Pie didn’t do much alliance attacks on ‘big’ alliances that time, we had almost continuous incomings, even if we fend off most of it. It’s hard growing back up being a rank 14-12 alliance, while having constant incomings. We eventually got back into the top 10.

When I went on holidays, back to my roots, during Christmas, for around 10 days, I decided to give the leadership the Huntress_Tina(who did played again after having ‘quit’) and Imo she did a great job, but circumstances just were hard. Thanks again Tina. Due to ‘internal’ reasons Venom disbanded, and leaving us alone, a second time. After I returned, things had to change again. Activity was once again down, I had to recruit some new members, and ofcourse we needed a new anap. This time however, we were lucky, because Confusion, our initial anap, who meanwhile grew and obtained a steady position in the top 10, was looking for a new anap. After quite some talking we decided to anap eachother again, which was a very good decision. They helped us a lot, plus they’re a bunch of good, reliable and friendly guys! (Incognito, Denial, Confusion, Conspiracy – Imo, They deserve some more credit! Thanks guys!)

Our goal until the end of the round was to have fun, and fight our way back up to the top 10, which we did. We struggled, but with some help and savings we finished rank 9. All in all, a very good, if not my best, round. I’ve probably forgot to mention a lot of things, but the story is long enough as it is now and I hope that ex-members will post their thoughts aswell.

I’d like to thank everyone who has been related to Pie, most venom members, Confusion, all the members, especially the core; those who have been in since the start, fought very bravely and those who helped me. I couldn’t have done it without you guys. It was a blast. We kept “rockin’ and rollin’ ladies!” I myself, and I’m certain that it’s true for others aswell, have enjoyed every moment in Pie, and I’m glad that I’ve met a lot of new players and friends.

Pie was(in random order):

Birth of a_Legend

Note: If you’re not on the list I either accidentally forgot(pm me if it’s the case) or you weren’t part of us long enough or due to insignificant contribution. :p

Monkey & Pie banners: http://www.bushtarion.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=13298

Keep in mind that this is my story and my view on what happened. I hope I didn't forgot other important stuff. :p
Thanks for reading this long post, hope you enjoyed it. If you were a Pie-an, be sure to reply with comments and/or thoughts!

Yours truly,


Comments: http://www.bushtarion.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=228573#228573

TKA round 16 (Tue 31 Jan 06 06:57 pm by splat )
The kinky Association, The killer Ants, twigley knows all, (make up your meaning)

Yeah people asked me to write one, although i can't see we were important enough in the round to be interesting enough but here goes...

How it Started
After a lot of people quitting in round 15, ollie and I wanted to quit with a bang, creating an alliance for the last time. We started recruitment and the first idea was to make ollie leader. But some people who were going to join, didn't want ollie as leader so i came back on my words and made myself leader (sorry ollie ). I recruited many people from earlier rounds like the great Finny from Ssquad, BloodBrothers and AntiAzzer; Speed from my highschool , demey... and a lot of people from irc, like splat.
The anap was supplied by Fifa and his ItalianStallions.

The first evening came and we started well, with speed and twigley being top 10 for a few ticks (twigley being rank 1 before going to bed ). We were walking into top 10, and when i woke up we were still there. The Italians were somewhere page 2, and i became concerned about what they were doing. Apparantly there weren''t even 10 members in there before the round started.

The first week-end went to its ending and like everyone, we had masses of incoming from top alliances and mainly thanks to howls gurus did we maintain our position of rank 7 approximately, behind TGA, c&c, t&t and Pie. All in all, we did reasonably well and we grew...

As everyone that was in top 10 alliance knows, people grew concerned about TGA growing, and i had many discussions with maximuzzz on this. Pie and TKA were the only alliances close(r) to the top that didn't have many members that ever won a round, so we looked for some kind of pact in which we could make our position stronger. Anap was out of the question as Pie-members didn't trust us enough for some obscure reason (Italians were still struggling to make page 1). We came to an agreement to do some hitting together with LO and SG, but it never happened.

Week 2 started and we knew TGA was growing faster than the rest. Still I did not trust Angela nor Welshie and i wasn't really eager to take sides, cuz i knew they'd dump us when we stopped being of any use to them. Yet again, we needed help to kill tga, as we didn't have the troops to kill those damn pa's. So when i got my grenadiers, i should've made up my mind and done what had to be done, which was hitting TGA. But the alliance as an entity didn't have the activity to wage war at the top level, so I waited, as i trusted our position being that no one could hit us as both c&c and t&t needed a 3rd alliance to take the other 2 down, . It would prove otherwise...

The end?
But like many nice stories, the good time came to an end. Wednesday in the 2nd week, howl and Twigley got into an arguement when i was away, and Twig left. That night, Howl got killed by TGA and left cuz she was angry with us not sending defence. I must agree as we had not that much nightcover, but still at that time, no one had the troops to block TGA so i don't think we have anything to feel guilty about. That thursday i was doing practicelessons at uni, and during electronics i came online (it was about 15:30 gmt) and demey had 7 incomings, i had about 7 and floriz had some. T&T decided we needed punishment for letting Howl get killed, or maybe just wanted the land, so there came Sandertjeee and others to kill the 3 of us.
It was impossible to block that as no one was online so i sent away not feeling too happy with suiciding at that moment. I lost half of my land so i was pretty pissed with that. 2 days later, i lost my staff too in my sleep. In the mean time, Oondasre and Razorwolf left, being our last auzzies.
Nightcover was gone, but still we were about rank 10. Then Ollie left and we went straight to rank 18. Demey suggested, again when i was offline, to disband for a while, so many people left. Yet i didn't want to give up, so i started recruiting already, and we started filling up our ranks again. Ogluk joined us at rank 27 or soemthig, coming from DW being somewhere top 20 I think, and many people drew courage from the people that didn't leave, so people like Speed... came back (I think floriz and demey too).

The Return of TKA
With the people returning, and the new recruits like Duke, Jayhov, PurpleHaze, TTK for a while, HK|Random a little later, we returned to top 15 easily, even slipping back into top 10 for a day or something .
Our anap ItalianStallions in the mean while disbanded due to internal struggle, so we needed a new nap. After a week or 2 we found TheGovernment. An alliance that wasn't around when we went down, I think they started slow, but at the return-stage they were top 5. How many times KISA's SA or any other TG-members saved our asses, i dunno, but it were many many many times. SG tried to hit us with a few members (3 on one target and 2 to scare me off), but as i was pnapped to Treedude they didn't dare to kill staff off me cuz they were afraid of treedude (cheers Rob ).

The end of the round drew nearer, and things were looking great. Some people had 3 tril funds and I was confident that Speed had a good chance to make it to portal. But then some group (i still don't know who they were) sent about 500 mil troops to me and we were going to last tick it. But my firefox went funkeh and to summarize, i lost 800 bil worth of troops. They recalled after zero'ing me, but a few days later they killed Floriz. Still we were looking good to make it top 10 for alliances and i figured we deserved it for the nice comeback we made.
But the last wenesday KISA sent us an Alliancemessage saying he had information that Terra and Tempest were going to hit them at some exact moment, and he asked us to be as active as possible on that moment (about 00.00 gmt i think). T&t started hitting that thursday and we did what we could defending, but we didn't have the activity to defend all. Saturdayevening the TheGovernment-members that didn't lose all, went into sleepmode and Ric turned T&T's attention towards us, first because Duke would have participated in a mass attack on Tempest, later Ric said he wanted to kill me before I killed him, so he probably just wanted our land. We got killed on sunday as the incoming was about our total alliance score, and other alliances joined in.
Even our HQ got attacked by some pie-member to kill our pom PurpleHaze, and Pie did waves of their own on us too. So most people got killed (PurpleHaze had 15 incoming hostile mobs from Pie that night) but still we held our top 15 place, which wasn't that big of us, says more about the alliances below us :p
We ended rank 12, and Speed got portal at rank 72 or something

The Kinky Association was:
Harepusen, |kus| (got kicked for inactivity), Oondasre, jayhov, Duke, Purplehaze, Razorwolf, HK|Random, Ogluk|, Forrow, Ollie-666, splat, Floriz, Speed, Demey, Beemer, Shellshock, Derivatives (or soemthing :p) twigley, Howl, TTK, Akanza

Sorry to all i forget and thx for the great round guys

by Hobbezak

comments Here

Jiggys CN story/Thoughts.etc (Fri 27 Jan 06 11:18 pm by jiggy )
Subject description: note this is not the OFFICIAL CN story
Right now that ive made that clear, this was inteneded to be the main bulk for alliance story but was rejected or whatever for reasons unknown, basically i was told no alliance strory but ive been allowed to post this by Jack Note im posting it because i felt i should after having spent so long writing it.etc it shouldnt go to waste

I wasent part of the alliance untill week 3 so the initial start isnt in here, jack/monk can fill you in should they wish/desire.etc

So we now entered the third week of the round, which proved to be very interesting, the resistance had failed due to attacks on clueless from T/T, which of course delayed any final attacks we were to launch on TGA. We felt we had come soooooo close but it wasent to be. Meanwhile T/T were climbing the ranks steadily after raping Venom and then PIE. I think we stood rank 4 with TGA rank 1, Clueless rank 2, Terraferma rank 3 and then Tempest behind us in 5th. As it stood I think Clueless for a short amount of time had more troop score than TGA while Terraferma had an impressive amount of land.

Anyway so it began the attacks from T/T/TGA on Clueless, communication was poor with mainly myself and LadyHawke communicating any defence from us to Clueless. Having an +1 (I think) on any friendly mobs made it increasingly difficult. For some reason Clueless seemed to be able to predict where the real and fake mobs were. So it was basically “send flak killers here and other lets here.” Clueless held out extremely well considering the amount of inc they had, this lasted for about 5 days and was pretty much constant. They did of course fall and were then promptly raped of land.

It was gutting to see this happen and we thought that we would of course be next. The strikes we expected didn’t happen and TGA turned there attention to Terraferma. Not sure what happened on the T/T side but we decided (having been bashed by Welshies groups plenty of times in the past) we wanted revenge so we promptly started bashing Tempest, after a while they started falling out of range so we turned our attention to Terraferma who were half dead anyway from TGA hitting them. This turned all attention off clueless and they began to rebuild very quickly piggying a few of our attacks but most were insanely good land stealers anyway. T/T fell after more heavy inc from Venom (current rank 4 alliance) A lot of nasty things went on there not sure precisely what happened but anyway.

We knew we were next in terms of being mashed by TGA. Clueless were still rebuilding so they couldn’t really help in terms of defence for us. Anyway the strikes came and we were unable to deal with them. I thought we could maybe have equalled them if we had been more active and had certain members spent *Points to CK who had been saving since before the round, don’t know why he just had.* anyway we decided to give land rather than just die, so we parked our troops at HQ overnight to avoid dieing. We were largely land raped and had some members completely zeroed. I remained the highest member in the ally by along way as I just happened to be one of the very few to not die during all the chaos. Anyway I died later on attack which DarkSider defended ***61516; (note I didn’t know he had and would have recalled had I known) anyway.

Things died down a bit and we focused on rebuilding and getting our land back. I think it was around the Christmas break too so activity was terrible. We had members on holiday, members with broken pc’s.etc so there was mainly 2/3 people on-line for about 2 weeks. At the time we had a SNAP in place with Venom (rank 4) so there was a lot of stuff on the forums about it.etc don’t really know what happened but they died anyway and we SNAPPED The government. Don’t know who they are or why but we did, not sure if many players even added them to the none attack list but ive never really gone into that and never seemed to attack them anyway. We continued to save funds for the traditional “end of round boost.” At the time a lot of other allies were doing so too. CK at this point had about 4 trill more than anyone else in the allie. Clueless then decided that TGA had not yet won the round and DarkSider began organising stuff. A few CN said they wanted in these strikes but never turned up anyway, a lot of negativity between the allies at this point. Anyway we were called many names ***61516; and things seemed a bit depressing. However the attacks that clueless launched failed and they were in range of a few TGA members. Clueless at this time had rank 2 my quite a way and were massively land fat or had a lot of land either one goes for me. They had a few hefty incs which we tried to help whenever possible. Nice BR on Lordie but major losses for both sides. Activity had began increasing at this point and Clueless dropped from rank to after these heavy incs.

Anyway we made Rank 2 thanks to some hefty funds and generally not having that many major incs throughout the round. Mucho thanks to clueless and Angela.

On a side note i won mine and lordies little bet \./

Thankyou all for a great round

Jack/Atlantis: Thanks for taking on the liberty to lead over me, a few questionable decisions but led us home well

LadyHakwe: Uber active and saved us all many a time

Harbie: Lifesaver and such a nice chap

Lisette: Amusing dutch lady who i enjoyed playing every moment with
So thankyous:

Tempest (Fri 27 Jan 06 10:20 pm by Ricardo )
Subject description: a lovely alliance ;)
Okay let see what we can say about Tempest

Before the round started it was abit unsure who would play in Tempest, who would quit, basicly lack of active people. Tempest ended up with VanHoudt being the leader of it. Now normally you'd expect Smeg to happen during the round, but not this time...it started before the round start...VanHoudt's computer was broken, so the big question was would he play or not...Thursday the leader would get his parts for his pc so the problem was soon to be solved. Friday people were still thinking of a name for the alliance, so they ended up with Tempest (don't ask me where that came from i have noooo idea). Moonshade created the alliance as VH couldn't be online. The start of Tempest was with 18 members so still 2 empty spots.

On the second day of the round Tempest had another big problem.....Timmiejj aka Timmienewb let one of his friends behind his pc which was in another alliance, big id leak....Rest of the week Tempest hoovered around rank 4/5 with the usual incomings. Thursday Smeg started and the first big incoming (no wonder with your id's leaked) appeared and on friday Smeg started with TGA which beat Tempest down to rank 11 with a few in sleepmode.

In the week after we fought some alliances together with others (*points to Terraferma thread*)

In the third week some fights started between Tempest members about Shadowstrike (prot farming whore at the time) not sending def to the HQ for a prot who evacuated to there. The fights got bigger and bigger and bigger *peers at Arti and Shadowstrike*....fights got bigger and bigger and some members started to get annoyed with it, so i talked with Welshie and with VanHoudt about what we should do about it. There were a few suggestions like: move Arti to Terra, but Temp would loose a nigh****ch, other suggestions were move Shadowstrike to Terra (but i think people know how much is dislike Shadowstrike), so we decided to move SS to Terra and Ric to Temp.....(Hoorah for Tempest :p). Moonshade becomes the new leader of Tempest and Ric the new CO.

From this point I'm actually in the alliance so it's abit more from my view on it.

In the week I joined Tempest we got heavy incs and died, Terra died a few days later (afaik). Then Pie/Venom massed us, donno why they mass attacked us cause we didn't had any units left anyway. They kept bashing for like 1,5 week long or something (yes even the people with 100 land got 20 incoming or something), but whatever we didn't had units so we couldn't defend. Morale was low and some members left (VH, Timmeijj(who left very early :p), Krunk and dirk) after me posting soemthing in politics about being free to go whereever they wanted without being bashed into the ground and being pee-ed on by me. With 14 members Tempest continued. (also at this time Terra disbanned?)

We went on for a week with 14 members, then I recruited some Terramembers who left. It where Omi,blood,Angie and err someone else who i can't remember right now. We continued rebuilding and were fat as usual like 80% landfat or something close to that for everyone. We had the usual incs and killed some, or died at some places

Then in the last 2 weeks we started to get some reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaallly anoying rushes on us.. We defended and lost a couple of bil score because of it. When the rushes kept continueing at night and they kept waking me up *peers at Orpheus, Rosa and Howl* Then in the last week we started getting more incoming from the guys that rushed us, so we (read as Ric) got annoyed we found it was TheGoverment who was rushing us i decided to start a small little war on saturday. We all got in the attack chan, the usual notice spam and away were the attacks. The first battle report we saw on that day was so good (1tril cash dmg for us 9 to them) that we were all so high on adrenaline we wanted to go on. We ended up attacking them all day and killing some and stealing some acres. Then around 23gmt alot of TG went in sleep mode and we landraped the guys that we're online of them.

In the last week TG started to hit us back (after us raping them) they killed some of our smaller members but nothing serious. Then on wednesday(?) Retri/some Pie/ and another alliance massed us...had like 1,5bil incoming on that person, but because we defended quite well they all ran.

Tempest was: Arti, Omi, Blood, Angie, Orpheus, Moonshade, Ric, Hotshot, Snoeckie, Supersneker, Borg, Gohan, Mountainman, Younge, HK|random (joined late), Reece, Jam, Dailyleaf, Kyle, plus 1 i forgot
Special mention: Arti, Omi, Dailyleaf, Orpheus, Blood
Some people who've been in Temp: Shadowstrike, Timmiejj, Stef, Thumper, lots of others



Landscape Designer
Sep 9, 2008
Terrrrraferrrrrmaaa! (Fri 27 Jan 06 08:46 pm by Welshie)
Subject description: ARRRRRR!
Hellooo everybody

Once again I get pressganged into writing a story..meh sucks. This one's special though, I'll tell the first half, which is full of interesting fun stuff like big wars and battles and death and Sander, and LadyD will be forced to tell the 2nd half because I wasn't around to see it. But nothing interesting happened then anyway, because I wasn't there. Now, I'm getting a bit old, so my memory ain't what it used to be and after 10 rounds of play (yes, R16 was my tenth:D), all rounds seem to merge into one another. So if I start talking about stuff which, on closer inspection, happened in some completely different round, then I offer you my most profound and humble apologies

Sooooo, if you're sitting comfortably, I'll begin.

You should be sitting comfortably by now unless you're on some nasty harsh chair in which case take your laptop and go lie in bed like Ric does all night and day long.

Now, in R15 our beloved LadyDarkAngel was leading Sin but she didn't want to lead again for whatever reason I can't remember so basically I got bored and whored leadership back from her. Our first problem was Praetoriani ( think I can spell that now, took me ages and we all just referred to it as Praet ) leader bo was retiring, so we had no one to run the new NAP. But I am sure Ric will mention that in his story about Tempest even though he isn't a hardcore Tempest member, but he promised to use the word "newb" lots in his story so he can write one.

So we did a lot of preround crap, the normal recruiting worrying organising routes etc. In the end a guy called VH took charge of Praet, great guy is VH, we all love him. Mr. Lemming^^

Ohh I'll throw the origin of my name in here as an interesting aside, because I like talking about myself.

Bescherm Je Akkers Of Ze Zijn Van Mij is dutch for "Protect your acres or they are mine" more or less. I was a bit annoyed that every time I make an account with my favourite style name some smart ass always figures me out, so I wanted to be one of the obscure dutch people no one ever knows. I was also quite pleased to get a mention in the Best Names thread, which was also somewhat frustrating considering my best efforts in my mother tongue don't get me a mention, but when I get some dutch people to translate something into a foreign language, it gets praised. Bah.

So you got Michor to thank for the translation, I did check it with a few others though because I wanted to make sure he didn't just tell me any old rubbish ( didn't want to be called The-Beautiful-Acres of Gay-Orgy-Land" all round or something ) And ID 666 cos I never had that one before and I am always up for something new.

Anyway. There we were, on Friday the somethingth of October? November?, still hunting for an alliance name. As ever people are drowning me in crap suggestions, one as lame as the other but eventually we settled on Terraferma ( settled...get it? ) which was LadyD's idea. Tis Italian for "solid ground" or thereabouts. Suspiciously familiar to Terra firma, Latin for the same. So we had a few worries about spelling also

VH missed the start cos he's a monkey, so Moonshade created Tempest, dunno whose idea Tempest was? Maybe hers, if so you got Moonshade to thank. So we ended up being T&T, which is the same initials as Arti's country of origin. Bizarre eh?

Now, this is where things start to get blurry. Ticks started. Azzer changed the voting page, which made everyone crazy as the whole vote site thing stopped working and tactical voting went down the drain. But meh, we carried on and iirc we were among the top 3 for like..continually. Probably hit rank 1 for a little while but never consistently I don't think. Tempest were displaying their normal n00biness and hovering about rank 4/5.

Now, after BiteMe's interesting tactic the previous round of "let's piss as many people off as we can using copious amounts of flak in the first 24 hours", which apparently was seen a success by them, rather than something that pissed everyone off and made them angry against them, we were a little concerned we might see a repeat.

Now. As I said this is where things get blurry. My head is full of resistances and wars and all this kinda Smeg so let me think a bit before continuing. Corrections can be emailed to the editor and will be displayed in small font at the end of the post, like this ("Welshie humbly acknowledges that, contrarty to the post, T+T did not win the round").

I think the first interesting thing that happened..

* about 10 hours passed between the writing of that bit and what I am writing now as I resolved to go home and grill some people's memories for continuing *

The firstttt interesting thing that happened was some good solid Clueless/CN bashing. Basically thursday came along and nothing shocking had happened to good ol' T/T. IIRC, we were sitting at 3/5 being sexy, and Sordes came along and proposed that we all go kick some C/C ass. I can't remember why I said yes, I'm sure I had a good reason. My MSN logs show he claimed to only be #1 due to the troops he'd had to buy to defend incs of which he had had loads, we in T/T got barely any. Ahhh and he came over all "there's just one of us and we've got a tech advantage but we need to use it now, C/C have more Smeg" etc. Which was all true. So hurrah, for about 12hours of C/C bashing, we charged in there and it was mostly flak wars, some petrols and suchlike around but nothing too risky. Since we had spies no one got really harmed. IIRC it was this point where Martin, upon receiving incoming, decided it'd be clever to mail abuse to each and every one of his attackers ( at least 20 ) and get himself temporarily locked. It was hilarious

So we killed a little, took some acres and the next day I was content to let most of the fighting stay between C/C + TGA while we tried to whore as much as possible with fewest losses. I didn't want C/C to go down without hurting TGA, as they were quite a lot bigger than us.

Soooo, as is typical of this round by saturday C/C + TGA were attacking us together The reason for this from what I gathered from pasting IRC logs and etc was that Angela went totally into "OMG Sordes you are giving ANOTHER round to Welshie" mode. Which perhaps he was, shame we'll never know . So through begging or repeatedly bashing the "YOU ARE GIVING WELSHIE THE WIN" mantra into Sordes' head he attacked us with C/C. Understandable. Again, if my somewhat confused memory is correct, that is the time where we in Terra observed a "beat up CN and do what is possible against Clueless, let TGA through" rule, trying to make C/C again afraid of TGA. We also did quite a lot of dmg to CN in this time, I think we dropped them to 5, so we had TGA, Clueless, Terra, Temp, CN.

Now, this is where things get interesting. Can't remember how much was Azzer's involvement here, but basically TGA laid off us and C/C + T/T sorta edged towards one another and signed a cease fire. Can't remember much about that either, but we signed one and then later we were like, let's kill some TGA fuggers!

Sooo, I think 'twas a wednesday again by this point. I was sitting in a resistance channel with a load of people I didn't know. Pie launched a pretty funky little retal on TGA and killed stuff and landed, which was hilarious. Sordes made a hilarious comment also, which made us snicker sitting there in our little resistance channel planning to kill stuff.

So then we tally'ho-ed, which was fun. Don't remember much details again, it's all sooo blurry

But between T + T + C + C + P + V we killed some major TGA until they had only 6 players left ( the active ones ) - think the list was Silent Edwin Siers Kal Recap and Guff? Ohh yeah some newcomer called uhmm, what was it.. olpo or something. I think by friday they were looking a bit feeble, despite still holding rank 1.

Nowww, what was rather frustrating about this resistance thing, was that either TGA were emplying a cunning tactic, or it was just bad luck, but C/C ( already bigger than T/T) were the ones picking up all the land, and by and large getting the soft battles. We could see the round slipping into C/C hands again. This is were my big list of priorities comes in:

I started the round hoping to finish in 2nd, as having won 3 of the 4 previous rounds ( *strokes ego* ), I decided winning another would be a bit much. However, we were playing for the win, although should we consider ourselves unable to secure it I decided we had broadly 2 choices - play that C/C might win or play that TGA might win.

Nowwwww, I love Sordes and I love Angela But there's always been rivalry ( to put it nicely ) between Angela's mob and mine. There would have been a similar sort of rivalry if Sordes had held a group together for longer but I only lead an alliance against his in R12, where we won, so we didn't really have any heavy history there. So I decided that if the s**t hit the fan, we were on TGA's side.

At this stage of the round I was becoming increasingly concerned that the main benificiaries from TGA's downfall were C/C. To cut a long story short, we attacked TGA with a few fake mobs, then while C?C were out we attacked them. It wasn't professionally done and they saw it coming, but hey, it was worth the laugh and the huge amount of arguing on the forums that followed So basically we attacked CN, and it was wierd that basically as soon as we attacked like 3 of their guys got locked for multi. So that made our job easier and we did some serious beating up of CN, while trying to hold Clueless at bay. That went on for a while as well, until TGA started to recover and save etc.

Azzer, heartbroken by our failure to take down #1 properly, did some sweet talking of C/C and basically, we agreed again on a ceasefire and to attack TGA again not much later.

So, while I wasn't the most popular person in the C/C camp, back we were in each other's arms. So we did yet some more beating up of TGA, but I realised once again we were only serving their interests and not ours. It was also quite difficult - their big superactive players had enough units between us to kick our ass, so we picked off the developing smaller ones and were reduced to playing cat + mouse with the big guys.

I realised T/T needed a break from almost constant heavy war, and we needed land. CN were quite a bit smaller than us, but seeing as we never had never really attacked Clueless since the early part of the round they were huge, and miles ahead of us in both land and units.

Soooo, I underwent tactical plan "slimey evasion of Clueless". I went behind their back and made agreement with TGA to not launch any reals on them if they left us alone, and then I simply avoided going on MSN/IRC when I was online, so that we couldn't launch any joint attacks. LDA/Ric would simply say they didn't have authority and needed me to be online. They also would argue ( if FB/No-D got realllly pissed ) that I had RL issues and so I couldn't be online. That covered us from sorta sunday night through til thursday, by which time FB and NoD were getting really pissed. Fortuantely my ever-present organiser of bashes, Ricardo, was organising some, well, bashes on Venom and Pie. Basically we stole massive amounts of land from them in those few days, but at significant cost to ourselves. We did get onto competition levels with Clueless on land, but they were still way ahead on troops.

Eventually I agreed to do a real resistance attack on TGA with Clueless I had also been using the excuse we needed time to out-build TGA, or we'd be stuck forever playing cat + mouse til we ran into real TGA def with our real incoming and all died. After all, we had way more land than them I said. Still, FB/Dachi weren't impressed

Now, while I agreed to this attack I did some hacks on the bigger Clueless members, and promptly nearly pissed my pants. They had a few really big players that we were hardly set up to fight ( most of our actives were robo...and they had [just 1 example] a guy with 40mil RPG, which was a frightening amount at the time). I knew there was no way we could beat Clueless if we took out TGA they would just turn and wipe us out.

So, 17.59 friday evening launchtime, on Clueless became the topic of the channel. We'd kill Clueless with TGA, then try to out-whore TGA using our land, assuming they stuck to the terms of the NAP, which I thought was highly unlikely but worth a go. I was sticking to my priorities after all.

I found out later Clueless were set up to attack us at ~19.00, which made me feel less bad after the huge amount of moaning I received in MSN from Fb and others. "You're giving the round to Sordes when you should be giving it to us", was the essence of it.

T/T's dilemma all round was that we were never the driving force - C/C and TGA were larger than us at nearly all times, so we were nearly always fighting someone's corner.

Sooo, major Clueless bashing that went on all weekend. This is where the Puppet master comes into the whole picture for any who are wondering. Up until now he had been solo - low land high bribes but not really pestering anyone. At this point he joined Clueless. Personally I've got little to say on the matter, but we did witness some weird battle reports that showed far more losses than we expected. I couldn't figure out why, Sordes couldn't figure out why, even FlyingBlind couldn't figure out why IIRC. Maybe we all got a bit n00by but who knows. If anything underhand ( conspiracy theories are in a Gripes thread ) went on there I'm bitterly annoyed, since that war took ages and ages, and cost us loads of time and money. However I doubt we'd have stood a chance to beat TGA even if it went quicker ( the cheeky buggers were saving away...). In short, we finally ground clueless into the ground over an entire weekend, and I was just handling the dilemma of whether to attack CN or not before our "truce" with TGA ran out when Sordes decided our truce with TGA had run out Understandable, as we were the main ( if small ) threat left to TGA.

So, TGA attacked us, CN jumped on the bandwagon and well, it was all downhill from there

We did get hit quite low down, but we were letting all the TGA through and fighting CN, so we got some good battles there and TGA just got fatter and fatter til they were a lot out of range. So we got bashed down quite a bit but we were still barely alive ( motivationally here). about 4 weeks of solid war takes it out of an active alliance emotionally on a massive scale. We were most active ally since the start pretty much and we were all at the end of our tethers by this stage.

When we got low enough, it turns out some old enemies we made came back to haunt us That's right, Venom with their US players gave us trouble each night ( we had a particularly poor night watch this round - no offence Omi/Corco/Angie/blood, I LOVE YOU ) But we had lost 2 of our hardcore nigh****chers from last round - Zephyr and Kal. Anyway, I waffle. So basically we fought that for a few days, with some success. THey were a bit bloodthirsty for revenge which is understandable.

However at this stage in my own (real) life I was at a really bad time for myself, and I couldn't continue to fight any more. I decided to hand over leadership to stef and go solo. This triggered the departure of most of our members to solo or to inactvity for quite some time. But I am gonna stop my tale there, because I found a remarkably sexy lady to tell the rest...

But before I finish, I went solo inactive and, because this story is basically all about me, I'll tell you what happened to me

I whored T/ls and got jeep raped by Clueless guys on a regular basis

It was quite funny to see, but I really was inactive so it was just kinda amusing. End of the round I tried repeatedly to suicide on Bahnsen ( he killed me one time also ), but in the end I settled for Lordie ( Bahnsen too active, and Lordie did attack me 5 times til his 5th mob was under SAS limit. I killed that mob though )

Up til this point, Terraferma was: Welshie, LadyDarkAngel, sovetnik, Vicktorie, Ricardo ( temporarily ), Deathangel, Corco, Sander, bully, scaggy, lobby, blood, Cal, BJ, Omi, WeirDo, jer, [h]ater, angie, Mozzie, Shadowstrike ( temporarily ).

I love you all dearly guys! Now let's go talk about porn.

That's half of Terraferma Ladies and Gentlemen, more to follow...

Welsh out.
Subject description: Non Mods can't post replies :D
Since LadyD is lacking in mod powers you have to imagine I am LadyD, and I will post what she has written for you lovely people.

*dyes hair and puts on wig*

: Before I begin, I must apologise for the smileys that normally litter LDA's posts have been lost in transit..she did write this honest!

Argh... Welshie wouldn't let me get away with not doing a write-up again Razz He's just sooo mean to me Razz

So... I'll pick up where he left off Very Happy

Things were looking rather bleak at this point and I was seriously missing out on my fabulously big bed and warm duvet sooooo... it was suggested all members go solo to rebuild and to retaliate on Venom, whilst myself and our very own faithful Corco hit sleepmode for almost 2 weeks solid to keep HQ alive through Xmas... which is when I went off to Italy and had myself a grand ol' time! Very Happy

Anyway... during the first week in January the work to entice our ex-members back into Terra started, and luckily enough, 9 of our original members returned (we lost one member to LO *me glares at Cal*, a couple to our nap Tempest *me glares at Ric* Wink a few deleted, and Welshie had by then been absorbed by the solo world of Bushtarion) Razz I then asked Howl if she'd join me, to which she replied... "anytime beautiful" Very Happy and took to recruiting 8 new members through the forums and set to rebuild. At this point most of us were pretty "skinny", in Bushtarion terms, so some strict measures needed to be taken Very Happy Needless to say most of my male members became eunuchs for a while... or at least until they reached a certain amount of acres Very Happy Incentives were then introduced to get us all nice and fat and I'm glad to say, it worked! Whipped Very Happy

Anyway... we were plodding along nicely when I received a mail from Vicktorie asking me to mail siers with our ally password. It appears siers felt lost without us Wink and wanted to come "home" for a bit Very Happy I couldn't possibly say no to those puppy eyes of his, so he joined us for 3 days Very Happy (not without it causing a great deal of commotion in the forums, because of our rank jump - from rank 9 to rank 2). Anyhow, once siers's smile and happiness had been restored, he returned to TGA... typical male!!! Wink *luv you always* Very Happy

Tempest by this stage were also rebuilding nicely and attracted the attention of The_Government (then rank 4), who started to attack them at nighttime, zero'ing a few in the process. Confused At this stage, we weren't going to sit back and get killed again so, as morale in both alliances had, by now, been restored, it was decided that TG's take-down was imperative Very Happy Ricardo took charge of the attacks (fantastic work btw Very Happy) and revenge was ours! Very Happy

I think that is it, bar us carrying on getting fat and fighting off TGA on a daily basis Very Happy

We reached, in my opinion, a very respectable Rank 4, considering the amount of times we were killed, and having lost our leader before Xmas Razz I am so very proud of all our members for their sheer tenacity and determination... you all rock!! Very Happy

Good luck to everyone for the next round Very Happy

Terraferma was: Welshie, LadyDarkAngel, sovetnik, Vicktorie, Ricardo,Deathangel, Corco, Sander, bully, scaggy, mozzie, lobby, blood, Cal, BJ, Omi, WeirDo, jer, Wissam, Angie

Additional Terraferma members: Howl, SirWolfy, jackhammer, Maddog, rabbit, g3rme, NikkiSixxx, Rosana, Fortune, Boab

Special solos mention for working alongside us Very Happy to: DarkSider, SentiNell, bo|brb, Fuchs, Rosa

Sacred - The Lube... The Cookies... The Disgust ! (Round 15) (Tue 08 Nov 05 03:40 pm by Steve_God )
Subject description: The Honourable Lube Crew...
Steve_Gods' First Attempt At Leadership:

Having had no previous leadership experience, very few 'Top Flight' players were willing to join my alliance, nevertheless, I scrapped together a crew of 20 just before the original start date.
After many discussions the alliance name I chose was 'Adaptation'.
Then came the start date extention, perfect for me as I was in Ibiza over that week.
However, that extra week turned out to be our downfall. Due to another week of boredom, one of the members turned out to be a spy, and as it turned out, our ID list was leaked before the round had begun ticking !

The start of the round went well, I was still in Ibiza until Sunday, needless to say I logged on while in Ibiza before going out for another amazing night, and stayed in the Top 100 during the first night having checking passing internet cafes in my drunken state.
During early saturday, Adaptation were in the Top 10 briefly, however only to be mass attacked by anyone and everyone, and it had become apparent that our ids had been leaked. Being in Ibiza, there was nothing I could do until my return on Sunday morning.
I left the order to stick it out for another 12 hours before I got home, however on my return I found a half empty alliance.

At this point the only thing to do was disband and reform, this time under the name 'Sacred', the only ones that came with me were those that suffered the losses as hardened ruff-nuts who didn't care about getting zeroed by defending.

With this hardened crew full of lube coversations, rapage and cookie presents, we re-recruited and fighted our way back to the Top 15. Mainly due to the elite, over-active stance of myself with Terrors and Cizza with his Uber protestors, with us both being active around 14 hours a day at the start covering every hour each day, we killed off or distacted any incoming that was thrown our way. So much so that we both were Rank 1 & 2 for the 'Most Helpful' stat. (with Cizza being first... damn him!) And were both in the Top 10 for honour !
We also became the first alliance to gain 'Fair', 'Kind' & 'Respectable' titles!

During all of this time I was fishing around for a NAP, as one had still not been sorted throughout the round so far. It was then that the mullet man himself 'Treedude' offered to A-NAP us with Leftovers, it was a dream come true! As soon as the NAP got put in place we were free to keep growing rapidly, and grew securely into the Top 10 once again with the support of LO just above us.

It was at this stage that we got briefly dragged into the alliance wars for the top. We joined in along the side of Warriors' Techies, and Moggys' Raiders. After the first wave we joined in, we got bashed beyond recognition by Sin/Praet due to being under developed by the bad start, and that was the end of our chances as a top ranking alliance. After a bizarre political mix-up between Treedude and LadyDarkAngel regarding Sacreds position in the war, we got bashed... again...
(We were keeping out of it due to the first bashing, however LDA go the impression from Leftovers that we were joining in, and when Leftovers joined in again, they retaled, on both of us.

Shortly after many people left, changed alliances, quit the game due to boredom, etc... this was bad timing due to myself taking 2 weeks away from the game for personal reasons, and returning to only 7 members... we re-recruited... again...

From week to week, Leftovers would be up, and Sacred would be down, and visa~versa, with many thanks and respect to Leftovers to staying with us when we disappeared off the 1st page (as we did with them), we filled up and grew back into the Top 15.
This was fine and dandy until Apathy began a war between themselves and Leftovers, and we ended up getting involved by defending, and down we went... again... never to be seen again, with only a few days before the locking of alliances before the end of the round, members left in droves, most had left to finish in 'friends' alliances, and we could not recruit for lube nor money! With 11 members, we finished Rank 30ish !

Me and Cizza will of course be back again for the next round, with a much more strict methodology !

Lube off !

- Steve_God
Sacred Leader

Imperium: Round 15 (Mon 07 Nov 05 10:43 pm by Heavyeddie )
Subject description: Story from the creator's opinion
IMPERIUM - A brief history of Round 15

I took it upon myself to create a little memorial thread as it were to remember the modern Imperium, seeing as we've now permanently disbanded. So here it goes....

And Moses said...

Imperium started this round under the leadership of Scholesy, who started the alliance many moons ago and lead them to 8th place finish in round 8. I joined as MO after having a decorated history and generally a good time in the alliance. My little proteges Andy, floss and sammmmmmy joined with me when I invited them along and they brought loads of people! New people! (I'll mention as amny people as I can later!) This was a huge change to the alliance as a lot of new faces flooded in and replaced the older ones. A modern Imperium had started to be formed. As all the new people settled in we climbed the ranks well and maintained a high top 10-15 or above place with everyone developing quickly and mad donating getting HQ built up. This was the profitable beginning which contrasts so greatly with the tragic downfall to be told soon....

Leave it, he's fah-mileeeey

As I said, our round was going well; then many things happened. I was talking to players and, being bored of my status in the alliance and unhappy with the leadership, formed a pressure group (which later became the new leadership) and started to plot the overthrow of the old school players and let the new rule supreme. I started by gaining the support of the newer members who agreed with me and then the internal power struggles started.
I had gained a majority but now needed a route into power. To do this, I created the initiative of forming a constitution which clouded people's judgements and flooded the alliance with so much politics I could manipulate it into my favour along with the new generations. I successfully beat Scholesy in an alliance vote and my old master was to stay as a member/officer or leave. After refusing to relinquish power and many MANY arguements (which carried on throughout the round) Scholesy got caught multying and was deleted. As I was military I automatically got Leader and so began a new era...the rank was as high as ever.

The Backlash - internal politics

We were flying high and all was eerily calm. I aimed to bring stability after a rocky start and believed that the easiest way to do this (though not effective) was to become a dictator. This didn't work because I couldn't be bothered to lead and decided to create a team who would lead. This worked and we started on completing a pressing issue - finding a NAP. This began to breakdown as our potential NAP's...Raiders, Ultramarines etc. failed to communicate fast enough so we NAPped with wrong_turn. The alliance was maintaining a steady position if not dropping slightly but then it all kicked off.
I was thinking about speeding up development and increased the tax by 2% (making it a total of 4% - a reasonable amount) when everyone complained about how all that cash was going to help everyone instead of themselves. This prompted a backlash and Scholesy new account was quickly kicked along with rebels. My leadership was challenged but I quelled it with the immortal words: "What? No." This was just the start of the internal struggle. I battled to maintain alliance spirit and many many MANY MANY arguments kicked off, often about nothing. I think 6 people left because of disputes and 3 were kicked at least. The score plummeted and the low point was nigh...(olde english for near)

The lowest point

I gave leadership up after too many complaints came to me about trivial matters and my activity was hampered. I deemed Ace leader as he was sensible and dependable.....for some reason it failed. I was content, although not happy, with the way we were. Position was rising and NAP's were sorted. No wars were being fought but Scholesy had leaker our ID's and Tornado had said something on IRC (I think he got Blocked). We were under constant attack and more internal disputes flaired up. Another group of kickings passed and when Ace wanted to step-down as leader I blew it and stormed out. I took Seeker and Andy with me and we discussed what action should be taken. Seeker spent some time in bigger ally's and some solo time; Andy went back to Imperium but I tried something else. Rank? Very low
Scholesy had createn a rival alliance - Fearsome Unit - to destroy Imperium. After a solo period, I joined the resistance to see what was happening. Sure it was a good ally, but the friendly atmosphere was lacking. I quickly left and went solo for some more time. Imperium were hovering at an average rank but desperately needed boosting....I was bored of solo and had no-where else to turn....

The revival - I rejoin and re-build

I rejoined Imperium and, after some confrontation with new leader pinpower, began taking on a more paternal role in the alliance. Offering advice to newer members. Recruitment had been effective and a NAP with TheAssassins was going well. The rank was climbing and scores were becoming impressive. Although I clashed with pin many times, I began to trust his ability to maintain a sense of calm; "Remember, if you ever get down. FREE SEX". Oh you hilarious person! Donations had finished and we had Challenger 2's and a good solid alliance. Even seeker looked like he'd rejoin....

The Home Stretch - on our way up!

For the last 2 weeks of the round, we concentrated on having a good time and enjoying ourselves. Strong members were drafted in when people left and then ex-members began to rejoin. The small threat of Fearsome Unit was immobilized when we destroyed Scholesy and tornado along with the other rebel leaders. Our rank soared up and we were top 15 again. We defended against ridiculous incomings but had a great time. We finished well and havoc was fun. Overall, a good recovery from an amazing start.

Thanks and quick comment

I just want to thank these people and ALL MEMBERS OF IMPERIUM for a good round. (sorry if I miss you out! comment on discussions if you're missed).

TBF ~ My loyal friend and key alliance member
Sheep ~ A long-term member tho' had short round
Fabio (pin) ~ A solid player who stayed throughout
Boaler ~ Mr defendo! Super score!
Barney ~ Best MO ever, neevr had to think
Floss ~ MY girlfriend and best CO ever!
Andy ~ Great round for a newcomer
Sam ~ ...errr......
Total_eclipse ~ You were funny when you spoke
Seeker ~ My dude! You are the BEST!
Logo ~ we had some funny convos

among others there were also...

Ace, Robert and others

Well done guys. You made it funny.

Author: Original pranksta, leader (like just about everyone else at one point!) and creator (joint - round 15) heavyeddie aka saviour.


Landscape Designer
Sep 9, 2008
Praetoriani, a Caesar Bo (Sun 06 Nov 05 07:37 pm by Nfestedked )
Subject description: Praetoriani - #1 Forever! :D
The translucent light swirled and bounced off of the golden liquid in the martini glass, as I stared intensely into it. The thick rain pounded the dark cold streets outside the large rectangle window as people rushed by, trying to get to wherever their destination place was. I however, was sitting there apathetically, just letting time pass by me slowly. I was depressed; my mind sunken with deep sorrow.

It was 3 am in Canadian time (-5 gmt), and the attacks by the alliances Techies, Reformation, and Bite-Me were still coming in one after another one. They just kept coming, waves and waves of red numbers on our incomings pages.
All hope was lost for almost all of us, except for 1 brave Dutchie. That 1 Dutchie was a rebel without a cause, a person who would never give up no matter what the situation. His courage, his bravery, and his handsomeness, helped us regain our fighting spirit, and we knew that we would not give up even if we were taken down to the 3rd page. All the hope and courage Vicktorie gave us, we fought with all our might without giving up.

Around 8 am Canadian time, a miracle happened. A lot of the people in the Techies alliance were locked for account sharing, and some more of the online member went into sleep mode. Ones that weren’t locked or in sleep mode were obliterated by us, we gave them no mercy for siding with Bite Me. We be-headed them with our red light sabers.
Even when they sided together, Bite Me still attacked the Techies when they were dying. Soon after, we were victorious in the war against Bite Me because the force was strong within us. The rankings stood as Apathy rank 1, Sin rank 2, Praetoriani rank 3, and Acension rank 4, we were all on cease fire with each other.

Soon, we had heard rumors of the leader of Apathy planning to kill us and Acension, so we joined forces and went for Apathy. The war was on for apparently 3 hours? before Apathy disbanded. We picked off the Apathy players who came out of sleep mode 1 by 1, But soon there was another problem, Acension became rank 1. The rank 1 wasn’t just by a little, they had 300k land, while Sin and Prae only had 150 – 200 k each. So we decided they needed to be taken out of the picture too.
A 3rd problem arose, the leader of Sin went missing (inactive) for 2 weeks or more. So we begged our leader to wage war against Acension, and soon Bo gave in to our whining, and we started war with Acension. It was war time!, we packed our maps, flashlights, a few sandwiches, and our light sabers and went straight for Acension.

We easily took out their drones, but Acension, with their Sith lord powers allowed them to escape each time we charged. Us with our jedi knight powers, we managed to bring them from 17 k land, to 500 land with 15 + billion score. Soon we stopped smiting them, because we were getting 78 acres or less each time we attacked them.

The round was a harsh one, but good triumphed over evil. Yet, another miracle happened at the end of the round. Us in Praetoriani evolved from Jedi knights into Jedi Masters. With our increasing strength, we progressed further than Sin, and we took the win!

Praetoriani #1 forever!.

Praetoriani was Bo, DarkSider, |Kus|, Rosa, MoonShade, ShadowStrike, Alex (VanHoudt), Mountain Man, Panty (Panettiere), HisKrunkness, ircguiltycol (popcorn), Kyle, Clem, Supersneker, Jimmyd, Dirk, Recap, Sjef, Dailyleaf and Corco!

Thanks to Bo for being the leader once again!
Thanks to Sin for being so awesome

and lastly, my personal statement.
It's been fun everyone, but this is my last round of bushtarion. I might register once in a while to see how things are going on in bushtarion. But other than that, I wish everyone more joyful moments in bushtarion, and happy lifes. I hope to see you guys again, it was awesome. I'll miss everyone very much too!

With lots of love. Rosana ~<3

Post comments here

The Story of Raiders! (Fri 04 Nov 05 10:37 pm by Moggy )
Subject description: YARRRRRR!
This post was written up by Tina (lil sex pot )

The Story of Raiders… as told by their fearful leader

One day a very wonderful Moggy asked for some people to step up to run a new alliance he was putting together (him being leader of El Toro Rosa at the time) he asked a couple of people and it was set to go… myself being happy to just play with some good people again for another round…
Well things got mixed up and I was basically forced to run an alliance… now from past experience I have found this to be unpleasant and hard…and being an active player every round I play I knew what was to come… Being that Moggy has the gift of persuasion I accepted his challenge…
Well He had already put the people in place all I had to do was run them (not an easy job I might add) so we went on our merry way picking routes and getting ready to beat some butts …
Well it seems early on either our ID's were leaked or we were just hella good targets as we had so much incoming… Being napped with Techies (lead by the wonderful warrior) did help us… until that fateful day when some of their players got locked and we were left with a nap that was half there and so much incoming it was pitiful… I almost quit this game myself out of pure frustration… well as always there are Rats that leave a sinking ship rather then stay and try to patch the holes and go on from there… so we lost some players to the non stop incoming and my demands for activity… so we then recruited some of the techies that needed a REAL HOME… A great choice on my part I might add… they were some great people who didn’t deserve the stuff that happened to them
So we started rebuilding our alliance and napped with Apathy as they had HQ started and were farther along then we were in building .. Also a good move… many times they saved us and I Hope they think we helped them just as much so on with the tale…
My hubby was part of the napped alliance Apathy and helped us take down many of the higher people making us very unpopular but we moved up in ranks… Then MORE INCOMING…as usual nonstop incoming for 3 days and we got beaten down to 11th rank and stayed there for a bit… with much whining and crying and wanting to give up again… I kept the moral going by promising that things would be better and would get better and was better… once again losing some more players saying we were inactive(which we sometimes were ) and unorganized (which I don’t think we were) but so we recruited more people again… Another good change
Maxi must get some Props in this post as he was the best darn CO a person could ever have!!! He really stepped up to the plate and helped us be where we were…
So then we just kinda defended attacked and kept the whole thing ongoing till the end being one big happy family of land fat people

The End

Please post your comments on the tale here.

The Apathy Story (Fri 04 Nov 05 04:03 am by PunkTrash )
The Apathy Story
- As told by a rather drunken Don - Leader by power of deduction.

- Just before the round started, my good friend Lordie told that my old friends from MILF were going to reform an alliance. I immediately signed up.

- We began the round with two NAP'd alliances - Apathy and Moneyshot. I was in the Moneyshot group, along with Phoenixfire and Lordie. As the round began, we struggled a bit, as we had more inactive members, but Apathy held a pretty decent rank. Soon thereafter, the leader of both alliances, Deathangel, quit and deleted due to some personal issues. He appointed Howlie as leader in his stead.

- Soon thereafter, the decision was made to consolidate the best from both alliances into a single, powerful alliance. So we moved the strongest/most active members from Moneyshot into Apathy. This obviously caused some hard feelings by those left in Moneyshot, but I remain convinced that this was done with the best interest of both alliances in mind. The leaders felt that if we could become a dominant alliance with Apathy, we could bring Moneyshot along with us to a top spot. Unfortunately, soon after the split, Moneyshot got massive incoming and was badly raped. Around this time, the decision was made to NAP with Ascension. I wasn't in a leadership role at this time, so I cannot really comment on the internal politics at this time.

- We managed a ceasefire with some of the other contenders at this time and when the techies got locked, we managed to get some very nice land grabs from them, which shot us into a rather dominant lead. Ascension, at this point, was still struggling. I recall that around this time, one of our members posted a suggestion that we attack them and take their land before one of the other big alliances did so... As I remember it, it was just a posted suggestion in the politics that we all (or at the very least I) disregarded as a misguided musing. This post, however, apparently found its way into the hands of Ascension. This was the beginning of the end...

- Shortly thereafter, I woke up to massive incoming. Very quickly, we realized that almost every attack wave was being led by our very own NAP. We then realized that we were in trouble, especially since we had very few people online at that time. So as the day wore on, and after at least one very big battle where we got severely hurt, a few of our members began going into sleepmode, while others decided to jump ship. The order was given to disband the alliance and hope for government protection. Those in sleep mode were kicked at that time so that when they awoke, they would have the benefit of gov protection as soon as possible. Howlie, however, stayed in the alliance to keep it alive, as she had basically gone inactive anyway.

- While most of our ex-members were joining other alliances, I remained stubborn and after much begging, I convinced PF to come back and lead our alliance again... He was skeptical because none of our members were coming back, but eventually agreed to take over again as long as I could find us some members. At this time, my only other option would have been to rejoin the group of people that I play Bush with at work (an entire alliance full of them, actually). So I spoke with these friends and convinced them to come over to Apathy, as we still had a fully teched HQ... so by that night, I had about 15 members in the alliance again. I also brought in a good friend from Anarchy, BadforU and made him my MO. This also worked out because the Raiders happened to be NAP'd to the alliance of my friends at work.. and also happened to be led by BadforU's wife... so we found ourselves an immediate NAP.

- Almost immediately after coming out of sleep mode, however, Phoenixfire apparently set his account to delete, so a few days after we got some memberbase back, his account disappeared. Thus, I was back in a leadership position. We were still doing alright, as we were flirting with a top 10 ranking at this time. However, we were severely hurting for night coverage, as we basically all lived in the same city. This was when Gaz, another old friend from Anarchy, messaged me... so he joined up, and was there for us EVERY night, generally alone... Every morning I woke up, praying not to see a page full of red text, and every morning, he was alone there, keeping us safe.

- So we just kinda sat and grew, letting Andrew/BadforU do what he does best... Attack people bigger than him and take down the alliances that were above us. This got us a good deal of land and got us up to a pretty solid 5th place in the process, with a finish at 6th place.

- Recognition needs to go out to:

Gaz - Our night watch... the best alarm-clock a guy could ask for.
Andrew - Our MO - The most aggressive and bloodthirsty MO a guy could ask for.
Howlie - A great leader and player... wish she woulda stayed.
Everyone from work - I won't name their alliance in case they reform in future rounds, but the came in when we needed them and helped pull this alliance back to a respectable finish...

Sin (Thu 03 Nov 05 05:36 pm by Welshie )
Subject description: For the Win!
Sin ally st0ry!

Since I'm writing this, the story starts at 2pm Friday afternoon, and finding out the round hasn't started already. Because that is how it was for me. I was expecting to come back 1 week into the round, but instead it had not started yet

So, what would any hardcore bushy player do? Log onto IRC, signup and play into the night!

Enough about me, I suck and I had a 4 figure ID which I hate cos I can't remember. Sin was created by t3h almighty LADYDARKANGEL, after my official retirement from leading Amnesia. Sin was kinda a mélange (mix) of Amnesia and Oblivion, while our brave brothers Praetoriani were some of Obli and some Pulpfiction, lead, as ever, by our favourite Mr. BO! (or more likely, bo|brb).

The first night was cool, we hung around in the top of the ally rankings, I think we were number 1 for quite a while but I can't remember. Praetoriani were doing good too, for a change . Anyway, by early on saturday the incs were flowing thick and fast from Tim/Melni + Angela's group. From what I gather, they used the "interesting" tactic of attacking everyone other than themselves in the top 10, waiting for the retals, grabbing the IDs of allies like that, and from that they set to work on us. They also attacked Apathy a lot that weekend, and we got together to SNAP and kill BiteMe/Refo. Ye gods I never saw so much flak in my life. It was horrible. So the first weekend was all about throwing flak at BiteMe/Refo and trying desperately to cover our asses. It got easier after the 24h point when our MNAP with Praet came through. When our HT started coming through we started making attacking painful for them, and things calmed down a bit then. It was a stressful weekend

Fortunately after that weekend things calmed down a bit on both sides. We were nervous to attack without spy, now that the early lethals were roaming. The locking of Aub of Dya and his 6 or 7 support flak accounts also knocked Refo's morale I think, as he was their biggest player. Personally I won't give my opinions on that ^_^. By Friday things were hotting up again. Refo/BiteMe had joined with Techies to attack us. On Friday I went away on holiday, so I'm piecing the next week together based on what I have heard from members etc Well the first interesting thing that happened was DarkGod shockraped me and I had no harvs til the following tuesday ('twas bank holiday weekend y'see :\). Somehow Apathy procured a ceasefire with Techies/BiteMe/Refo and that left all their energy focussed on us. So the 2nd weekend of the round was quite bad for us as well, but we managed to stay alive through to an amazing amount of activity and genius considering the best person in the ally was in Wales However things got worse when Techies/Refo/BiteMe really started co-ordinating or so the following Tuesday. I have countless reports of people looking back on that day when they refreshed the screen and frantically started calling everyone they knew For the next 48 hours, things were grim. Lots of reports of people who lost hope, while I lay on a beach That was the toughest time of the ronud for us. Many people went to bed on Wednesday night, expecting never to see their poor little gardeners again, and looking forward to a cold breakfast listening to PsychoBoyJack's WhiteManCan'tSing-NoMoreSeeds. That was when God (Azzer) stepped into the breach and locked about half of Techies for multi. The feeling on thursday morning was jubilant, and we promptly "raped the unlocked Techies into the ground". That's the way to do things guys! The smell of free land does always waft to tempt the noses of bushy players. Apparently BiteMe and Refo charged in to grab the near-free land going at Raiders and Techies. And that was the end of them.

Shortly after, we went round to pay a visit on BiteMe + Refo, with Apathy (now numbeer 1 by a long way, been profiting from the lack of attention on them) and their NAP Asc (also been profiting from lack of attention). It was slow going at first, with land but no kills, but eventually we killed off the bigger BiteMe guys and after taht it was largely over between us. BiteMe dropped, but not too far. No record of what happened to Refo o.0

Anyway, so then I came home (yay!) and found us in a lovely position - Apathy about twice our size at rank 1. Sin at rank 2. Praet at 3, and Asc at 4. All NAPed. So things continued peacefully for a while, apart from the fact that members of all alliances on our side whined like hell After a while we got word that a lot of poeple in Apathy were talking about killing us. That (to my mind gave us an *excuse* to attack them) gave us a reason to hit them. I had to convince Stef quite a bit, but in the end she said yes. We decided to go and talk to the Ascension guys about Apathy. Since Apathy was way bigger than all of us individually, and we doubted we could beat Apathy and Asc at the same time. Turned out they'd also heard similar rumours, also some about if we attacked Asc they'd join in to ensure they still had highest land. I suspect the rumours were true, discussions had taken place but I doubt Howl had any plans. Anyway, so we agreed to kill Apathy with Ascension, and I got LadyHawke onto our server so we could do some co-ordinating. We started early evening GMT, hoping to kill them quickly as they had a high proportion of nonGMT people. Amazingly, die quickly they did. After only a few waves, including one where we really smashed them hard, people started going into sleepmode and it was all downhill for them from there. A great night, very satisfying. Unfortunately it was ( I think) a schoolnight and the free land was starting to crop up at about midnight and I missed it all Asc got a large proportion of the land from the death of Apathy, as they had a higher proportion of nonGMT players than us ( doesn't everyone ? ).

So, that left us with a more embarrassing problem. Asc at rank 1 by a significant margin, Sin + Praet at 2 and 3 respectively. And we had a NAP to Asc, that, iirc, didn't have a definition duration, it was just assumed we'd talk about it before doing anything. And LadyDarkAngel, our glorious leader, had gone largely inactive for reasons of her own. Feeling in Sin + Praet was bad over the next few weeks as a lot of rabid dogs ( I mean, members ) wanted to go kill Asc. In the end, bo gave in to the pleas of his members (weakling ) and rather dragged Sin into a war against Ascension. And this is where things get interesting. You can always pop over to that 30 page thread in the wardiscussion forum for some supplementary reading . We started on saturday morning, quite early, about 8 GMT, again cos of their timezone setup. I personally was hoping to have them eaten up by dinnertime, since we did have a heavy numbers advantage. And so, with an attack on Monk, Cheese and someone else, it began. I dunno how much we cost them in phonecalls, but they got on fast and retalled. We hadn't prepared properly for a retal on the first attack, and we lost 3 members there. BJ (on holiday), Timmiejj (too hungover to get out of bed), and Sander (just plain newcomer - see below). From then on, we adopted a more cagey strategy of either, only using our 6 biggest players to attack with, the others would send fakes and flak support, or making sure we only sent 50% leth out at a time. It was slow, but we did wear Asc down getting land on nearly every attack and fended off all their retals. After a while they gave up on retalling excep a few who did harrier/striker rushes ( Nasty :\). Nonetheless, due to their supreme sending-out skillz and some very big prots they kept on going for a very long time. Eventually we battered them down and then called a ceasefire/end of wartime because it was becoming cruel what we'd do to some of them ;P Since they refused to sleepmode, and sent out every time we attacked them, they ended up with scores of xxx zillion and 500 acres. And then complained when we attacked them . Never mind.

And from then on we just killed some small people and got fat. And Darksider joined Praet for the end of the round, which means Praet have a chance of actually winning. Which would suck. Like they suck. I think a harrier rush on DS in teh last few ticks should fix any problems

Ohh, I forgot to mention THE RESISTANCE. There wasn't one, not at all. Not even a baby one. Except ONE MAN! BOB MAN!. Very cool guy, nice poems. Hurt a few of our smaller players and proved pretty much invincible to kill off at his base, due to his pure solo status, high honour and ridiculously high exp troops. Killed himself slowly attacking us and also Ascension I believe. Oh and BiteMe killed Timmiejj once by massing him ( that's the second time he died, heheheh. ). But we don't care about lil Timmie, so neh

Special Mentions and acts of n00bishness:

SANDERTJEEE: Bought 8billion flak with a few days to go. Amazing what damage an unwanted zero can do


VICKTORIE: We love you man, great morale boost

SIERS: Well. Tis siers.

KAL: Hehhh, flak. Lots of flak.


BJ: Enjoy your holiday?

LOBBY: Has nightmares about bikers by now I guess^^

MOZZIE: "I should log in to the game after we've won?"

BAS(Dajkh[on] for some^^): Same school of thought as Mozzie, but more hardcore

TIMMIEJJ: Getting drunk is bad. You fool.

Meh. I ramble.

To conclude, Sin for the win, Praet for the loooose!

SIN WAS:LadyDarkAngel, Welshie, Siers, Sovetnik, Lobby, Vicktorie, Zephyr, Kal, Omi, BJ, Timmiejj, Mozzie, Sandertjeee, Dajkh[on], Jer, Edwin, Fuchs, Sanjuuuro, Cal & Clunk.

Post your thoughts here

1270 & 30 postings (Thu 03 Nov 05 04:18 pm by blazeoface )
Subject description: results of Ultramarine boast
...seems like a chicken trumpeting an egg...
hmmm, must be a virgin to get excited on small accomplishment, must be newcomers just started...

yo, all in apathy, wargasm group, virus class, i think they are yawning, batting an eye-lid...

watch as we underscorers, bring their scores down...
then in havoc, we'll continue to zeroing, as what morgin liked to be done with...
hubba hubba

wait for the battle reports soon... patience has it's ways


Defenders Battle Report - Defending Jagang of The_Old_World [30]
[close] 4,654 hostile Protestor Leader attacked and distracted 2 allied staff.
[close] 550,837 hostile Hippy attacked and distracted 1 allied staff.
[close] 16,998 hostile Geo-Phys Thief stole 747 land. [345] tree. [352] bush. [26] flower. [24] grass.
[close] 18,322 hostile Wheelbarrower stole 6 land. [3] tree. [3] bush.
Distracted: 3 friendlies distracted.

Tue, 25th Feb, year 6. Late afternoon Battle Report - Defending ID [30]
Defenders Battle Report - Defending Jagang of The_Old_World [30]
[range] 8,005,837 hostile Terrorist attacked and killed 1 allied staff.
Dead: 1 friendlies dead.

Defenders Battle Report - Defending Jagang of The_Old_World [30]
[range] 3,077,708 hostile Psychopathic Android attacked and killed 649,744 allied staff.
[range] 10,592,547 hostile Assassin attacked and killed 4,450,256 allied staff.
Dead: 5,100,000 friendlies dead.

THE ULTRAMARINES DESTRUCTION (Wed 02 Nov 05 05:34 pm by Moridin )
Subject description: Anyone know any ultramarines?
I don't know if this is worthy of any sort of credit but I felt that I deserved to show off a little bit.

About 2 weeks before the end of the round, myself and Murdeki decided to spend a few days mass attacking people for a bit of fun, (as ya do ) and after a few random bashings we came across a lonely looking soul who looked ripe for the plucking. After sending out about 100 million hostiles at him, (a combined force of robos and spec ops), we noticed that he had a nice handful of players defending him. This guy wasn't as lonesome as we had guessed.

We chatted to him and his alliance mates who were defending him, and they seemed to be reasonably nice chaps...which is why we decided we'd take out their alliance. Well we've heard it's good to have goals in life.

We managed to talk one of their members into handing over a list of members in exchange for us not zeroing him while we were on our little rampage. It's nice to know that loyalty is still a strong aspect of this game. (and for the record we kept our word and didn't attack him, he left the alliance before we had even thought about taking him on)

Well with that we built up a list of members with the route types for quick searching and proceeded to kick them into the ground. When we first set our sites on them they were ranked 15. By the time all of them were below our 20% score we had pushed them down to rank 48. And they had gone from a full 20 members to 5. And boy did we have some brewskies to celebrate.

All in all it was a good 4 days work. As I said above, it may not be noteworthy to anyone here, but I felt I needed to have my little boasting session. And in case any ultramarine members/ex-members doubts it was us who did it, we were going by the title of 'The Brothers of Destruction' every time we took some of your land or reduced your score to pittance.

I'd be glad to get people's feedback on whether this was a good acheivement or just me thinking we'd kicked ass but done nothing spectacular.


Landscape Designer
Sep 9, 2008
ItalianStallion's v Myrmidons (Mon 24 Oct 05 08:32 pm by splat )
First I would like to say that this log was kept how I saw the war from start to finish.

Saturday evening: The first Meeting

The first attacks started on the satuday evening I logged in and was instantly told to pick a few targets from the list and attack them. I decided to take on 2 of the smaller players from the list as they were both about the size that I could take easily, while Red1, Wouter and Boab took on a few of there larger players.

When we were all ETA 1 or 2 from our target we realised that there was no defence being properly organised in there alliance, however one of my targets got some defence from another of his alliance mates. I decided to send the few rangers and harriers I had left at hom to see if I'd change his mind.

Well after the first few ticks of combat everyone was looking happy we were killing lots of there troops and only taking small loses to oursleves. In the close ticks we soon realised that we'd done better than we'd hopped we took large amounts of land with relativley few troops lost.

Sunday morning: Retaliation

It came what we had been waitign for, the revenge attacks. It had come what we had been waiting for and it came in the form of a mass attack on one of our players totaling 100mill+ in hostile troops from 4 different attackers, as an alliance we decided the most affective way to deal with this would be to last tick the whole attack. This turned out to be a very affective idea as on the last tick we managed well over 120mill friendly. When they attackers started spying and saw how much defence was there they realised that recalling was smart till only one of there guys was left attacking.

We however did lose a few million troops to a few very grumpy Assasins, but compared to what they lost it was worth it.

Sunday: The skirmishes

All Through sunday a few attacks were sent at us and we sent a few back at them, however most of these attacks were met with defence on both sides and were recalled.

Sunday Evening: WAR!

We'd spent most of the day, preparign for this evening all were in high spirits after our first encounter with the other alliance, and we felt ready to take them.

Attacks started at around 6:00 GMT Boab are largest online player sent the first attack out to there larger player after a few minuits FiFa along with someone else sent out there attacks 2 of there players, next Bean and myself sent out our attacks, in the next tick Iliard sent out his 2 real attacks wehile I sent my 3rd fake attack out to one of there last players. After spying around our targets we noticed that they were very unorganised and only sent any major form of defence to one of there members.

In the few ticks that folowed every one online had 2 major attacks going to the others and 2 or 3 follow up attacks made up of geos, flak and the odd ranger or 2.

However returning we hadn't done as well as we'd hoped we had lost major amounts of troops while still gaining land but not gaining a very large amount. Returning with still high spirits but some quite big losses we decided to leave the attacks for the night.

Monday morning:Revenge

Well the earley Morning attacks came again on only 1 or 2 of our members , most were not really worried with this as we saw no major threat from the attackers. This was mainly due to the fact that the mobs were maily made up of flak and the odd left over LET that hadn't been killed the night before.

A few of us saw this as a good opourtunity to go land hunting as there didn't appear to be many of them online at the time and most people only had gardeners and harvestors left. We came away with extra land and very few troops lost.

Monday Evening: The Final encounter

We had zeroed most of there players by this time and there were only a few left standing by the end of the night we knew one of us would emerge as Champions.

We soon realised when planning the final attack that they had lost a lof of members after the first few night of constant attacks. One or two of them had gone into sleep mode and a few were just too low for us to attack. Boab are largest online player decided to take out there last big player. While Paulie sent in 1 tick after him we then had 1 or 2 follow up attacks on him. Me and FiFa decided to pair up on our attacks with me leading one attack and him follwing me to one of there players and him leadign the other with my following 1 tick behind.

We had the useual follow up attacks of geos and flak from all our online players a few ticks behind on the main attacks, however this wasn't nearly as good as last night due to the fact most of the players were now too low and out of our score range to be attacked again.

As it turned out they only had 3 or 4 members online at this time and were unable to get any real defence against us. We all waited for the Combat ticks to come mine and FiFa's first target was completly destroyed with a good combination of units we took out all his LET in the first tick and went on to steal soem good land. On our second attack we lost a few more troops than expected due to the large number of stealth that he had, however we both took even more land again.

However the most pleasing part of the war came during Boabs attacks on there last big player on his own he took them down from 2 bill all the way to the bottam, however this did come at a cost Boab lost a bit more than he would have liked but he stll came out on top.

Overall the ItalionStallion's came away with a few bruises, and lost a few more troops than we would have liked, but in war if you want to win you have to make sacrifices.

Lastly I would like to say that when this started on saturday night we were rank 18 and Myrmidons were rank 19 or 20.

well done to all of Myrmidons they fought well
and well done to all the people from ItalianStallion thank you very much I had a very fun time fighting along side you and hope I will be able to again.

It would be really interesting to see if we could have how Myrmidons saw the war.

comments can go here

El-Toro-Rosa R14 (Fri 26 Aug 05 07:48 am by Moggy )
Subject description: Pink Bulls 'r' us!!!
And so, I find the time to write up the saga of El-Toro-Rosa... After a poor round start due to poor activity I believe we were languishing around the midway point on Page 1. Activity rose, as did our rank until we eventually entered the Top 10. Suspicion grew as to who, what and how were we? Our time in the Top 10 iirc lasted a good while until a couple of members grew into the reach of the powerblock... activity was once again low and bashings occurred knocking us back a LONG way. Anyhow, like a child knocked off his bicycle, we got straight back on with the game and rose once again to rank 10/11. So then the battle for a Top 10 rank in portal was coming through, still activity was lower than a pair of builders trousers when he's bending down. I gave everyone an ultimatum and thankfully activity did increase from there until the end. Only 1 person failed to get on and to spend their funds, unfortunately this individual has now also left the game The funds would have given us a more than welcome boost also.

A HUGE thank you to Treedude and LO, without them at times we'd have been fugged! I said at the beginning of the round that I was hoping not to have to change the alli NAP, and we didn't so that was great.. even though we came close once or twice

El-Toro-Rosa was...

Timbo (went on holiday...)
MaXiMuZZZ (went on holiday...)
Warrior (Timbo's replacement)
Kahless (MaXiMuZZZ's replacement)
and I

The sexehest group ever!!! A massive well done to you all, and thanks helluva a lot for a truly fantastic round. You're all top bananas!

The last stand at Scrad's shack!

This happened on the last day of the round, I thought it'd scupper the chances of us getting the Top 10 portal... thankfully, Scraddy was online. He spent all his funds because he cba to log on to spend last minute... over the next few ticks he had masses of people at his company Orders cam from Scraddy himself that he'd take land hits to stay alive as he run away to the HQ Not as such a stand at the Shack, but nevertheless, a tale to be told...
[ 08:42:03 ] <Scrad> for a thread called "why scrad led el-toro to victory"

Maybe next round


Leftovers Round 14 (Mon 01 Aug 05 01:12 am by jadz )
Subject description: Pirates, Mullets, etc.
Quite honestly I can't remember much of the alliance story. (It might have been due to my excessive rum intake over the last couple weeks) But I've been charged with telling the woeful tale of Leftovers.

Um well we really didn't have any strategy or plans. It's all El-Toro-Rosa's fault that we were a "good" alliance last round.

Leftovers were:

Treedude: Leader (May actually be related to Peter Pan) id 63

Loser: MO (Such a piggying land whore :p) id 671

Charlie B: Comms (his penchant for italian was wonderful) id 34

Deathscythe: (Most dangerous) id 82

Beaky: (most likely to wear a silly hat) id 52

Jimko (Anchor man) id 1661

Paco Leader/Comms/Mo (resident jackass) id 1146

Middy (tasmanian devil) id 715

Luke/XIII ( rotton scoundrel) id

Reub22 (suicider) id ?

Teh_Dude ( most picked on) id 105

Hotwired (token rookie) id 2005

Disko (token vetran) id 308?

Chaos (Random as the name implys)

Wilddisease Fill work at MO (Most likely to actually have a job one day)

A couple that passed through, quit or got kicked:

Mastah 384
Jiggy 206
Razielli 297

So anyway we killed guys and stole their land whilst trying not to get killed. Sometimes it worked.

Oh yeah, top ranked GREEN ally two rounds running. I guess that shows skill or something like it.

Kudos to Treedude for making triple portal. H/F, Ally, and Individual

I think it's quite absurd to have two threads about a rank 8 alliance from last round, so if you have any comments put em here.

Oma s bende, The Granny's Gang... (Sun 31 Jul 05 11:42 pm by Nfestedked )
Subject description: o_O We were high!! I swear!!!
It all started in a cloudy cold night, while the rain was urging to pour, and we could hear the raging thunder roar. We were all in Vicktorie's basement during a power outage, the only we could do was cuddle one another to keep warm... During that night, we formed the alliance that was known as "Oma S Bende". Some may ask, how did we think of a name like that? Well, we found some highly enjoyable things to smoke in Vicktorie's basement.

Our Alliance was doing quite average in the beginning, a few attacks there, a few needed defense there. A few land steals here, a few other land steals there. Also we napped a mighty alliance by the name of "Pulp Fiction" earlier on.

A bit later, we were rank 4, Amnesia was rank 1. The boys of oblivion rank 2, and our nap, PF was rank 3. Since we didn't attack each other, we became known as the "Power block" (Omg that name sounds like someone who can't take a crap. Like power block in your bum or something. Omg tehehehe).

Soon a resistance, was formed, and they tried taking down Amnesia/ Oblivion, but failed miserably. During that time, we were already struggling with our youth problems, problems like temptation to take more drugs. Or people offering us alcohol, and how we abused it, while overdosing on other things.

Soon, after all that other crap, we realized a lot of our members were killed by the "RESISTANCE" (Yes, note that I used all caps, because you have to be in a resistance to be "1337" cough, my bum, cough.) So anyways, lets get on with the story shall we?

Many of our members collapsed from the pure exhaustion they recieved while staying online all day and night. But the monsters from the resistance just kept coming, and coming. There was nothing we could do against those Dark, EVIL, Black magic users, people they call the "resistance". They swarmed us one by one, killing a lot of our men, while they were bravely fighting to defend our home country. After weeks, the battle was done, and The Granny's Gang, was shattered down to rank 13. (They have no mercy for us grannys >_>). During the battles, they swarmed us like rats, attacking everything they can get a hold on, stealing anything. Doing a lot of biting, trying to leave every single little scar they can. They left many wives from our country homeless. Many children became orphans, and many women became widows, thanks to these horrible evil monsters.

With a bit of money left used it to try to take our country out of the poor. Soon, after days of fighting, some land steals, a little bit more troop lost. Our nation became the 4th biggest once against. Reclaming our former glory. But, we were not nearly as strong as we were before. Some of our harshly killed member's morales shattered, and stopped playing, so some of our dead people remained dead. With me, Vick, Michel and some other guy whose name I forgot, holding up the rank.

Soon, some of our members got more hard earned land, and rebuilt, and some were kicked and replaced with "fresh meat" . We felt that the soldiers who died in vain defending us were not being properly avenged. So we daily attacked people who were once allied with those horrible, evil, monsters of the darkness.

The years passed, and our epic story finally came to an end. We all took photos, and we ended up being the 4th biggest.

We had many well fought battles, with many troop lost, and land gains. Everything remained peaceful with the days to come. People leaving, new people coming, some new friends made, and no new enemies made.

And thats the end of this epic story of "Oma S Bende". A story about friendship, betrayal, love, hate, drugs, and abuse.

So, Oma S bende was : Vicktorie, Daan, Michel, Lauren, TheSlyWolf, Gohan, Rosa, MountainMan, and Timmiejj.

Everyone else, I either forgot, or was never online. Forgive me if I forgot you.. I have bad memory.

Thank you PF for being our nap and defending us.
Thank you for reading this story.

PM me if you notice anything wrong with this story, Please expect me not to reply or to care.

-With lots of Love

PS , if you find it absolutely necessary to comment, then please post on this thread.

My personal TYs :

Sanjuro - For always staying up so late and being my mutual nap , and for being so awesome.
Sander - For always being able to amuse me, and attacking with me a lot.
|KuS|, MoonShade - For doing all these successful attacks with me.
Gohan - For being my fellow nightshift.
Vicktorie - For being such a kind person, (He's like a father to me )
Odin - For being so cool.
VH - For amusing me with your crazy attacks.
Nuver - For amusing me with your 11 eta attacks.
ShadowStrike - For all those awesome poems.
Kal - For being a kal
Ryu - For leading one of the resistances, and giving me something to write about
Stefi - For umm, being so evil? and cool at the same time
Cal - For amusing me with "Guess how my G.f looks like game.

-If I forget someone, IRC me or PM me I won't get mad, I promise

the story of PulpFiction - round 14 (Fri 29 Jul 05 08:12 am by cervantes )
i dont have recollection of all the little details, so if anything seems wrong to you dont hesitate and correct me )

well, well, what can i say, we had fun...and were bored

...but from the beginning...

part I - the start:
after the less successfull round 13, when we didnt get a good start and dropped in rankings continiously and ended all up solo at the end of the round, thanks to massive incomings from madness, 42 and MILF, we all were looking forward to round 14. we had a bunch of new players on board, which all turned out as very good reinforcements for PF.

We started round 14 pretty well, massed on land in the beginning and tried to keep it, which we always did. i was really suprised about how active most of us were, it was quite the opposite to last round's start. we maybe spent too much on basics in the beginning, eager to defend all random incomings in the first week, so we didnt develop as fast as others like oblivion, but not too slowly. as a reason of that we climbed pretty fast in ranks and we reached rank 3 or something and stayed there for the first week. amnesia was ahead of us, oblivion some ranks behind, focused on developping. we kept rushing for land as much as possible to get enough funds, knowing that we would play a bigger role in the wars this round.

part II - the wars:
yes! action
Pulpfiction was quite passive in the beginning of the wars while Shadows were already attacking amnesia and later oblivion. we were ready to defend and retaliate though. we expected attacks from them any day, since we knew that they had asked silence and O_O to join in with them. they had already hit oblivion more or less heavily, and were fighting some battles with amnesia, when they finally came on us, attacking 2 or 3 targets i believe. we gathered our forces and tried to defend them off, which we did, only one land loss had to be taken. After that we retaliated together with amnesia and oblivion, and we took land from several targets, which dropped shadows down in the ranks. after this first successful fighting back welshie made a deal with O_O on saturday not to attack each other for 48 hours.
O_O broke the deal and attacked us before the cease fire was over. so we retaliated with welshies gang and took land from them. we were attacking more or less all monday until O_O and Silence disappeared from the alliance listings. welshie was already celebrating on the forums

part III - resistance
after that we focused again on getting fatter and some people started already to get less active.
well, the resistance this round formed pretty early, due to the so-called powerblock sitting firmly on top already after 2 weeks
we had changed our NAP to OMAs and kept helping them to climb the ranks up to 4th position. the resistance first targeted OMAs. they were able to find their weak point where they had only few or no people online and managed to kill quite some players of OMAs and dropped them down in the ranks to somewhere between 10 and 20. many of OMAs started to hit sleep mode during their night from then on. the resistance began to target PF. well, they tried...
most of the time we had more players online during night and could defend most of their rush attacks with low ETA units and scared them away. they did hurt some of us and killed some troops but since we all had already saved enough money up, we could easily replace these minimal losses...
they also managed to get me to spend twice for defending my ally, which totally sucked
we did attack them from time to time while picking random targets for land runs. and they very often did a very good job in defending us i have to admit, which forced us in attacking with more people one ID...
well, 2 or 3 weeks before the round was over, the resistance gave up attacking us and OMAs could climb back to rank 4 in the meantime. resistance was busy killing each other and we come to the final part:

part IV - boredom
well, not much to say. Many of us got more and more inactive. Being most of the time out of targets, just defending some pNAPs, attacking whenever a target got in range, and waiting for the round to be over with a lot of chatting on IRC (well, this point of view is maybe not representative for all of PF, but how i saw it )
(I guess it must have been even more dramatic for amnesia and oblivion, since PF was the shield between them and the resistance )

well, some final words:
PF would like to thank everyone that made this round most of the time a lot of fun! no need to mention any names, everyone who feels to be credited here, probably is

PF was: |KuS|, Heaven, Orpheus, Recap, VH, Kyle, Moonshade, Maheme, Badhenk, Panettiere, nuver, Buccola, Jimmyd, fabu, cervantes

well i allow myself to add some personal TYs:

thanks to:
VH for doing crazy attacks with me
moon for being on during her night many times and helping fighting back the resistance, also for doing some troop wasting attacks with me
panettiere, nuver and orpheus for always being ready to attack
orpehus for being on with me as nightshift and for being a good friend to me
kyle for being like kyle
fabu for making landwhoring a big fun in the start
badhenk and maheme for leading the alliance with reason and knowledge
everyone else from PF for making this round a success and always having a laugh with me
gohan for taking care of me during times of boredom (always loved to defend you bud)
bo for discussions all over the place
farooq and jamal for having nice chats with me
blackeagle for being great and trustworthy guys
the guys and girls from anarchy, exodia, el toro-rosa and indecision for giving us a good fight many times
LadyDA for disturbing my final land grab
all the ones i forgot for not being mad at me


Round 14: Indecision (Fri 29 Jul 05 05:41 am by KISA )
This round started with high hopes for us. We had been asked by Sordes, the legend, to NAP with his group. The response from our gang was very favorable although there was some cautious notes sounded. Soon after we agreed to the NAP a friend also asked us to NAP but we couldn't because of our commitment. This becomes more important later.

At the start of the round, we had a slow start. For some reason, we just couldn't pull it together this time. We had trouble getting land. I personally lost more in the first 1-2 weeks this round than I probably have in the last 2 rounds combined One of our major Euro players had real life first couple days. So, it was a rough start. Then Shadows came under attack.

We had not been kept apprised of what was going on with them. We had traded defenses off and on, but the communication was poor. Then with massive incomings on them, things started to fall apart for the NAP. Apparently Shadows could not use in game messages. During 1 of their attacks, I sent the messages to 3 of them saying that I had a few million units to send including heavy thugs. I couldn't get any advice where to send them Later during attacks, we were told to get on IRC. Many of us can't do this at work, but we made the effort to get some of our people online there. Unfortunately, Shadows couldn't be bothered. Our people stood around for 15 min before anyone showed up. This was the typical communication between our allies. I left my home computer on with IRC up for several days and almost never heard anything from Shadows.

So, we couldn't talk to our NAP.

Then we heard that Shadows had been out and about telling everyone we sucked and didn't defend. Though I never heard it mentioned that it was mainly communication barriers :S Ah well...

Around this time Sordes, the leader of Shadows (?), messaged me saying that we would recieve no more defense until we fixed things. No defending our pNAPs from attacks (I will ALWAYS defend and expect my friends and allies to recall and not kill my troops), and we needed to get into mIRC because apparently some in Shadows coudln't handle using in game messaging. Then there were cases that Shaows members sent def anywya but were told to recall the defense from us.

So, we got sick of Shadows, and broke the NAP. Some of our people wanted to attack them, but we decided not to. We thought it was dishonorable to attack people we had fought with and defended and who had defended us. Unfortuantely, during our later war with AQ, some of Shadows showed us what they thought of such conepts.

We spent a while at rank 5 until PB decided to crush us one weekend. Whether it would matter or not, 2 of our important players ( ) were out of town and couldn't help out much. So, we were knocked far down.

At this point, we decided to NAP with Exodia whihc was run by the friend who had asked us shortly after Sordes for a NAP for round 14. This NAP turned out to be great! We were able to communicate by MSN, which was foboden by Shadows, and in game messages. It was a highly successful NAP in our opinion.

After being in the resistance past when most peoople seemed to give up, we finally decided that enogh was enough. We were bored of not being able to find anyone to attack with us and being retaled on all the time by huge forces. So, we went back to an old enemy. During the round we were asked about sNAps with various alliances. I think we took them all temporarily except with AlQaeda. We started a war with them early in the round, but Ryu- the leader of the resistance at the time, brokered a peace settlement. Since the resistance was done, we decided to attack AQ again.

3 or 4 of us hit a number of AQ players 1 night. 2 unfortunate occurances were present that almost killed us. 1) I have never played the save money and score queen game. So they had tons more cash than us, spent and killed about 1/2 our people. This was made MUCH easier by factor #2. 2) 2 of our most important people, Harbinger our Harrier guy, and Bird our night watcher had to leave. They put their accounts into sleep for a while. So, we were weak at night and lost our armor killer. So, when AQ and Anarchy came at us with 7-13 person waves, there was nothing we could do since they had 4 robo players who could kill us. They finally learned this and eventually, it was only those 4 that would attack us together. Oddly, each one by themseleves was sufficient to kill us, so they wasted lots of time attacking together. We almost were destroyed.

Our NAP Exodia saved our bacon. They spent money, gave up land, and hit AQ and Anarchy with and for us. They then worked out a truce with Anarchy so that the 2 big allys left the war, and left AQ and Indecision to fight it out. By this point, our people had returned and we were ready to fight for real (well, 1/2 our people had been zeroed, but we were still ready ) This war continued almost til the end of the round.


Rnd14: Shadows (Thu 28 Jul 05 10:16 pm by TheArchangel )
So, we started out the round with high hopes for a victory, as we knew that much of the old competition had fallen into inactivity. Our main competitors were O_O/Silence, and Amnesia/Oblivion (along with PF, as we later found out). The first weekend saw us dueling for 1st place with Amnesia, with a stubbornly persistent flak war going on between our groups from saturday evening until late sunday night, when we finally realized the whole thing was getting us no where. So we continued hitting random players and lower alliances, and all the while switching out with Amnesia for 1st place. On wednesday, we hit oblivion, knocking them down a few pegs, and securing a lock on first place until that friday. We'd been expecting them to hit that weekend, as we knew lethals such as PAs, shox, and ninjas would finally be coming out, but we were not quite sure. We bet on the worst case scenario being friday. We knew that if the war was gonna be that weekend, it'd be weird, as even with lethals coming out, there'd be very few, and a war would still be mostly flak. Furthermore, Amnesia and Oblivion together were stronger than ourselves and our own nap, as Indecision ( our nap) was lagging behind a bit in the lower top ten. So to aide us, we sought help from O_O and Silence. They proved stubborn at first, but finally when friday came along we thought we had them convinced, as we pretty much saw Amnesia taking control if O_O didn't help us in someway. So, friday came, and we were anxiously awaiting our own PAs, ninjas, and shox. About 20 ticks til they were finished, Amnesia and Co. came at us. This surprised us only a little bit because we didn't expect them to hit so early, as they usually attack later in the evening. So they got the jump on us, and we agreed to block where we could, but for the most part we were biding our time til our lets came out. We made it through the first wave relatively unscathed, a land loss here or there. A second wave came, but our own lethals were out this time. We once more faced down land losses, only this time quite a few more, as this second wave was quite a bit larger than the first. We knew we had to strike soon. So we gathered ourselves together, along with O_O and Indecision and launched an attack. I think it was 4 targets between the three groups. Maybe 6...anways, we launched and apparently O_O recalled on there attack or something, and bailed on the attacks completely, leaving us to continue the strikes alone. We landed on one target, but very little land was taken. Once we realized O_O was out of the picture, though, we merely went on the defensive and sank down in the ranks. By the end of the night, we asked for a weekend's amnesty so that our players could take it easy and finally get a bit of rest. I myself took a week off in order to deal with my stress and fatigue. When I returned, I found that Polo was quiting, and FB and a couple others in our group were beginning to form up a resistance. However, this early resistance didn't receive widespread support, and after a few mass incursions on the top, we decided to pack it in and just maintain ourselves. But we didn't just sit around and do nothing. While we didn't fight the top head on, we tried our hardest to make sure they had a hell of a time stealing from us. We continued to remain actively stealing, hording alot of land and defending it fanatically so as to make sure the top didn't get any. This was where I found i liked this alliance most. In past alliances, if we got as much incoming as we did, we just said take the land hit and go get more later. But instead, we defended it, making sure we weren't the ones feeding the powerblock. At first we tried to really fight on the defensive with lethals, but it seemed our players with lethals weren't surviving these defenses too well. So we switched our strategy to basically last ticking only. Our prots massed on gurus and Pleaders, and Sordes massed on SDs in an extreme manner. This seemed to work wonders. While we lost loads to the top's lethals, we could quickly replace as gurus and SDs are cheap. Further, we were saving land much better. This method continued the rest of the round, and led us to some really good saves, imo. About mid round, we switched our nap from Indecision,as they were relatively weak on defensive help, to O_O, and then to Hard Drive, after O_O fell. They proved to be a much more cooperative nap, even if they needed a kick in the butt to spend every now and then So, anyway, it was a wonderful round, one in which I was actually active after the first week or two, and it was well worth it, as I had the pleasure playing with a great group. I hope all the individuals have a great round next round and hope to talk to them again every now and then. Thanks guys, and good luck in the future.

Replies here.


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Sep 9, 2008
Oblivion, the road to inactiveness... (Thu 28 Jul 05 01:28 pm by Sandertjeee )
Subject description: not for the faint hearted...
Oblivion, the road to inactiveness...

First off all i would like to say that i totally forgot most of the things
happening or not happening to us this round...so i'm making this story
up as it goes....so please be patient with me....

Bo asked me too type this...so if anyone has any problems with my story then
go and b*tch about it to Bo....yes Bo....not me....Bo....

Allright....let's begin....it all started before the actual round when we all
came together in our nice and cozy irc channel....i'm not sure who thought of
the name Oblivion but i'm guessing it was either Bas or Bo (the person you need
to bug if you don't like this story)....moral was high and we had good hopes of
making a super start after the dissapointing previous round...we also recruited
some new players....our new nigh****ch Sanjuro aka Sanj aka Sanjie....and our new
player from Romania....Darksider aka Darksider aka Romanian pimp connection (ask
him to show his pic)....we got off to a flying start but then dropped a little
in the ranks cause we were developing....we were amazed at the start of PulpFiction
and their ability to hang in there instead of dropping like they usually did....
Tehy outscored and outranked us but we knew they weren't developing as fast as us
so we didn't worry too much....

Right now for some battle stories.....or maybe not....we'll see....we did got attacked
quite badly in the beginning but they were all flak attacks and most of them failed...
but the downside was that Odin kept calling me to get out of bed and defend....and no
matter what he says....he does not have a sexy telephone voice...he scared me every time
he called....after lethals entered the game the only one who got hit bad was BJ cause all
our defense was at other fake targets ....and the round was practically won after that
there was some resistance but they attacked PulpFiction and Oma's....so i didn't really
notice what went on there cause i was too busy....doin....dunno....but according too the
forum they rocked :/ no i won't laugh....

The next few weeks were filled with stealing acres....stealing acres....stealing acres....
going inactive....going inactive.....going inactive....doing a lot of chatting in the
previously mentioned cozy irc channel....chatted some more....talked on skype....spamming
the forum....sleeping a lot....sleeping some more.....massing insane amounts of funds....
getting some more funds....and some more....sometimes taking some land....doing our land
dance afterwards....cursing at the people who massed on SD's and or Guru's etc....cursing
some more....

The last couple of weeks everyone started to become a little....yes a little...not much....
but a little more active again but meeeh not much happend....we did learn that we had to
say goodbye to a lot of people who weren't gonna play again after this round or not play
active and going solo....so that was a sad sad time actually....

Although we became rank 2 instead of rank one...we do feel like winners!! cause it was
a team effort!

So our thanks go out to the guys and girls from Amnesia thnx it was a nice round...

Goodluck next round to everyone who will be playing....and a sad sad goodbye to the ones
who aren't...we'll miss you

The boys from Oblivion: Bo, Odin, Speesje, Rudi, Nellie, Sanjuro, Edwin, Clunk, Dajk[on],
Sandertjeee, BJ, Fuchs, Jeronimo, Darksider, GUBO

We wish you all a safe journey home...and good night...
*Oblivion bows and takes the deserved applause*

Replies hereeeee

R14: Amnesia (Wed 27 Jul 05 02:11 pm by Welshie )
Subject description: THEY MADE ME WRITE THIS EARLY!
Yeah...Stef made me write this early

Smelly woman.

Anyway. We started off this round with basically everyone from Decadence but with the addition of Kal and 2 of our old-school dutchies who hadn't been in Decadence last round cos of self-confessed activity problems, Sovetnik and Mozzie.

I was determined to avoid the pooooor start we had in R13 ( never higher than 3rd, pah). So I pushed for activity and explained in painfully clear terms how to start an account to anyone who wasn't 200% sure. Mmmmm, I love being patronising.

Still, it clearly paid off, as in the first hours Amnesia rose to #1 and Oblivion (I lectured them too ) wavered around #2 and #3. We thought we were onto something We did some raids but nothing really concerted. The dutchies did a lot of flak supporting for each other though, and that let out a group of IDs as being connected to each other. Over the weekend Oblivion began to drop ranks as they researched but we held on at #1. Then on sunday night (iirc) Shadows did their first major raid on us - we didn't have enough blockers to cope but we blocked most and hit back at them. Don't think either side gained much. Lil spates with Shadows carried on throughout the following week but otherwise all was quiet. On Wednesday night / thursday morning Shadows hit Oblivion quite bad and took over #1. That made me rather tetchy. We were gonna hit back fullscale on thursday night, but eventually I decided to wait til we had ninjas and PAs finished. ( friday morning ). So, on friday morning just before lunchtime I got everyone together in an IRC room from college and off we went to war.

PF and Oma came too, personally I was impressed by how well PF were doing...hovering between ranks 7 and 4 iirc and much higher on troop score. Oma were pretty much a non-entity at this point though...rank 20 or smth.

Anyway, our hits at that time caught Shadows off guard and we kept battering them on into the evening with quite some success. It was then they enlisted o.0 to their cause and hit back. Thanks to some speedy diplomacy from LadyDarkAngel and some angry retaliation mobs sent by PF o_0 quickly stepped out of the affair. Shadows lost most of their land, thought not too much of their troops, there still weren't *that* many lethals around at this time. When they got to about rank 12 I was asked to do for them what the guys in Useless did for us last round, that is to lay off and give them a break after squishign them. So we did However, on that Friday night things got complicated politically. BW was running all over the forums saying how Shadows had fallen and unless everyone pulled together and fought Amnesia would win, etc etc. He PMed me and said his strikes were gonna start at 18.00 saturday. (BW was running FFS in case anyone forgot )

So we took some time to rebuild and I furiously went hunting after o_O leader Dark. They were hitting PF quite hard and I was afraid they would help out BW in his attacks. Since O_O were rank 2 at this point and 1 for troop score I had to get them on our side. So we forged a deal whereby O.0 left PF alone for 2 days, and Amnesia + Obli SNAPed them for a week. (or in my words, "refrained from crushing them into the dust").

After that, everything was gravy. FFS's strike on us was a flop, and we spent the rest of the evening hunting them down and we dropped them a hell of a long way. I think there was a little revenge for last round going on there.

After that all we needed was an excuse to break the SNAP with o.o + Silence and all would be well. We spent Sunday cleaning up FFS and on early monday morning O.O attacked PF again. Dark's excuse was "2 days from saturday is monday", although personally I was thinking of "48 hours from saturday afternoon is monday afternoon".

So war began with o_O and Silence. They never attacked us once to my knowledge and were always on the defensive. DarkSider and myself were mostly running the attacks, and we were kinda afraid when we let one of our flak attacks carry on against defence and found out just how much LET they had. After that attack it was mostly cat and mouse - we'd launch several strikes at the same time, 2 real + 1 fake, or 1 real + 2fake, 0_o/Silence would send 2 fake defence + 1 real or whatever. It was essentially a guessing game. Helped by some good sense and a few tricks, and also careful observation of the defenders, between us DarkSider and I made all the right calls. (Maybe a lil bit of luck was involved somewhere). The break came when we recalled exactly the right attacks and kept the one that would kill most of their def which was staggered. After that they were certain we had a spy and caved in and broke. We set about taking out their bigger players, and moved onto attacking Silence (we had been trying to focus on 0.o before, but without perfect ID lists it was hard). Silence also broke up after a few attacks, and we spent the rest of the night whoring and celebrating. All effective blocks to our power had been removed in 10 days and after that it was consolidation, idling, and stealing land.

Anyway, then the forums became a hate box

Then there was some resistance thing which personally I barely noticed. They did maybe 3 attacks on Amnesia, over the space of a week. All recalled. However, to their credit, I think they hurt BJ and Odin (Oblivion guys) a little bit this one time. I personally was massively disappointed, although I was impressed when they dropped Oma's to rank 12....and then allowed them to climb back up again Not sure what went on there, I've been a lil inactive.

Anyway, all the signs point to a rank 1 finish for Amnesia this round, so I'd just like to say I'm hugely proud of all my guys! I'm not leading any more, so this round has been special for me


Thx also to Oblivion, but particularly Odin + bo + Sander for co-ordinating Oblivion stuff with meh.

PPS 'Congratz to Odin and Sander on them both having come out of the closet in their profound and deep love for one another, but can you guys express it in PM?

PPPS Siers said something in IRC this round, it nearly gave me a heart attack.

Amnesia was: Welshie, Siers, LadyDarkAngel, Ricardo, Mozzie, Sovetnik, Kal, Corco, Bully, Zephyr, Lobby, Cal, Scaglietti, Arti & Omi.

Replies go here
R7: SARS Leader || R8: Solo, ViruS. Finish: 27
R9: ViruS. F: 5 || R10: ViruS HC, Jesters Leader.
R11: TFB Leader. F: 11 || R12: Alcoholics Leader. F: 4
R13: Decadence Leader. F: 69 || R14: Amnesia Leader. F: 8
R15: Sin Officer. F: 30 || R16: Terraferma leader, Solo
R17: Symbiosis. F: 2 || R18: Cappuccino Leader. F: 56
R19: Ravenous.

O_O and Silence (Sun 10 Jul 05 01:27 pm by twigley )
Subject description: Happy days :(
It all started from Dark. He recruited players that were going to have fun but still get a reasonable rank. The fun part was going to change. Me and dark had been discussing making two alliances that where NOT napped to each other. The two alliances would be napped to other good alliances ( led by Dark and I ) but still connected in that we would do basically what amnesia,oblivion,PF and omas has done. After about a week to think about what we where going to do we decided that breaking up 2 sets of strong players was probally not the best idea so we picked the 15 best players and formed O_O ( the most original ally name ever ). Then we had the problem of no ally NAP.
Dark sorted this by approaching Apocalypse as he had a strong bunch of 15 players ( that where soon to be known as Silence). So we got our IRC channel set up etc and started to plot routes. This was interupted by the fact that Gohan, Polo and Pinky couldnt play ( Although polo just went to shadows ).
As ticks started O_O where 5th or so and Silence where rank 40. Me and dark wondered what we got ourself into . After the night time period Silence where starting to make progress which brung relief over us that where concerned. A day went by with O_O being rank 2 and 3 and Silence lagging behind on rank 9. Over the next night our ally lost our first pieces of land ... we lost about 150 land which was better than most of the top allys ). This made " Deathangel " leave us due to us " not being able to defend incs " . This was our major loss. Deathangel spread our ids around with irc nicks and at this point we where rank 2 and rank 1 with troop score so we where already doing worse on land than amnesia .
A few days passed and i was getting messages ingame from players saying " hi twigley " and on IRC i was gettign threats that i was going to get " bashed " --- from what privates lol? We then knew we where going to get screwed
About 10 - 12 days in Silence where rank 3 and O_O where rank 2 with amnesia at rank 1 and Oblivion crawling behind. We teamed up with what was left of Virus on an attack on amnesia/ Pf / oblivion etc although we where mainly concentrating on Amnesia. The attacks failed due to us hitting parts of PF due to innacurate Id lists.
Then the retals Paradox led the defence against the retals and we where " - " that close away from killin Amnesia's lethals about 5 times :'( ... We either had a spy or they learnt how to read minds... Me and paradox tried to fish out spies from the allys by making 5h1t lists but we then discovered that maybe they could just read minds...
The turning point of O_O was when we had 2 incs. We had a choice. Send all lets to one and fake to other which is what we would normally do or split the lets. We split the lets and had a third of our lets killed 1st tick. I gave the order that everyone should keep their units there as we had 10 mill ninjas back up but again next tick we got slaughtered. O_O where rank 6 and rank 24 on troop score while silence where rank 2 on both - meep ... Overnight dark made the decision to kick all the members in O_O and let them go solo or else we would be mauled - Silence did the same.
It took about 5 days for us to recover from some of the heaviest score damage took in the round and to get thousands of acres back. I then decided that O_O should reform as we still had the hq. The reformed O_O was Silence + O_O ex - members that wanted to still play. We where rank 7 for the majority of the time as we were rebuilding from getting wiped. We moved up to rank 6 but then Modernanimal left due to him being in the top 20 and he couldnt afford to die as we couldnt defend him
We then lost a major part of our def and then people started to become score queens. This meant if they lost troops they would treaten to leave etc So after we dropped to rank 17 with only 11 members dark decided to call it a day and we officially left O_O for good.

Members to follow

p.s - It was fun while it lasted

The Doubts - ReasonableDoubt (Tue 19 Apr 05 01:17 pm by Dark_Angel)
Dark Angel said:
ReasonableDoubt (Of which I was the leader) was collectively known as "Mafia" with our NAP 'Mafia'.

A lot of pre-round planning went into both alliances, the aim of our alliances was to work side by side, not only in-game but on IRC.

I've played Bushtarion for a very very long time, I know full well that mid-round you need a force greater than most believe achievable.
Plan "B" was to try and take down the dominating alliance if it had not been us.

ReasonableDoubt (mid-round) was ranked 3 in 'actual scores', making us the most heavily armed alliance after Virus.

Our highest 'total score' got us to rank 4 but i found this hard to maintain, there were more variables to control that I'd previously been used to when leading an alliance (Abode, rank 2 round 11). Spies, perhaps being the hardest to get a grip on.

One spy can leave even the strongest alliance in ruins, this was not the end of ReasonableDoubt.

Mafia, lead by Ryu-, did well at the start of the round and towards the middle we looked good to take the lead. Complications meant mafia fell considerably in rank and eventually we had no choice but to combine their best with ours, 'merging' the two alliances. This gave us a top 10 position which we comfortably hung on to, we climbed the ranks and forged a NAP with NeverSurrender, which eventually broke.

I left the alliance after being zeroed myself, i'd made many enemies whilst leading this growing alliance. We were in the top 10 when I left and perhaps a mistake on my behalf with a choice of replacement leader was flawed as the progress ceased and RD slid down the ranks.

One or two credits, first of all the original "Mafia" squad, we've got some great potential and it's been spread around nearly all major alliances, there's a bit of Mafia in every Alliance in existance

At some parts of the round i'd been absent and so owe thanks to 'Kev'/Falling' and of course Princ who both lead the alliance in my stead. ReasonableDoubt wouldnt have been able to maintain it's rank whilst i was gone without these guys

May the Mafia "Resistance" carry on until finally we're the ones being resisted, my luck to those who're doing the resisting It's truly a worthy cause, perhaps not effective but certainly worthy


Mafia' / Est Round 9

End of ViruS (Mon 16 May 05 10:20 pm by BlackWolf )
Its time to end story of ViruS.

Winners of R9 and R13 and much much more.
On round 14 we were using name FFS.
Now we will make another alliance and find alliance nap.
2 of our HCs left. Reason i will tell later in this post but basicly ViruS is not ViruS anymore without those 2.

When someone plays this game since r8 in top alliance. He gets trained. He becomes something we could call warmachine.
We decided before round we will play for fun and what happend? Our minds believed it but hearts never followed. We were on top again playing hours and hours waking up in middle of night to send attacks and to def.
We are/were just too good. We pushed too much. We reached our limit.

Some people may say/think we are not that good and maby they are right but we kicked ass anyways.

Now it is time for our hearts too to admit truth. We will play to end of this round and after that ViruS will be dismissed by me, server shut down and ViruS will become on of legends of this game. I hope it will become legend that people talk with proud.
Lead by furious BlackWolf... propaganda war machine, one of best attack organizers and one who defended alliance no matter what.
Followed by HC of:
No-Dachi... Extremely skilled player who always knew how to find weak spot from enemy and loved my members.
Mallit... Extreme protestor who alone defended alliance against overwhelming odds and still maded it sure enemy returned empty handed
Zane... No lifer who was always there, he never sleeped, never surrendered... and when you needed him you just said Zane and he was standing on your side!
Laza... Young but fearless... skilled as hell... and lives in New Zeland

Older HCs:
{G}Weirdo... Man you were always there!
Tkama: Fearless guy, exelent tactician and he was man pulling strings of everything and it worked!
Welsh-man: Highly skilled player who never gives up, who sacrifises everything for hes friends.
Jesse: Skill, activity what more you need? maby couple years more age?
Soc: Noone ever really knew this fella but he kicked ass!
PsychoBoyJack... He knew hes place, hes units and this game and how to make it to #1

DarkGod... #1 !! need i say more?
Lafin... Lonely light in our night!
Ragon... bushstats... number 1 starter EVER!
Bornleader... I miss you m8!
Delta_Prima... Infected on massive level... /me hugs you ass kicker!
Swindle... So many times i felt crap but you always stood there for me and listened!

If i start telling all about our officers too we would end up never ending list. Kick ass guys!

Other guys&girls i really must mention.

Yuki... i love you honey
Elgen... You never betrayed us!
Agit... You really are nolifer but you also know how to play
Enigma... Thanks from all the rounds m8
Maradona... Argentinan support kick ass!
Fer... same as above
Gohan... Nightstar!
neshta... Girlpower and you really are great player must be genes of females or something.
James... After you finally joined us from good old TandyUK you were Infected till the end!
Mellow... I dont know why you decided to join us but you filled your spot!
ShadowStrike... What would alliance be without players like you? NOTHING!
SirWolfy... ViruS till the end m8!
Slabbedask... Good gaming m8!
Xerses... Kick ass player...
Younge...Even some people didnt like you. You were still one of us!

Older members.

[ViruS]Adam... all hail great leader

Cheese/Pinky... One of best players iv ever known
Cb1202... Guy i shouldnt ever have slipped away from alliance
Obi-Wan... miss you m8!
VAM... i miss you too m8!

Special "members"
Timster, Leebot, LordErtz... You really were members (some multiple times) and did good job. Thanks from that.

Its long list. And im sorry bout that. But in 2 years lots of people come and go.
Too many of those i will miss way too much.
If someone feels like he should be on list and is not please let me know. too much nicks to remember those all.

Also ViruS thanks our great allies from Thailand... thais you saved us more than once more that twice more than hundred times. Thanks to you all.
Infi,King,wind, pete, thomas,Vic etc.

Also i must thank all our dear enemies during all rounds. You maded this game a game worth of playing.
Also thanks to Azzer da man.

This is last post from offical ViruS HC.
From now on there are no more HCs only BlackWolf left leading alliance for this round without orders just playing for fun and waiting for one alliance to pull off so he can join resistance.

Yours ViruS HCs from all rounds

PS. Thank you one more time guys and girls you maded playing this game one hell of a trip!! *wipes tears*
Once a ViruS always a ViruS... There is no cure!!!

Audentes Fortuna Iuvat


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Sep 9, 2008
And that Easter egg from 2004:

Rd 10 - :: The Story of Ã-Day :: (Sat 19 Jun 04 11:36 pm by Steve_God )
The Background

Once upon a time there were 3 alliances, Antipodean, Dragons(BlackDragons/GoldDragons) & Rizla.

Rizla and Antipodean were happily NAPed and encouraging others to try and take the mighty forces down.
Antipodean members took a post posted by a member of the Rizla Heirarchy as a threat to them (along with other reasons such as greed for land) and decided to break the NAP in the way that only good alliances know how.

48 hours, several sleeping players and ridiculous amounts of defences later, The 2 main organisers of the Rizla Hierarchy (Tim & Steve_God) got talking about the round and how things were going to be now things had stabilised from the end of the NAP.
A decision was made to plan what we had ourselves suggested, plan a mass attack on Antipodean.

The Plans

We had learned from our past experience that controlling large numbers of players involved them all being in the same place at anyone time. As many players do not use IRC, Steve thought up of 2 possible solutions which Tim agreed with:

"1) Form 2 full public alliances with the few top private alliances to take them down, with the agreement that these alliance would either disband or war with each other after all threat of Anti has gone.

2) Arrange a structured IRC room to organise attacks with other Leaders of alliances - with only 2 people Max allowed from each alliance and those people known to prevent info leaks as much as possible."

And that we set out to do.

The Organisation

Steve started arranging Plan 1 while Tim arranged Plan 2 as a backup. We set ourselves a deadline of the weekend as a rough time for the planned attacks.

Rizla had good relations with HowlingRain and made a proposition to them involving their alliance as the second alliance for Plan 1. During this time Steve tried to contact all of the other top 15 alliances to join in with the Plan but with little success other than from DarkSoldiers & Zapato.

HowlingRain said they would join in, however stay as their own alliance. All other alliances had the same feelings and we resorted to Plan 2.

During this time DarkSoldiers informed Steve that they were going to merge with their wing (LightSoldiers) and 10 members from LOL alliance in preparation for the attacks. Steve suggested against this risky plan until nearer the time, however they proceeded without any major attack on them.

It was at this point that things were starting to move that Steve came up with the name "Ã-Day" as a memorable name that would be looked back on if the attacks were a success.

Very shortly after, the weekend was seeming nearer and nearer and little progress had been made over the day to contact other alliances through Steve's contacts. While Tim was working away in the background to reinforce links with DarkSoldiers and Zapato, Steve called in the help from other Rizla members to use any contacts they had to contact other alliances to get them involved.
Within 20 hours we had a post in the same thread in Rizla politics from the big man himself telling us about the "new super-duper alliance mailing system".
Whether this was just pure co-incidence or Azzer wanted to see a mass attack happen and made it for this purpose, we will never know.

Another day past, and with Steve busy with work and revising for exams, it was over to Tim to make full use of the "new super-duper alliance mailing system". He messaged all the alliances we had tried to contact before and several more. We were careful about giving away too much information so we kept requests plain and simple and got several positive replies back.

Over 2 days the 'Ã-Day Alliances' went from:

Rizla - 15 Members
DarkSoldiers - 40 Members
HowlingRain - 15 Members
Zapato - 15 Members

85 Ã-Day Members


Rizla - 15 Members
BlackDragons - 40 Members
DarkSoldiers - 40 Members
HowlingRain - 15 Members
Zapato - 15 Members
GoldDragons - 40 Members
TNT - 15 Members
Leftovers - 15 Members
TandyUK - 8 Members
LasMedias - 15 Members

218 Ã-Day Members

Over these few days Tim had been very busy getting P-nicks from each alliance for their desired contact to be in the #A-Day IRC channel that he had set up, and very little information was given out until very close to the time in case of information leaks to a certain Antipodean alliance.
We had already assumed that they would find out that we were planning it, however we wanted to be certain they did not find out and told most people that the attacks were to be held early Sunday morning as a decoy to any leaked information.

After research by Tim we found out that most Antipodean members would be out u the pub or elsewhere on a Friday night/Saturday morning, and we secretly picked that time to hit their offline members to minimise retaliation. We kept this to ourselves until shortly before to struck.

The Confusion and Accusations

Even when Tim was speaking to TheRevolution about joining Ã-Day, he was given advice that they would only pass the information on to Angela.

Then the day before the proposed attack, there were several rumours going around about one alliance planning to backstab another, one of these rumours involved Dragons and Antipodean working together.
After Steve's frantic messaging of every form to try and contact one of the leaders or officers of Dragons, a few hours later he managed to speak to them and is assured that nothing is going on by a leader and an officer.
Steve is still unsure and tell them the diversion date/time just incase.

Ã-Day Landings

Ã-Day started on Saturday morning and the first attack landing at 04.00 GMT Server time. This was planned to be the first of many attacks throughout Ã-Day, with different alliances joining in throughout the day according to their officers online times with the largest attacks expected on Saturday evening.
Out of all of the alliances that part of the plans, only Rizla, DarkSoldiers, Charlie_B and Weeble from Zapato were present for the attacks.
Many has especially set their alarms to wake up in the middle of the night including Steve just for the attack.

All was going fine with DarkSoldiers spread over several targets including [138] and Rizla members, Charlie and Weeble on [37].
All was going fine until 10 seconds before we landed at [37]
[05:10] <Weeble> f**kf**kf**k
[05:10] <Weeble> f**k
[05:10] <Weeble> noooooooo, s**t I can't believe I did that
[05:10] <Charlie_B> ?
[05:10] <Weeble> F*C
[05:10] <Steve_God> :-\
[05:11] <Weeble> I was looking at the mob details of the outgoing to Mene and my mouse f**king jumped and hit f**king recall
[05:11] <Weeble> that's f**ked up
[05:11] <Weeble> s**t
[05:12] <Weeble> f**k I'm REALLY sorry
[05:12] <Weeble> s**t
[05:12] <Weeble> how the f**k could that happen
[05:12] <Weeble> ffs
[05:12] <Weeble> f*******ck
[05:13] <Weeble> s**t
[05:14] <Weeble> S**t Steve I'm REALLY sorry"

and then:
Defenders Battle Report - Defending Shortening of the_way [37]
[range] 10,197,540 hostile Political Mastermind attacked and distracted 111,209,420 allied staff.
[range] 9,567,483 allied Striker attacked and killed 1,236,396 hostile staff.
[range] 7,124,034 allied Secret Agent attacked and killed 44,009,756 hostile staff.
[range] 6,641,069 hostile Secret Agent attacked and killed 32,474,112 allied staff.
[range] 6,223,471 allied Assassin attacked and killed 5,080,574 hostile staff.
[range] 3,404,326 hostile Assassin attacked and killed 3,298,770 allied staff.
[range] 7,568,860 allied Grenadier attacked and killed 22,097,090 hostile staff.
[range] 4,206,432 hostile Hippy Van attacked and distracted 8,237,814 allied staff.
[range] 5,537,301 allied Ninja attacked and killed 11,305,079 hostile staff.
[range] 9,324,569 allied Apache Longbow attacked and killed 12,737,711 hostile staff.
[range] 4,029,733 allied Marine attacked and killed 1,016,299 hostile staff.
[range] 4,278,691 allied Heavy Weapons attacked and killed 490,279 hostile staff.

Distracted: 119,447,234 friendlies distracted.
Dead: 35,772,882 friendlies dead. 97,973,184 enemies dead.

Followed by:
Defenders Battle Report - Defending Shortening of the_way [37]
[range] 10,000,000 hostile Political Mastermind attacked and distracted 100,272,550 allied staff.
[range] 9,483,064 allied Striker attacked and killed 3 hostile staff.
[range] 6,936,882 allied Secret Agent attacked and killed 799,957 hostile staff.
[range] 7,024,133 allied Assassin attacked and killed 755,499 hostile staff.
[range] 8,193,065 allied Grenadier attacked and killed 3,098,733 hostile staff.
[range] 1,891,076 hostile Hippy Van attacked and distracted 1,979,982 allied staff.
[range] 6,525,239 allied Ninja attacked and killed 1,599,509 hostile staff.
[range] 11,621,186 allied Hypnotist attacked and bribed 6,069,796 hostile staff.
[range] 4,263,589 allied Marine attacked and killed 586,502 hostile staff.
[range] 4,403,297 allied Heavy Weapons attacked and killed 197,553 hostile staff.

Distracted: 102,252,532 friendlies distracted.
Dead: 7,037,756 enemies dead.
Bribed: 6,069,796 enemies bribed.

Weeble had recalled leaving those others that had sent to be crushed as we had sent a combination of units that all relied on each other to be effective.

The other attacks didn't go well for DarkSoldiers.
Tim had advised them to recall after their main target had attracted large amounts of defence, their leader replied with "I will not recall!" and this was the result:
Defenders Battle Report - Defending Man of No_Fear [138]
[range] 300,000 hostile RPG Trooper attacked and killed 137,955 allied staff.
[range] 1,798,682 hostile Psychopathic Android attacked and killed 1,988,481 allied staff.
[range] 35,551,279 allied Political Mastermind attacked and distracted 21,877,113 hostile staff.
[range] 33,025,619 allied Secret Agent attacked and killed 13,708,199 hostile staff.
[range] 37,955,220 allied Assassin attacked and killed 1,217,358 hostile staff.

Distracted: 21,877,113 enemies distracted.
Dead: 2,126,436 friendlies dead. 14,925,557 enemies dead.

This left us all demotivated and we gave up the attacks for the day in the hope of regaining ourselves in the evening. However due to bad timing one of our sleepy members the evening brought large amounts of incoming towards a certain Rizla member which prevented any attacks till later on.

However, Tim was then informed of some information regarding where information had been leaking...

The Spy

The Rizla Hierarchy had come into the possession of the following mail:
Subject: Information
Weeble of Zapato is providing information to Antipodean HQ of Rizla - including full member lists, times you go in to sleep, any plans passed to Zapato through alliance mails from Rizla etc. etc.
Watch where you tread.
- Your anonymous friend.
[This account & message will self destruct in 24 hours]
And remember that he recalled just before the tick this morning.

The Rizla Hierarchy had their suspicions after the previous recalling and decided to investigate and found the following evidence:
Thu, 13th Apr, year 3. Early hours of the morning Outgoing Friendlies
You sent 11,227,952 employees to defend Hitchhiker of The_Galaxy [1283], they are set to arrive in 7 ticks.

"Plus, Anti suspected Fiery had joined Rizla.
Because someone who has access to Rizla had told them she was on the access list"

After looking back through chat log files, we now realise how suspictious we should have been about Weeble.

The Collaboration & Confirmation of the Winning Alliance

Our suspicion with Dragons was confirmed with the following intel:
<sonic_> Dragons have breif NAP with Anti

well bottom line is that , Dragons just made a temp nap wit anti,,, anti using them to take down top 10 alliances ,, same wit the DS i thinks,, i think BD gonna organise this for tommorow and attack the top 10 including u... and the DarkSoldiers will follow..
we need to take them out very soon, CS and Nova leaders r in im sure,, other leaders arnt online yet.

There is further proof from a PM convo with an Anti member.

Without Dragons now DarkSoldiers has gone, the Rizla Hierarchy has declared it will be impossible to defeat Anti, all thanks to a few people. So we will be aiming for second place.

May the best tobacco rollers win


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Jan 19, 2012
nicely done :)

god i had pretty much forgotten about dixy... man The Super Fly, Roxy (rip), Sumit

that was one rollercoaster of a round and I think pretty much the time i split from playing with howly and a bunch of folks from arizona (apathy round too as I deleted just like Don said too much RL in the way)

man epic players back in the day. most of those folks don't exist on the battlefield anymore. I think most currently leaders would be hard pressed to be able to put 2 sentences together.

again great job