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  1. Dimitar

    Round 84 Awards

    Cryo hurt my feelings and bullied me into writing this. In hindsight I gave in too easily Alliance of the Round: RightUnders. Obviously most people will name their own alliance, as have I. Obviously most people will disagree with RU being the best alliance, and they'd be right by their...
  2. Dimitar

    [Recruiting] Panic Station

    Logging in every day would be nice
  3. Dimitar

    [Recruiting] Me and others

    I'm making an alliance and well, you know
  4. Dimitar

    FU Souls

  5. Dimitar

    [Recruiting] cool story BRAH

    Since the actual leader is a lazy old bithc, I decided I should probably tell the world we don't feel too good about only having 14 people experience the mental orgasm, that is being in what's quite clearly the best alliance ever. Should you decide to apply, be prepared to be overwhelmed by the...
  6. Dimitar

    [Recruiting] FTF Round 50

    I'm going to run a ftf alliance with a few mates, and we need some members. What we offer is a fun atmosphere, a route or name theme (Note: I always say that theme thing, and I never do it) aaaaand that's about it. I don't require any activity or contactability, just common sense. I'd like...
  7. Dimitar

    [Available] lilow's looking for an ally

    she can't post here, due to being a bithc. So yeah, what the title says Find her or me on IRC (I'm her manager, she pays me) or mail her or me in here (mostly me)
  8. Dimitar

    WE saved the world

    <MouldyOnions> thank you. I felt really good about this game a few days ago and although your individual attitude wont effect the overall game by much, you have certainly contributed to bringing my own optimism down to your levels, along with asmo and toby. Azzer doesnt seem to care much either...
  9. Dimitar

    I guess I quit

    While I dislike goodbye threads and people who post them, I'm a massive attention whore so I'll disregard my own opinion and type a bunch of stuff here. First of all, thanks to lilow, Martin, Twigley, toby and the few others who made this experience enjoyable even after the game had gone...
  10. Dimitar

    PL Goalscorers

    Basically, post the name of one player you think will score in the upcoming round in the premier league. You can only use the same player once. You will win points if your player scores, and at the end of the season the user with the most points wins a blowjob from Twigley. The points will be...
  11. Dimitar

    [Available] 46

    Inactive solo looking for an ally chan to idle in. Being called a gayhomofag on a daily basis can be a huge motivation to play well, so ftw alliances will benefit a great deal from having me in their channels. Get me before I destroy you
  12. Dimitar

    Fantasy Football 2012/2013

    Game's up today. Code to join the league is 3176-1719 I'm going to win again. Ye.
  13. Dimitar

    Happy Birthday, Eldervelderenderned

  14. Dimitar

    Happy Birthday, toby

    Damn you're old
  15. Dimitar

    [Available] One pnap, round 45

    I'm not going to play actively. Should still manage to get a top 10 finish, though. Find me on irc or send me a pm on here
  16. Dimitar

    [Recruiting] Discworld

    Looking for one member. Active Robo or POM, preferably night cover. Alliance mail or forum pm me with details.
  17. Dimitar

    Calm down

    Seriously, what's with the millions of borderline idiotic suggestions that've been flooding the forums recently?
  18. Dimitar

    Happy Birthday, Martino

  19. Dimitar

    Fantasy Football - Euro 2012

    It's still a bit early, but the game is up and I thought I'd make a bush league. The code to join is 15142-2966