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    Don’t use NoBreakSpace

    Question. Is your name pronounced as Laughin or L' enfin?
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    [IMG] [IMG]

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    Merry Christmas you fluffs @Hobbezak and @LAFiN

    Merry Christmas you fluffs @Hobbezak and @LAFiN
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    Spanky back

    Welcome back Spanky Spankerston
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    Sorry Not sorry

    Sorry Not sorry
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    thanks Kyliiiiiiiiii

    thanks Kyliiiiiiiiii
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    Hippy birthday

    hippy birthday happy:new-bday: here are some boobies for you to enjoy
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    hills are annoying to ride. they slow you down and you get tired. screw hills anyway, to get back on the question: it all depends if youre male or female if male then you pick a manbicycle if youre female then pick a womanbicycle the difference between these two are the middlebar for the men...
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    Finally, after 12 years, i succeeded to complete the game x-com interceptor despite all the bugs, thousands of crashes of the game, playing 4 different versions (non legal :P) and i dont know how many hours of flight. GO ME! now my life is complete.
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    IRC/Mibbit Problems Updated 3/8/11 (Resolved 3/8/1)

    is netgamers down? cant get on their irc server nor there site :/ [edit by DA]
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    who will win!

    I hope man u Go van der Sar GO
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    happy birthday Ogluk!

    happy birthday Ogluk! finally legal, have a good one. as a present you may be our community manager for the rest of the day :)
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    [Full] secretive secretivness

    Hi thar, if you can read this it means i personally selected you to be able to read this super secret alliance recruitment thread and wishes you to apply to our super secret alliance for round 38 further shall this thread contain important massages from our board of directors aka Hobbezak and...
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    Hi, iam atsan. Who are you?