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    [Recruiting] Kracken

    Jakeo retired with family problems, lol to him, Needing help to recover from a beating, so have taken over. Probably just for the hell of it now. Mail hq with usual stuff.:D
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    [Recruiting] Leading now

    Pm Me on irc or leave a message here. Old team most welcome.:D
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    [Recruiting] Aval R37

    AVAL. 4 Round 37 GMT +1 12 hours + per day Not leading next round, no good at it! Roure Rpg/POM Leave private message or contact on irc:D
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    Guess this round will be ruined again by these idiots,my round is anyway. What is wrong with these people....go find something else too do. By me a completley fed up dedicated player, who just wants a fairer game, ban these noobs.....or do people like me just quit? May se well!!!
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    [Recruiting] For round 36

    New alliance for next round. Solid peeps only. Don t bother if you cant stand the heat. Apply with GMT, Activity , prefered route etc. usual stuff.