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    [Available] Round 33

    Available for round 33, my activity varies greatly but generally i am able to attack enough to keep within the top 40 if thats what the ally requires of me, i am contactable 24/7 I'd prefer to play striker but i am open to ideas :)
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    With the new '15 Minute spy' i think solos might suffer alot more than normal during flak wars, although a round has not taken place with the new intel option i think it might have quite a negative effect because its out so early. So what i propose doing is swapping around Hax with the new '15...
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    Acre Representation

    Ive been thinking a fair bit about this recently, although i cant really fathom a useful reason for it i believe it would a fun stat. My idea is for the entire acreage of Bushtarion to be represented in a graphical form with other little stats such as how many square miles all the acres in...
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    Mod delete Please.
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    [Taken] Need Ally or P-nap

    Hey guys and girls Im looking for an ally or p-nap preferably ally Exp:7 rounds Irc:Tombi Route:Sa Activity:8+ hours (:
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    Send All

    My mobile browser is a right annoyance, it wont let me send any mobs anywhere so i was wondering if others would agree that having a 'send all' button much the same as the 'fill all' one would be a good idea..? i think when 'send all' is clicked it should fill out all your troop boxes and send...