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  1. Dark_Angel


    Oh that this game were still a game. Azzer, you'd have made a small fortune in the current climate... Stay well friends old and new. Personally I'm an optimist - I'm looking forward to Covid20.
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    SplitBound have gone to bed

    There's no way I can say this without sounding like trolling but the decision to mass sleepmode last night was an extremely cowardly one IMO. Sleepmode doesn't exist to help your alliance avert extinction - an entire alliance hitting sleep so they can die a little later is pretty lame. Mass...
  3. Dark_Angel

    Round 58 - Awards

    This thread seems less and less worthwhile as time goes on but it's about as chatty as the forums get these days. Discussions need not take place in another thread - feel free to air your dirty laundry all in the one thread. Your choice of: Alliance of the round Best Offensive Alliance Best...
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    [Recruiting] Round 57: Thai Army of One (FTF/W)

    Roll up, Roll up. I'm recruiting for a FTF alliance (with FTW tendencies) for round 57! We will be playing to win but will not be FTW in the conventional sense (no mandatory activity/contactability requirements/IRC, etc). The only requirement is that you actually play the game. A few...
  5. Dark_Angel

    Round 56: Mafia "whacked"

    An 11 year old Thai boy was left reeling this morning as he logged in to find all his accounts had been admin locked. Looking noticeably tearful the tearaway gave comments that he "couldn't believe admin had found out he was Asian" and that he'd "taken all of the necessary precautions". Mafia...
  6. Dark_Angel

    Round 56 Politics - Mafia multis issue "Bring it on" threat to Expendables

    Tensions were running high today as resident cheats "Mafia" called out The Expendables to attack them and end their multi-ing ways. When questioned whether The Expenables have the means, will and skill required to down an alliance of multis, one Expendables member responded with the following...
  7. Dark_Angel

    Anyone else surprised we're still here?

    I come back from time to time expecting to find a barren wasteland - yet our numbers have remained poor (but far from dead) for much longer than I'd anticipated without any admin oversight/development. If you're new to Bush - how did you find us and are you likely to stick around? What was...
  8. Dark_Angel

    Xbox One vs PS4

    Key questions: Which have you bought/will you buy? Why? (What has driven you to buy one rather than the other?) - Just trying to get a sense of which way the wind is blowing.
  9. Dark_Angel

    R49 - FTW alliances

    I've not played for a while - but ranks 1 and 2 seem reasonably close for this point in the round? Aren't things usually boxed off for rank 1 these days? My question to those in The Boat/Adrama-evs is - Is there genuinely some kind of stalemate or are you guys deliberately trying to slow things...
  10. Dark_Angel

    Possible minor changes - Consultation

    As you may or may not know our admin, Azzer, is no longer involved in updating/developing Bushtarion. Having spoken to him recently, though, he has agreed that if we can agree on a list of small/moderate changes it should be possible to implement these in the near future. This thread has been...
  11. Dark_Angel

    [Deal] Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (£7.99) £9.99, use card NOV20OFFUK for 20% off.
  12. Dark_Angel

    Voluntary FTW alliance member cap

    Given ftw play is pretty much dead in any case - Would it be worth trying to get agreement that FTW alliances will carry no more than 10 men? A ftw alliance this round, consisting of 10 FTW players - Would still have very likely beat a 20-man FTF alliance. We've been creeping toward a single...
  13. Dark_Angel

    Blacklight Retribution (Free multiplayer FPS)

    So I'm hearing good things, downloading now. As per if you get it, join #AoC on IRC to get involved in some Bush multiplayer :) Gameplay vid on link. Looks pretty snazzy for a free FPS, and has some nice metacritic reviews. -...
  14. Dark_Angel

    My ideal round length would be

    This has been previously asked, many times before, but lets get a fresh take. Vote on the poll and provide any reasoning you wish in response.
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    Alternatives to Gardening (I.e more appealing forms of production)

    Looking over the suggestions forums lately, gardening seems like one of the most unpopular aspects of the game. I think I'd generally agree with this - It is extremely hard to market the game when you have to explain you earn money for massive wars through selling various plants/trees etc. For...
  16. Dark_Angel

    Suggestions to increase late sign ups?

    As things stand, the majority of people who will play a round all sign up and are playing within the first 24 hours (certainly by the end of the first weekend).The number of new accounts after this (that aren't restarts) is a nominal figure compared to the bulk of people who play at round start...
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    Game Of Thrones (**Please be careful with spoilers**)

    Season 2 has just started. Discuss.
  18. Dark_Angel

    [Taken] Leaving feedback in response to Recruitment

    Responses to recruitment threads are very much welcome and you can choose to either endorse a player's request for membership or, alternatively, leave a negative review of their play style. Both types of response are bound by the same rules as any other sub-forum. Criticism of another player...
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    Max Payne 3

    One to watch?! Ha, this video brought me here.
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    Politics Thread Titles

    At the risk of sounding pedantic, could I please ask that if you create a thread in any sub-forum of 'Alliances' (I.e Politics, General Discussion etc) that you try to include the round you're talking about. The ideal format is something like "Combo vs Anagram | R41" I try to edit the names of...