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  1. Charlie_B

    Round 89 Awards

    Congrats to Ram for being rank 1, TOS for winning the round and to edd for being r1 solo. I don't really have much to say about the rest of the awards. I was going to shout out the people with the best names but slightly embarassingly it turns out they're all in LO. Honouable mentions to...
  2. Charlie_B

    Round 87 awards

    Hey FeR. Remember when you got locked for cheating, had a massive tantrum and crashed the server? To be clear, I have no evidence that anyone in OF cheated last round, and I'm certainly not using it as an excuse as to why LO didn't win. What I am saying is that you're a cheat and and griefer...
  3. Charlie_B

    Round 87 awards

    Alliance of the Round - BAM. Normally the rank 1 alliance deserves to get this, and I know there were some good people in OF, but I can't condone - or understand - choosing to play with cheats. Sadly it just leaves a question mark over your victory. BAM did well to make their daft route setup...
  4. Charlie_B

    Round 87 awards

    Well, nobody seems to have done this yet and I like having a bit of a record of the round so here we go - post away! Alliance of the Round Best Offensive Alliance Best Defensive Alliance Honourable Mention Alliance Best Leader Player of the Round - Allied Player of the Round - Solo Best...
  5. Charlie_B

    Round 86 Awards

    Alliance of the Round: TBA. I remember them being down in 6th in the early stages of the round but they managed to fight all the way through the pack to win. Best Offensive Alliance: Hmm, I remember some good isolated attacks but I'm not sure any alliance consistently impressed me. Best...
  6. Charlie_B

    Round 86 - The TBA Story

  7. Charlie_B

    New Server, New Forum!

    You can't, someone deleted them :( The Wayback Machine does have a few entries tho:
  8. Charlie_B

    Player base and state of game

    Ah, it's great to see a proper old-fashioned gripe. Makes me nostalgic.
  9. Charlie_B

    New Server, New Forum!

    How exciting. Hello everyone. o/
  10. Charlie_B

    Round 84 Awards

    I've not paid much attention since the start of the round so these are quite heavily biased in favour of the bits I did notice. Alliance of the Round - RU held on to their unexpected first place most of the round, so kudos for that. GCHQ did well to weather early beatings to come back and...
  11. Charlie_B

    50 not out

    Hello everyone, I've just realised that we're playing through the dying embers of my 50th round. I hope someone's written a song to commemorate the event. It strikes me that any of the 'old guard' still playing will have changed a lot from who they were when they first signed up to bush. Most...
  12. Charlie_B

    Civilization V

    Would anyone be up for a game some time? I've never played online (it's no fun playing with strangers) and I don't have G+K, but it could be a laugh.
  13. Charlie_B

    On the internet last week is retro
  14. Charlie_B

    Building a new PC

    Hi all, I'm starting to think about building a new computer and would be interested to know if anyone has any input on the components I'm considering. This is all pretty vague at the moment, I've not settled on anything, but here's where I'm going with so far: I haven't yet sussed out whether...
  15. Charlie_B

    Hand Gaul

    Surprised no-one's mentioned this yet. For anyone with their head in the sand/not interested in football: Ireland played France on Wednesday in a play-off to see who would qualify for the World Cup. Deep into extra time, with the scores level, a cross comes in which Thierry Henry controls with...
  16. Charlie_B


    Hello. should be: This is, of course, true for every unit - not just VDs. That is all.
  17. Charlie_B

    Urgent Facts

    Bob Dylan and Richard Nixon are conspiring with Israel to indoctrinate people into the cult of wikipedia. Their weapon of choice? the dreidel. Only Paul Gascoigne stands in the way of the end of the world. Early research has indicated that #bushtarion might in some way be responsible for...
  18. Charlie_B

    Music of 2008

    Jorizz made a thread along these lines and I picked up a couple of pretty good albums that I hadn't heard of from it, so I thought I'd revive the question for a new year: what were your favourite albums of 2008? Sadly I realised as I started to write this that I've spent most of the year...
  19. Charlie_B

    Bob Dylan Question

    Bob Dylan - I Want You What more recent song uses the same tune as this/samples it? It's been annoying me for ages!
  20. Charlie_B

    The Grand National

    I won a bit of cash last night and have decided to 'invest' it in the national, taking advantage of a couple of free bet offers on various betting sites. Is anyone else betting? I've got Contraband, Joaaci, Turko, Vodka Bleu and Philson Run in our pub sweepstakes, and a few small e/w bets on...