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  1. Ram

    How many people still play?

    Just curious if the game is still going. Also when was the last time Azzer had any input?
  2. Ram

    League of Legends

    For you DotA fans out there it's by the people behind DotA, same concept just faster and more updated ;) Have about 10 people from bush already.
  3. Ram

    Gov Defence while in sleep

    We can't defend allies while in sleep so niether should the gov.
  4. Ram

    LOndon kings cross

    Can anyone give me a lift from kings cross to fenchurch in about an hour? And yes I am serious :/
  5. Ram

    Favourite Apps & Games

    What are your favourite apps and games? (Smartphones) ;o
  6. Ram

    Best Cry Evah
  7. Ram

    Discworld ftw!

    They finally get rank one! :O
  8. Ram

    Big Boy Bounties

    With the introduction of the big boy bounties this means that people could go against their weak route and still atleast break even if not profit. This needs to be removed or reduced significantly.
  9. Ram

    iPhone problem

    I know a few of you have iphones and was wondering if any of you have had this problem.
  10. Ram

    Broken Bounty?

    Attacking ---- [range] 3,548,628 hostile Striker attacked, killing 665,325 allied staff. [range] 733,543 hostile Terrorist attacked, killing 4,580,663 allied staff. [range] 3,930,059 allied Terrorist attacked, killing 11,985,194 hostile staff. [range] 381,062 hostile Siren sang out, freezing in...
  11. Ram

    Defender Bounty

    If you send on a target +2 they're bounty is reduced significantly, right? and any defenders get half of the targets bounty, does this still apply even with mod?
  12. Ram


    Most of you will know that I don't have time to play as of late, which means this is my time to quit. I might be back in a few rounds, but depending on what job I end up with after this training, I might never be back. I might pop in IRC or come along in the forums once in awhile, who knows...
  13. Ram

    Show/Hide button

    I don't know if this has been suggested before, and sorry if it has. But when I was looking at my alliances intel thread it has the following layout of alliances; ID - Name - Route Thats for 20 members for each ally, you may just say, use a list, but tbh, I prefer that way. It would work like...
  14. Ram

    Forum Game: Change a letter

    The object of the game is to make a new word by changing a letter in the previous word For eg: Person 1: chatter Person 2: shatter Person 3: shutter If the going gets tough you can also use *double letters* such as st, ch, tt etc You can also * re-arrange the letters * add or...
  15. Ram


    I can't be bothered to give you a summary. Basically, its an MMOFPS. One of my scores; (I'm iPwn.) Dare you challenge me? :o
  16. Ram

    Hedgehog Launch 2

    Can you beat my score? I had to sit there for 22min for it to finish! THIS MUST BEEN DONE IN FREEMODE, IT ENDS ONCE YOU REACH MARS IN STORY!
  17. Ram

    Get to the cake II

    Find a way to the cake! Mine:
  18. Ram

    The slogan game

    The purpose of this game is to find slogans and take them out of context by using them as condom slogans. When replying, state the company name + " Condoms - " + slogan. I'll start us off: Subway Condoms - Eat fresh. Nike Condoms - Just do it. Applebees Condoms - Eatin' good in the...
  19. Ram

    Average day in my alliance

    hah, better quality
  20. Ram

    Forum Game: Get to the cake

    Get to the cake.