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  1. Elderveld

    Round 59 awards

    Ah yes, the best time of the round has come again. *grabs popcorn* Alliance of the round Best Offensive Alliance Best Defensive Alliance Honourable Mention Alliance Worst Alliance Best Leader Worst Leader Player of the Round - Allied Player of the Round - Solo Best Offensive Player Best...
  2. Elderveld

    [Available] Hi

    i'm bored, anyone got something to do for me next round? :P
  3. Elderveld

    [Available] Pnap

    Looking for a NAP or 2 :-) activity is random each day, but about 5-6 hours spread over the day :) no expectations from u, just a bit active and a fun chat, plus some attacking would be fun :)
  4. Elderveld

    That moment when...

    the game is in its week off, and yet you find yourself still refreshing each tick, at least once... as a solo...
  5. Elderveld

    Help me get festival tickets!

    I can win tickets to a festival, but i need your help! go to this page: Like the page (it will reload instant) and then hit 'STEM' (vote). Then u can unlike the page if u want, but the page itself only posts about 5 times a year, and only this time...
  6. Elderveld

    R44 awards!

    Round almost over! It's that time again! * Alliance of the round * Best Offensive Alliance * Best Defensive Alliance * Honourable Mention Alliance * Worst Alliance * Best Leader * Worst Leader * Player of the Round - Allied * Player of the Round - Solo * Best Offensive Player * Best Defensive...
  7. Elderveld

    Creating own game

    So basicly, i wanna educate myself in some coding w/e. I wanna try and build something bush-like. Not as the game itself, but a web-based text game. I have been google'ing some time now. But all i can find is crap. Basicly, i need to know wich program i need, were i can find some tutorials...
  8. Elderveld

    [Recruiting] Elderveld and Max's ally

    Hi, and welcome. So u decided to take your chances on getting in this private group of gentlemens. Pleas take a seat and fill in this application form while u wait. 1. Are you capable of being 'fun'? 2. Can u tell me a good joke? 3. Wat is your activity next round? (trick question) 4. Are...
  9. Elderveld


    I cant seem to find it, in forums and/or manual. so: Does anyone know or where can i find the full tutorial steps and its awards! i forgot:P
  10. Elderveld

    Counter the contactability frustration!

    Cause the overall community/player base have problems whit the high contactability of FTW alliance players (or top players in general) I might of have a solution, or an idea to counter it. When logging in after a offline period longer than 1,5hours. You cannot send a defence/attack mob for 1...
  11. Elderveld

    Sleep mode

    Ok did i miss something? I thought u cannot hit sleep mode whilst attacking?
  12. Elderveld

    Bush advertising

    Okay, so we all know the game is becomming less and less active. More players stop than begin. And the number of alliances drop each round. We now have "1" FTW alliance, and im not sure if they were fully FTW even. I think thats lame. And i like this game to much for it just to let it die...
  13. Elderveld

    Half the round duration

    Since the rounds are pretty much over after 1, mayb 2 weeks, can we just set the rounds to 1 month, or 1,5 months? I think everyone would agree the first week(s) are more fun. f it, lets reduce alliance size to 15 aswell. And public after one week! or only rank 1. not like its ever gonna...
  14. Elderveld

    [Recruiting] R43 Alliance

    Yes thats rite, i am gonna (try) and lead an alliance for NEXT round. Current round is already over. So i am planning for next round already! Next round FTF semi FTW. Mainly going FTF, but im sure whit my plans we will be shooting FTW. Decent activity is required. Contactable prefered...
  15. Elderveld

    New alliance war decleration

    An issue wich was already said in the beginning, and now happend today aswell (both sides used it now!) is: when declaring war, u can resign it anytime u recieve retalls or stop attacking! It was easly abused, so i came up whit a new form of it. When declaring war, u have to set a time on how...
  16. Elderveld

    maffia wars game on Facebook!

    So a friend of mine introduced this game to me, got hooked rite away. I think most of u know this game already, and probably already high level. So im asking if u are playing and like to add me to ur facebook and maffia. Cause i could u some help! :P Join My Mafia...
  17. Elderveld

    R33 name theme!

    Okay i got approached by someone, and alot of u aswell! A nice name theme! yes for round 33, just for the fun of it, to see how many people will join us! And to promote it, i was asked to make a forum tread! (i kinda suggested it aswell:P) okay here it comes! For next round, we all want u to...
  18. Elderveld

    [Available] Need a home next round!

    Okay so yeah, i am currently having a 'break' round. Getting bored! So i need a home next round, FTW OFC! drop a pm or irc! doei
  19. Elderveld

    best players atm

    so, kind of part 2 of a tread fwew rounds back... but that was from players all time. If you could pick any 20 players CURRENTLY playing this round, who you think are the best ? and why?
  20. Elderveld

    Ally pols / Journal / Massage buttons!

    Wat is miss, or wat could come in VERRY handy. Is BUTTONS! you know, the [Bold] [italic] quickstuff ect. type in any ID select it and hit [ID] button to automaticly give you the correct format ect!