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  1. Gooner

    [Available] Gooner seeks ally with GSOH

    Hi, so I'm going to Australia for a while and wont be majorly active but I'll be on here and there so can provide some night cover throughout the round...probably looking at a rank 3-5 ally nothing Ftw or with contactability. can provide IRC activeness cheers
  2. Gooner

    Hottest Women

    I'll start things off :) 5'9 Canadian actress Katrina Bowden, yum.
  3. Gooner

    New laptop (websites)(deals)

    Hey guys I'm looking to get a new laptop not exceeding £375. I've found a few websites which seem pretty decent although very few laptops with dedicated graphics alongside a good processor. and I've been looking at just wondered if anyone knows any other sites...
  4. Gooner

    [Taken] Pnapz

    So i'm looking to have a chilled out round start while I sort out real life **** wondered if anyone is in the same boat to have a relaxed time defending attacking and stuff without any hassle :) Im likely to be active 3+ hours GMT+1 SA route probably
  5. Gooner

    [Taken] Available for active play

    Finished college on study leave so will be sat at the computer for god knows how long each day...8+ hours likely weekdays Also now have free internet on phone so contactable :) Looking for either naps/solo group or an ally. Bai.
  6. Gooner

    [Taken] Next round Pnaps

    Not going to be amazingly active...around 5 hours need a couple naps to chill with get some joint mobs out and stuff Should have IRC although msn would suffice chuck me a pm :)
  7. Gooner

    Brittany Murphy dead aged 32 :O WTF :(
  8. Gooner

    Paranormal activity

    This was the scariest film I have ever seen... 10/10 no doubt the whole audience was jumping and screaming even had me an my mates freaked out which was pretty impressive. From the film side the first 20 minutes are pretty poor with the background kinda stuff similar to cloverfield That aside...
  9. Gooner

    Search page staff stats

    just a niggly thing but the Total score damage had done to: doesnt have a £ before the number :)
  10. Gooner


    Well it's a British film I thought i'd give it a watch and i've found it to be suprisingly good the gore on the first death was awful and it goes through periods of looking cheap but overall it was pretty decent...the storyline is pretty mediocre but some of the deaths I laughed at and others i...
  11. Gooner

    Search page copy

    when searching for targets on the search page its quite a bore to have to click on one id then haxxor him then go to search again and keep doing this. there a chance of maybe clicking the id next to a name on the search page which then puts the id in a box at the bottom of the page so i...
  12. Gooner

    Which is better before or after?

    It was coincidence that i paused the screen at that moment but I didnt move it but I want opinions :) so guys...before or after? :P
  13. Gooner

    [Available] Naps Round 33

    I need 2 naps pref Euro zone :) pm me for more details
  14. Gooner

    [Full] Age 2 ally

    We need more members :D come join the legend which is Lupus and lets win this thing :) Hit me up on irc or pm me on teh forums
  15. Gooner

    Change to military page

    As a briber I have a lot of different troops however I don't want to send these bribed troops out on defence or to attack at the moment. Therefore I suggest a way to somehow collapse certain troops (maybe to the bottom of the page with the unit name) so that it's easier to navigate around the...
  16. Gooner

    Who woulda thought it - PossibleTopgear "spoiler"

    Michael Schumacher is the stig :O :O omgwtfbbq
  17. Gooner


    When I change my sig is it supposed to change instantaniously? I dun want Miley Cyrus no more :(
  18. Gooner

    [Full] Not Recruiting R32

  19. Gooner

    What computer components to get?

    Hi so ive got around £500-£600 max to get a half decent gaming computer =] monitor not needed I couldnt decide to get 2gb ddr3 ram with xp or 4gb ddr2 with vista ive been advised a Geforce graphics card but im not much good with specs Is amd 64 x2 better than intel dual core for gaming? Thanks...