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  1. timtadams

    [BUG] - URL parsing

    Well, lets get back into it aye? Something small to get things rolling. if a link is posted with the HTTP protocol using the URL tag the colon is removed. So if im in FF and copy a link from the address bar i get: if i wrap that in URL tags, the link...
  2. timtadams

    [Recruiting] R56 Ramble On - An up and coming FTF free for all

    So I was apparently tasked with making a recruitment thread. Basically if you can't be ****ed with this round, just sign up for Ramble On. And we can talk more ****, banter and jerk around whenever you bother logging in. Join the likes of lilow, dimtard and myself. I'm pretty sure the only...
  3. timtadams

    PCMag, cheap laptops

    Seems to be a common theme around here, so it might be worth a read if you're interested. The best laptops under $500 Probably worth noting that these reviews are at RRP, so if you look properly you can find better deals of better laptops under $500. But might be a good starting point for...
  4. timtadams

    Round 53 Battle Reports

    I'll get it kick started for this round with this little gem, Battle Report - Defending [some legend] After discovering that there was no-one to fight, we decided to give Azzer a prank call. Unfortunately, he didn't answer either.
  5. timtadams

    All these console rumours... So apparently Apple and Google are interested in making some cheapo 'console' to play their phone/tablet based apps on a big screen...
  6. timtadams


    I just watched ps4 conference which was back on Feb. And since there is no thread, here we go. 8 core, 64 bit modified 'Jaguar' AMD CPU GPU has peak performance of 1.84 TFLOPS 8 GB GDDR5 RAM Blah blah blah, whatever. Basically a high end PC. Which means it's much easier for developers to...
  7. timtadams

    Round 48 Battles

    I'll get this show kicked off with this awesome effectiveness gain. Battle Report - Defending ME [XXX] [close] 25 allied Yob attacked, disabling 1 hostile staff. Disabled: 1 [£6,000] enemies disabled. You gained 0.01 fame. Until anyone can top that I will be available for autographs...
  8. timtadams

    Prometheus (movie) - *spoilers*

    I just wanted to hear what other people thought of this movie, because I though it was utter crap. First of all, there was the whole first world educated problem of "I really wanted to enjoy this movie, but it's too scientifically inaccurate". I know I shouldn't expect much, but it felt like...
  9. timtadams

    Android Apps

    Hi all I thought I'd create this post as sort of resource for Android users. If I need an app for something the first thing I do is browse the internet to look for forum discussions, instead of searching Google play. There are often too many choices to download and try so I thought it would be...
  10. timtadams

    Just some Bushtarion history

    Hey Everyone, I reset my password just so I could log in and post this. But before you get carried away THIS IS NOT EVERYTHING. I wish I could get it all but I can’t. Here is a collection of Bushtarion War-Stories that I was able to get off They were posted over the time...
  11. timtadams

    R44 names

    None funny as yet. I like: uwop3p1sdn~WI~3W~dl3H clever. I remember Enigma wanted to make this his bush ID years ago but hasnt played since! Nice to see it.
  12. timtadams

    Filter HQ mails

    This is a suggestion to add the ability to filter mail to show HQ mails only. Currently, if i want to show all mail by ID 1234, I just type '1234' in the 'Filter From:' box and click 'Show'. And that works fine. I want to be able to filter HQ IDs also. So for example, I want to show all mail...
  13. timtadams

    AR increases

    I know there are like a million threads on AR, but I couldn't find what I was looking for, so... What is the increase in AR for damage taken in defence and offence? From what I recall from the days of solo is that the AR increase due to loses while attacking is less than that from defending...
  14. timtadams

    Fix Alliance logs filtering

    ok, maybe im doing it wrong, but, its not working properly. I filter the logs by donations. And I have multiple pages to go to. I went through the first page copy pasting into excel. No biggie. Then i click for page 2. And it removes the filter! So if i want to do the rest of the donations, i...
  15. timtadams

    FAT32 HDD >32GB in Windows

    Windows does not like a FAT32 drive bigger than 32GB. I can easily format a large HDD as FAT32 using freeware. However i want to create an image of my PS3 40GB FAT32 HDD. While Windows recognises a connected FAT32 drive, as far as it is concerned, it is unallocated (rather than formatted as...
  16. timtadams

    NLD/NLT strip for LET?

    Ive wondered about this quite a number of times. Can NLD/NLT strip for LET? E.g. Hippy vans stripping for hypnos. Initially i would think not... But the mechanics would be simpler if there was only variable for each armour and health, and then the unit is either killed or distracted...
  17. timtadams

    Intel Level

    First a tiered concept... Concept involves adding tiers to intel level. The higher your tier, the more likely you are to avoid being detected when you hack/spy/driveby/flyover, as well as increasing your ability to detect who is hacking/etc you So, implementation.... After you have developed...
  18. timtadams

    Un-Nerf bunkers

    They are sooo crap now No-one goes them, not even a lonely solo. Only bunker I've seen this round is a bot. They may as well be a striker. That way, they can attack, and can send out to save themselves. Bunkers were never overpowered, they had their weaknesses, just like everything else. They...
  19. timtadams

    Remove bounty cap if attack is honourable

    I attacked at 65%. I know, shame on me. Two people defended my target (SO target, POM and dragon defenders). The total combined value of defenders is now about 286% of me. They didnt send everything, but needless to say, im now not taking on 65% of me. Of course, i didnt know they hadnt sent...
  20. timtadams

    Windows Language Help?

    Im posting here in the hope that my problem will magically disappear while i distract myself from smashing this university computer to pieces. F*** Miscrosoft has me on the edge. I am just trying to write a document, in English. Yet, for some reason Microsft keeps changing my line to Russian...