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  1. Souls

    Happy Birthday Podunk!

    Oregon power!
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    ID 1 is a cheater

    He starts with 20 more acres than everyone and is immune to drive-bys. I will not stand for this injustice. If this game is supposed to be fair then why does he start off so much more strongly than everyone else?!
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    New Computer

    Mostly looking to Weeble or Markb for this one, but just wanting a second (or third :P) opinion on what I'm about to spend a bunch of money on. Motherboard: ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO AM3 AMD 785G HDMI ATX AMD Motherboard - $99.99...
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    Souls is tired.

    He commands one of you underlings to sleep. Sleep, my peons. Sleep. Let your dreams fly with the night. Forget your daughters.
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    I herd u liek mudkipz.
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    Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill RIP, Gulf of Mexico :(
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    WTB Intel

    Can we have the ability to buy however many intel reports that we want? Honestly, I'm tired of buying in increments of 150. We're limited to how many time we can scan someone already :P
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    [Available] Souls available, inquire within

    I have surplus Souls, must be gotten rid of. EVERYTHING MUST GO. You haul. - Good Quality - Not Damned - Some might be a little damaged, you can just toss those tho. Please come and get them off my hands. They will be sitting out front with a large sign that says "PLEASE PICK ME UP", no...
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    Mibbit and Netgamers

    This is more a question directed at Markb, but does Netgamers limit the amount of connections from Mibbit based on where they're coming from, or just Mibbit in general? I know this was a problem you got around, and I'm curious about using it for a league that I'm in that wants to set up an IRC...
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    DotA - Defense of the Ancients

  11. Souls

    ^o^ have declared war on our alliance!

    I'll crush you like a bug! BRING IT OOOOOOONNNNNNNN:evil:
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    I need some more stuff to listen to, and I trust all your tastes - so fire away! :D
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    Veteran Player award bug

    Do Private worlds count towards your seasoned player/veteran player awards? I'm thinking that they do, unintentionally, because I have 7 W1 rounds and I already have my veteran player award. :P
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    Serious business poll

    [15:14] <Calamity> most girls are indeed cuter with something in their mouth WELL?!
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    Forums need more orange.

    If this thread isn't orange each time I refresh, the world shall end! LET THE ORANGE ENSUE
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    Your Favorite Web Browser

    Just a fun little poll. While I'm expecting Firefox to surge ahead in popularity I'm curious to see what other browsers you guys use, and why, if you feel like explaining. ;) I was using Firefox up until today, when I realized that I had slow load times no matter what I tried to free up. I...
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    Data Scrambler Upgrade

    As of current, the data scrambler is useless. So upgrade it! In addition to scrambling alliance news and hax, also scramble the alliance score and acres on the Alliance Rankings page.
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    [Available] Applying for R33

    I need a place to contribute nothing this round. My resume includes about 8 rounds of doing nothing, and can be seen here:
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    "My keyboard types backward in firefox!"

    e!em pleh noemos (: yhw dnatsrednu t'nod i dna ,xoferif ni sdrawkcab gipyt si draobyek yM
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    Go away :evil: