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  1. Zer0

    Round end cheater killing

    Killing cheater Battle Report - xxx [close] 43,289,087 allied Secret Agent attacked, killing 2,559,505 hostile staff. [close] 36,343 allied Geo-Phys Thief stole 558 land. [72] tree. [409] bush. [36] flower. [41] grass. [0] uncultivated. Died: 2,559,505 [£58,337,633,400] enemies dead. You...
  2. Zer0

    Found another cheater

    Battle Report - Defending Cheating Donator [ABCD] [close] 3,292 allied Terrorist attacked, killing 15,600 hostile staff. [close] 7,071 allied Jeep attacked, killing 5,755 hostile staff. [close] 11,961 allied White Knight attacked, slaying 124,050 hostile staff. [close] 2,819,031 hostile Cloner...
  3. Zer0

    If you were to give a 1~2 line description to a new Bush player for every unit ...

    ... what would you say? Pick some of your favorite units and give a quick 2 line description: Ranger: only hits LET, tanky and slow Terrorist Leader: Jack of all trades, cheap and with enough you can kill anything that fires after you Tyrant Drones: If these bad boys fire, you prob lost...
  4. Zer0

    Good job

    I just wanted to make a thread saying that NNC is doing a very good job securing its rank 1. We tried various different types of rushes and they were very active and defended well. All of our stealth rushes are noticed by the tick mark and I just want to say that if you guys can keep this up...
  5. Zer0

    Deleted Post

    Is there any particular reason the post regarding to DVS cheating was deleted? Either way he wasn't deleted and someone just deleted the post, wtf?
  6. Zer0

    Calling out to ASMO - Requesting to ban cheater

    Kevin / DVS outright cheating with his POM multi and this is the previous thread (which I cannot quote due to its closure)
  7. Zer0


    Can this still be a thing where we keep r1 up all night? :?:?:mrgreen:
  8. Zer0

    [Recruiting] Round 59 Casuals

    PM for details, casual ally
  9. Zer0

    Quick Question (not useful just curious)

    If ally sends gardeners to defend you, do these gardeners plant for your company? :?