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    Here we are...

    Well, I'm sure today folks would have wished you had cancer and azzer came back... but Happy Birthday anyway Dax. p.s. for the record, i wished for neither of those things. inb4 trolls, ad hominem, etc etc.
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    51 awards discussions

    inb4 inevitable thread split. was wondering how long it'd take cyrus to jump in on the hate train. our little 'spat' has nothing to do with how i led an alliance. I may have earned the award from my members, but you're just an idiot. it shows. don't worry, I have a little post for you later...
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    Steam Addicts Anonymous

    I have a steam problem. I have gotten in on so many sales that I can't work and possibly play them all. Please, send help, send money, so that I may quit my job and finish these games!
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    Round 50 Awards discussion

    constant k/r suggestions from tiger? i've never seen that before. golly!
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    [Full] The Spanish Inquisition!

    *sigh* I can't believe I'm doing this... again. Please read all the way through. This post is heavily lifted from my recruitment thread for round 31 (the last time I gloriously led). I'm posting a bit early to see if there is interest and to give me time to wake up from the insanity. Ever...
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    Dachi's Birthday

    Happy Birthday my Viking Friend, I will always remember Tana getting a call from my youngest's teacher that week you stayed with us in the U.S. "we're concerned about your son. says he's not sleeping because vikings have taken his bed. we know your son has an active imagination, but this is...
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    Heppy Birfdey

    Souls, To one of the many loves in my life, i will think of you when i go to sleep tonight.
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    Toby's Day

    To the grumpy old troll who lives under my bridge... I love you.
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    Happy f0xx Day

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    Happy Birthday Fa.. Dax!

    have fun or something.
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    now for a real and important message

    while everyone is pussyfooting around about the (beyond) sad state of bush and throwing lame insults and inanity... real stuff is happening... disney bought lucasfilm. star wars 7 will star mickey mouse. regardless of the poor shambles of prequels... i will cry if there are cheesesabers :( i...
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    Captain of the Punch.

    Happy Bday CF
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    Cakeday 4 Atsanjose

    you magnificent bastage.
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    bushtarion apathy

    ...meh... nevermind
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    Marvin! :o

    22 yrs... you sexy *******!
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    good luck in round 44!

    die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die that is all.
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    <Garrett>: ooh hamilton made it to 23 <Garrett>: i bet he never thought he'd see the day! <Dimitar>: go make a birthday thread, Garrett So yeah! Happy Birthday and don't forget your inhaler!
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    I thought there was a change made (pretty sure it was talked about long ago) that if someone puts you on ignore they can no longer message you. Sadly doesn't seem to be the case. Well if anything was done, this would be a great addition. Sometimes it's funny tho. This 'adult's tears often...
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