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    It's round 60

    So where are all the... big battle reports? big land steals? Where is the drama?!
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    [Available] Veteran Player

    Hello, any alliance hiring? I kinda miss this game so I figured I give it another go. Back in the days, the player base seemed much larger. Not sure how fun the game still is... But I'm very familiar with how the game works and all that jazz. I'll be fairly active, but whether I go ftw or ftf...
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    [Taken] Looking for Alliance

    Just signed up for an ID and looking for an alliance. Active, Contactable, GMT -8 Pacific Time, Flexible on route.
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    [Taken] Seeking aliance for round 44

    Hello, I am seeking either a very active FTF alliance or a potentially FTW alliance for this round. I understand the mechanics of the game, defend well, and am contactable and can be very active. Also, as far as routes, within a certain range I'm flexible. Please send me in-game mails to...
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    [Taken] I'm back!

    Looking for an ally for round 33, not playing FTW, possibly a training or FTF ally would be best. my activity is much less than usual this round, and contactibility is not always an option. experience with most routes, and willing to go any route needed, (preferance goes to vamps though)...
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    [Taken] Looking for FTW Ally round 32

    I'm looking for a very active, ftw alliance for the round 32, I can be very active myself (10-12 hours a day) and I will be contactable ! I would prefer to play PoMs, but any other major FTW ally route work too depending on the need of the alliance. cheers, MrDark