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  1. 'Tiger'

    [Recruiting] Takers..

    I'll potentially play should I get any worthwhile offers. I'm undecided on whether I'll play start or not. Pretty sure I'd be active and contactable as normal if I got the right offer. PM me.
  2. 'Tiger'

    Tiger PW

    So I currently have a PW. Message me if you want to join.
  3. 'Tiger'

    R57 Awards

    It's the end of another round and so the trend must go on of the awards. Alliance of the round Best Offensive Alliance Best Defensive Alliance Honourable Mention Alliance Worst Alliance Best Leader Worst Leader Player of the Round - Allied Player of the Round - Solo Best Offensive...
  4. 'Tiger'

    [Available] Looking for a tavern!

    Looking for somewhere. - R53 Contactable Can be on any time of day (I do nothing at work) UK
  5. 'Tiger'

    [Available] R52

    I am looking to play next round. So depending on the offers depends on the activity. What will I offer for next round; Active (My activity will vary depending on the offer. I will offer top activity if the offer is right and with the right players - like a few rounds ago - Flamey/Max will...
  6. 'Tiger'

    [Taken] Seeking a home!

    After missing 46 days of the round due to family problems then starting a new job, Im back. About me: I suck (Big time) Active-ish Contactable-ish Euro
  7. 'Tiger'

    Call of Duty - Ghosts

    Anyone got it on Xbox?
  8. 'Tiger'

    [Full] Round 50

    Yes, I'm around for next round. Few details: UK Fully contactable Active A lot of experience IRC active Message me on here if interested :)
  9. 'Tiger'

    [Recruiting] If anyone needs..

    As you all know, I had an awful time leading Adram. Then I died cause I failed to read a mass mail half asleep at ~3am then personal problems forced me to quit. Im back, and if anyone needs me, then take me. If not, I couldn't care less :) If no one knows me (Hard to believe): UK Contactable...
  10. 'Tiger'

    [Recruiting] Adramalech

    Im looking for 3 replacements. Must be: -Active -IRC active (Recommended) -Contactable (Strongly recommended) Any TZ considered. Message myself if interested.
  11. 'Tiger'

    'Xbox One' Who else is disappointed? Especially if anyone watched the live release like me. BIGGEST waste of my time. They didnt express on the price of the console. The new COD is practically MW3 but with better graphics, and not much different design to the...
  12. 'Tiger'

    R48 Awards

    Yes, it's that time again. Another round is drawing a close, and so is the time to give those people an award, for who they deserve: * Alliance of the round * Best Offensive Alliance * Best Defensive Alliance * Honourable Mention Alliance * Worst Alliance * Best Leader * Worst Leader * Player...
  13. 'Tiger'

    THE Sir Alex Ferguson

    Im pretty sure you all have heard the news, if not; Sir Alex Ferguson has resigned as the role of Manchester United Manager. Who do you think will replace the legend? Jose Mourinho? David Moyes? Jürgen Klopp? Clear replacement for me is Moyes, with Mourinho going back to Chelsea, which again...
  14. 'Tiger'


    Hello all, just something that has been bothering me: I know Vamp and SA have the same init, so when a Vamp attacks an SA, the SA fires first, and so fourth with the SA and Vamp. But my question is; who will fire first between the SA and the Vamp if both of them was to attack together?
  15. 'Tiger'

    Tiger's World

    Standard, 7 days, 1019 ticks, 10min ticks, 25trill funds, 25k acres, open tech trees blah de blah. Pure outcome is destruction everywhere, before the boring part of world 1. 20 members, say yes if your in. I will only make it if I have enough people. PS: Debating for 5-10min ticks...
  16. 'Tiger'

    R47 BR's

    Il kick it off then... Battle Report - Defending WLZB alliance member [middle] 70,462,860 allied RPG Trooper attacked, killing 23,774,844 hostile staff. [middle] 10,000,000 allied Mummy attacked, killing 10,581,875 hostile staff. [middle] 40,000,000 allied Striker attacked, killing 7,412,095...
  17. 'Tiger'

    Tiger's P-World

    Im thinking about doing another P-World...only due to the fact im bored as ****. Just seeing who'd be interested...
  18. 'Tiger'

    Round 45 Battle Reports

    This new thread made...just for Elderveld!
  19. 'Tiger'

    R45 Names

    Bit early but a few names have now being signed up and seeing if anyone likes any names?:P Kicking things off; I Forgot She Told Me To Stop
  20. 'Tiger'

    Tiger's and Godsends PW! R44

    Welcome, Basically, me and Godsend are gradually getting less enjoyment out of World 1 right now, and so thought of creating a PW together to bring some enjoyment back, to ourselves and to other members of the game. The PW is currently not created yet, but we decided to see who would care to...