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    [Available] Next Round

    I might feel like playing for an hour or so a day. Not contactable. Might use IRC if I can be convinced to whilst online. Thats about it.
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    Intentional Triggering

    Nice to see it back again.....
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    Reinstate Christmas Break (Petition)

    Apparently people don't want this. I am shocked and appalled at the late notice of its removal. [Edit by DA 18/1/2012] This thread has been reopened in the form of a petition - Please vote either way on whether you would like Christmas break reinstating and feel free to provide your...
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    [Available] Alliance

    Looking for an alliance to join. Active, contactable ect ect. Catch me on IRC or PM
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    [Available] Somewhere to Idle

    Just looking for a channel to idle in other than #bushtarion whilst im not playing. pm in irc. K.Thx.Bai
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    MY K/D ratio is bigger than YOUR K/D ratio

    None cares twigley kThxBai
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    Happy BDay DA

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    Mob notes on overview

    This will probably get flamed as it benefits solos. But simple really. Mob notes next to incomings on your overview, can be used by solos or allied. Laziness idea basically i guess.
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    Alliance Listings

    Im sure there was one before, but can we add (on each alliance public profile page) a 'back to alliance listings' link. I keep going to request to join an alliance when trying to return to the alliance listings page.