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    Played long ago.

    I’m from Gloucestershire, but only know of a few others who’ve not played for many many years.
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    New Server, New Forum!

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    I'm out.

    I shall be saying farewell as soon as this round ends, currently in a new job which leaves me little or no time to play at all. I'd like to say thanks to my current lineup: GAZZY, nopjes, redlion, ryan, lee, sith, martin, nicket, felix, jono, dachi, nici, antisback, and reaper. I'd also like...
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    Happy birthday Atsan!

    Happy birthday Satan! XD:drinking:
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    [Available] pnap required.

    Need a solo partner playing robotics (PA/Nanos preferred). Any timezone, any experience (if I know you, that's a bonus) due to unexpectedly losing a Pnap. Activity fluctuates, so it's obviously more helpful to be between 4-5 hours a day at this stage of the round. Could also use a Striker. PM...
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    [Taken] R49

    Not decided what I'm going to be doing, but right now I'll be starting the round solo, if you want to give me a home I'm available, otherwise two pnaps are required :P
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    [Recruiting] Madafaka

    RPG night cover required.
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    It's his birthday and he'll cry if he wants to.

    Happy birthday Hamilton, nub.
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    [Recruiting] R48

    Okay, So recruiting again, as have had one or two people having to drop out due to other priorities which take over. Feel free to message me with your info, and I'll get back asap.
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    Happy birthday LAFiN

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    Merry Xmas and a happy New Year

    Hope you all have a great Christmas and a fantastic new years! :D Much love <3
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    R47 Names

    Same shizz, different round... Personally haven't came across any that have made me chuckle just yet, maybe you have? :D
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    [Full] Alliance

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    When did this happen?

    Either I have been completely oblivious for the past few years, or this is new, when did this happen!? :o
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    R46 Names

    Nobody has created this thread yet, So I'll get the ball rolling :D - she's wetter than a spastics chin ... actually made me chuckle
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    Happy birthday...

    .... Scorpio. Enjoy your day :)
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    [Recruiting] Come join.

    Ok, So I've decided I'll play a little this round, and have decided to make an alliance. Anyone interested should either PM me on here, or on IRC (Nightmare). Mwah. X
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    Baby Andrew is here!

    Well, after the the long wait of more than 9 months, and my also known leave of the game for god knows how long.. Baby Andrew is finally here.. Here are a few images; I surely hope you're happy for me... Thanks... D.O.B: 11/12/09 Time: 04:16 Weight: 8lb 15oz
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    Everybody loves...

    JEFF K. A must read:
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    Happy Birthday SadYear

    Happy Birthday matey! Have fun, enjoy etc. etc.. x