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And finally, a "portal profile" page for one of the players of the game, Dematto.
Users can make all of their previous IDs public, upload a photo/avatar of themselves, and put up a little bit of information on themselves.
You can also easily mail them from this page (after logging in).

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Bushtarion - Free online multiplayer strategy game
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Dematto is an Official Helper of Bushtarion.
Real Name: Mattijn Lahuis
Signup Date: Fri 29th Jul, 2005. 21:00:28 GMT
Birthday: 3 January 1988. Current age: 18.
About: erm..
ID History:
World ID Title Highest
W1, R19 niW_ehT_r of sretsaM_teppuP [2] Proper 30,653 6,057 Crazy_Diamonds
W1, R18 The_Delicious_Taste of Cookies [27] Glorious 7,401 2,810
W1, R17 The_Delicious_Taste of Melted_Cheese [1918] Kind 4,552 1,352
W1, R16 one_t of ear [386] Nobody 10,193 6,620
W1, R15 Proud_Leader of My_Loyal_Members [345] Fair 4,362 4,362
Tick: 00:10:00 GMT
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