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Default Ailihphilia: End to End it looks the same! |R31

//about posting in this section

ok this is 'general discussions' under the 'alliances' heading. so i'm putting my round story here instead of in 'politics'. I view that 'politics' should be for current round happenings and usual BS. The stories would be/are lost inbetween the other threads and I think should be moved here.

end about posting//

FIRST AND FOREMOST: Whether you were in Ailihphilia for an hour or in for the duration - Thank you. The mid of the round did kinda suck the wind out of our sails, but we started large and we ended large. It couldn't have happened without your part and after all that is said and done I can do nothing but express gratitude.

Sorry folks, but there aren't quite enough palindromes to tell the story and make it have any sense. I also have no time right now to invent moar! For now, a summary will have to do.

Well originally I had quit and was going to stick to that, but I wanted the chance to work with some familiar faces and get some new blood possibly. I recruited with no prejudice and it was first come first serve. I gave everyone a clean slate to start the round in my mind because I wanted very much just to enjoy the game and not be burdened with contempt and dislike. So I didn't ask anyone to join and just posted a thread asking any and everyone to join if they had any interest. No true 1st round noobies joined, but 1 or 2 that hadn't been here long.

I wanted an inactive alliance that didn't have ambition of looking towards the top. I just wanted a group of brawlers that would always be looking for a fight. We would be low in value and attack at our leisure and not have to worry about politics of 'the top'. I wanted to just talk to and rely on my group of 19 mates. Once we were full, I had plenty of recruit offers, but I couldn't trust any of them as we were higher ranked than I thought possible and I judged everyone as just wanting to bolt for their potential future. So I tried to spare most people from future disappointment. It just pissed most of em off, screw it. I'd rather have 20 people not logged in as long as they were the 20 i could count on when we were logged in.

Boy was I ****ing wrong. I am not sure how, though. when Toby brought up the possibility of palindromes as a theme, not only did I love it but absolutely knew we just painted a big target. Plus we were nightcover light. Some dude named harvey rubbed everyone the wrong way before ticks even started, so I kicked him and brought in dinget. So that was a nice big positive step, but it didn't seem to be a game changer, plus our only goal was to have fun and attack.

We took the theme when I found a palindrome that fit. The latin phrase 'subi dura a rudibus' translates roughly to 'endure rough treatment from uncultured brutes'. As an inactive alliance, I instantly adopted that as our slogan/motto and as my own title.

I told everyone to have fun and pick their preference for their route, other than bunker. I just wanted members to sit back and enjoy themselves (as I felt they would play more than they said and want to continue to play because they were enjoying themselves). Many offered to switch what they wanted because they wanted to cover gaps they didn't like having. So we played around a bit and had quite a good setup, but would be slow and painful to build.

**round summary
Day 1: 19/20 people on for ~6 ish hours. We were rank 1 and completely surprised and started laughing because there was no way that was lasting. I posted that people *could* post contacts, but best find a pranking buddy because contactability was't a requirement. So we started to goto sleep and started to drop in the rankings.

As people started buying up to attack, our incomming started to trickle in and of course become more constant until the twilight of the first weekend and we started having guru and then on some LET. We only had 2 pom and Elle was lagging badly. Angela became very relied upon as she became more active / contactable than originally anticipated. In fact much more active (if nothing else by sheer contactability and reliability of such) than anyone would have hoped for in their wildest imaginations.

I told everyone to keep their chin up, but their heads low. As soon between killing incomming and 'the top' soon to start pulling away, we should soon see the mass incomming stop. As it was we -rightfully so- were absolutely massed, but it was funny as at times we had more id's on us than 1 alliance could send. It looked weird especially as some were staggered and some were same tick/flak boosts, but without spies yet there was no way to confirm anything. I just kept saying ride it out and we'll go ahead and start attacking soon.

I demonstrated to my alliance that if you go on offense, you stop having to worry about defense. As soon as we had any tech (pb's, and that level) we started attacking. First was s2n along with EF, but it wasn't very effective as I announced the wrong tick for the pb's to launch. It looked right in the plan, but the LT's were marked incorrectly. So we licked our wounds, tech'd some more and started attacking again as 'the top' was starting to switch around.

The more we attacked, the more people stayed around and kept playing and commented on how much more they were playing than intended and we participated on attacks on fail, rrr, s2n, enmity.... then as all that was playing out at the top, we turned our attention to AA, TIR and DW (of course?).

AA and TIR had given us incomming on and off and were generally a nuisance to us in game. So we made them stop bugging us. We would attack DW for land to try and get some income for more troops. TIR had some internal trouble and I asked Tana to restart and join my ally so I could have more nightcover (at the time it was podunk, myself, dinget, elle-ish, sporadically illumination, and toby who was my rock)

Later in the round DW did a great job of starting to organize D and make a mark for themselves. Recon surprised and impressed me this round.

We never were an acre leader, plus s2n and enmity seemed to vulture most of our attacks. So even if we found a solo, none of ours could send after because we were already being followed. No matter. We were troop heavy and always looking for a fight.

Sadly, when RaRR took the round, jj and twigs were in no shape to fight us with our troop lead. Only TIR and DW would bounce into our range and it was like the only 'attacking' we could get done. So my big mistake of the round was agreeing to attack RaRR. I had heard early on that a coup might be forming. So basically I agreed so there would be competition for acres and instead I found half my ally going inactive with about 8 wanting to go for the win suddenly.

However, I didn't want to recruit for the win and it wasn't what we set out to do. I should have never taken part in the 'resistance' either time and should have as I set out and had started to do... Do whatever in the **** I wanted to. I wanted my alliance to do well because my members deserved it, but I put too much into that and not enough into playing. So the middle 5 weeks of the round sucked.

I played too close to the vest and got mad when Hobbs left just a couple hours before I could start something I had been planning. So since I had spent time coming up with a way forward, I felt it all a waste because he left without giving me time to line someone up. Right before I could pull my trigger, I went 2 people down. I was pretty ****ing disgusted. The 2 that left were my biggest in value players and so I didn't have the will to overcome that plus dragging on a prolonged fight with s2n in trying to actively defend.

So i deleted all defense directions others did and planned a retal. I wanted my offliners to die and I wanted onliners to lose score and mitigate their losses so we wouldn't have to endure more than a few hours of waves and vultures. Incomming lasted less than 24-36, I can't remember exactly. We had smaller incomming that tried to persist for a little while, but it wasn't organized and was easily swatted away. The heavy stuff was only about 12-16 hrs, iirc.

It was better than hitting sleep mode. We dropped fast, but never lower than 6 or 7th and that was mostly due to being peopleless.

So after 4 members leaving, 2 restarting, booting 1, and bringing on a few, I started to move past the hobbs situation and look towards building the end of the round for my alliance. All the back and forth that went down is exactly what I detest about this place and knew that this would be my last round.

So back to full strength, (well semi full strength, at this point I had brought on f0xx and aGit to fill the ranks) in appearance... everyone wanted to strike out at IoaB. We tried some rushes here and there (as by this time IRL, my work hours started to increase... i wanted to become more inactive, but not delete because I was going to finish my alliance's round. I couldn't give up.) and by the last friday where ioab was still intact I knew I had to really step up our attacks and get more people and really do this or everyone would idle the round out.

So we dug deep and we started attacking an ally 2x our size. We got people on, we got people interested, we kept it up. Our rushes started becomming effective throughout the weekend and by Sunday we had started some waves. Only the LET rushes there mostly got thru and the fakes and masses recalled (Marvin had joined and thus making our job that much more difficult) and I think it was Monday, I had planned this attack with about 9-10 people (I think only 7 or 8 sent) but the few of us sent over 25 mobs - 2, 3 tick waves; 1, 2 tick wave, 2-4 other LET attacks. We stayed on our flak fakes and I think the LET attack targets came online. We got 1 or 2 kills and we lost loads of flak on one attack (but telling us where stuff was ) but the flak fakes mostly landed. This pumped people up and Marvin or no Marvin, IoaB was going to fall and I had the attack plan to kill marvin should he mess up and not send out . After starting to have some great success, I posted said success and formally declared that I wasn't going to stop until 1 ally had killed the other. Apparently during one of our mass attacks, IoaB got walloped not only by us, but others. They dutifully used sleep mode, contacts, defend all that they could, etc etc. I would stay up until 2-4 am my time to keep people up and attacking. We would not stop and they were not going to stop us.

At some point IoaB started to break and people stopped being awake and at a great height of sleep deprivation from being relied on too heavily too many days in a row... I took Marvin from his cruise and brought him home as apparently I only missed having him in the first place by a matter of minutes. Had f0xx not mail me to say that he had changed his mind, I wouldn't have reached out to Marvin. It was meant to be I guess. Marvin's only stipulation was sleep and that he not be asked to attack IoaB. Done and Done!

We had so much fun the last few weeks attacking ioab, dw, and 'of'. It started and ended a great round.

end summary**

Some last minute shouts to those at the end:

Alci and Icy: When ReRR started to tear itself apart, you came over and gave me drama and a lot of help. Icy thank you for being active right up until you rejoined Martin. Alci you drove a couple off and I wished that situation could have been different, but you also paid your taxes and helped me finish when I needed you. Thank you too you big lug, you know you rock.

Ogluk: Thanks for restarting and playing with us. You grew fast and when we were ready to start something again, you were there for us on both offense and defense. You helped us move forward and have my gratitude. (altho the holiday seemed to come from no where, we sure did miss you the last couple weeks! you missed half the fun)

Ranzou: Thanks for coming in and taking up space! You also provided entertainment and some very nice troops. I was always on after your most active time, but I'm glad you came in and didn't hesitate to give help!

f0xx and aGit (and to the rest of you members of aili wondering why): You two played a more important part in helping me build a strong finish in his round than you know. Morale was down across the board and I brought you two on relatively the same time. Even though your value was low, people would log in and say 'Wow, we have members'. I recruited you both for 2 very big reasons: 1) to boost morale by having more members again, 2) even with you 2 only BH'ing for your own pleasure... people would see others online and attacking. I had hoped that this would help rekindle some of what the ally had lost. At least from my own personal experience this round, you two did bring my morale up and were my own personal catalyst (if not to claim the alliance's) in being able to push forward. I can't thank either of you studs enough.

Marvin: With f0xx saying he didn't want to be active anymore, my shortlist of people I would accept into the ally was either blank or written in invisible ink. I got a crazy notion to ask and I couldn't be happier than you joined. I did try to be fair and didn't ask until after IoaB had already lost a couple members and most of the 'major' fighting had been over for a couple days. I couldn't be happier because you were such a great personality fit and it was great to have a late evening chatty room.

some other personal comments were made here for people who were with me to the end that really stood out

So OMG right? What a crazy round. We had fun smashing AA to tiny bits. We enjoyed playing with TIR and watching where the ID's would scatter. Once DW decided to start defending this round, they actually made us recall sometimes ! oh noes!

We never looked to attack any alliance other than s2n or enmity while they were out. Most of the round the attacks weren't all that organized, but when we decided to start hitting IoaB. I finally took it as a matter of pride and got in there with a will to win. IoaB was always going to have a war. The extra alliances just brought the end quicker, but honestly our momentum shift and power change had already happened. (hence other alliances. had we not weakened you to begin with, they probably wouldn't have sent on you like they were picking on carcasses)

Toby, dinget, podunk, nickk, mattm and myself I think sent the most consistent at first. (possibly ogluk too, didn't do a whole lot of documenting this round) Others sent often too, just there was always 4-6 of us that were on and sending as a religion) We just had so much fun and the channel was alive and my alliance kicked serious ass in spite of me Tana Ranzou and CLem would have fun with the PoMs. I think occasionally Maxi would lend some SA. Chewie finally got his vamps into swing and started attacking and being alive.(and also slowly killing us all)

It wasn't just IoaB, we started hitting everyone and anyone in range. We had attacks going on every night for the last 3 weeks of the round. It was an excellent time with excellent people.

aGit managed in the last tick possible to decide to push himself to rank 100 in valuation. Marvin also managed to come in 20th breaking s2n's monopoly and forcing the name change 'second to none, except for one'. Many laughs to be had. I did not think we would finish as high as 3rd overall and definitely didn't expect many if any to portal, but WE ALL DID lol. It was too funny. An alliance that initially had no overall 'goal' nor expectation of rank placed 3rd with all of it's members on government value. I still am slightly surprised. Not because of the alliance's members, however, because they rocked. I just didn't expect us to be so effective from start to finish. We started as a team and finished as a team. <3 <3 You guys totally rocked my socks off!

Final Line Up:
Garrett, Toby, Podunk, Dinget, MattM, Nickk, Clem, Alcibiades, Chewie, Mattt, Marvin, Tana, Ranzou, aGit, Dennis, Maxi, Myzis, Ogluk, Elle, Nightmare (who?)
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Thanks for having me

It was good fun, especially because of the atmosphere in the alliance chan.
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One of my favourite rounds, and probably my favourite alliance. All the ups and downs, the drama, the fighting (except for during the resistance, ironically). It was a blast.

Thanks Garrett

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Tbh Aili was quite impressive. Organisation and morale wise. What is most important though is that the ally had an *active* leader who cared for his ally and was putting a lot of work in it and one could see that even if he was as innactive as I was.

Good job Garrett, you're a great leader.
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Gem of an alliance. Kill kill and get killed.. *thumbs up*.
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I have to mention Chewie because he almost killed IRL his entire alliance through the net with his rancidness. -.-

ROFL, you guys loved it.
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Top class people, really fun round

Thanks guys (especially Garrett!).
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POM Kill Squad!
It's been fun. Great bunch of people
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Thanks for a home in the last week and most importantly, the sleep. Loved every minute of my short stay
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Originally Posted by Twigley View Post
Not as bad as Marvin being rejected from discworld when he was rank 5 with like 150m strikers.
Originally Posted by SuperSneker View Post
When you get f*cked by both Twigley and the system, there is no fun anymore.
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had more fun in the few weeks i was with Aili than i did in the 2 and a half rounds previous to it

thanks for having me, even if i did kinda go AWOL for the final week xD
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Aye aye, Great round guys

Definitely the most fun I've had in an alliance play for a very long time!

Thanks for taking me in Garrett
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What a good fun round it was,

Garrett its a shame your going, you are/were a fantastic leader.
the banter was always good and in the irc channel was always a laugh.

Easily the best alliance ive been in.

thank you to everyone
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Cheers for picking me up garrett despite my social irresponsibility

I wasn't a wildly active contributor due to a couple rounds worth of burnout but it's always nice to end in an alliance one can truly call a 'home'.

Thanks for everyone in Aili, sorry for letting a few of you down and see you around the solo inactive list.
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Originally Posted by tobapopalos View Post
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The very little I was around it was fun, thanks for having me Garrett.
Sorry I couldn't be more active.
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Thanks for the first 4/5? weeks i spent with you guys, i went pretty inactive all of a sudden, but anyway was fun while it lasted (Vlangomor btw if any of the original members remember me)
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