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Originally Posted by Jimbo2189 View Post
Just got a birthday message from Bush Forums! Been 10 yrs since I played and this thread struck a cord - was a huge part of my school life! Loved the game - and all the things you mentioned damfrankie. Christ - all the "code" in IRC too!

Was thinking of having another go at the game... but only c200 ppl play now... a sign of the times I guess
But itís still fun. I did the same, havenít played in several years, joined this round and having a good laugh. Worth it

Well, bar the getting zeroed etc.
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None of this ever happened, just what have you all been smoking?
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Default Good old days

Remember the days where you had an entire alliance running about to cover a solo stealth (TL) bounty hunter? Oh those were the days

Or having several smaller alliances partner up to take out rank 1 / 2 alliance. Massive battle reports, taking your share of land (like 20 land from a 7k grab) hahaha. (Best thing was to actually look at the "alliance" page and there are alliances spreading across two pages....thousands of players seeking a sport somewhere on the scoreboard)

Alliance spies and mutiny...man I missed this game. Truly wish it could be returned to is former glory. Even with constant playerbase complaints and ramblings of the crazy few.


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