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Default R49 - A Sea Shanty on The Boat

Throughout my time on deck, I have tried to play the role of ship's bard. Here are the stanzas that I have written for the ship's crew, which I sing on a regular basis! I envisage the tune loosely following "Yo ho, a pirate's life for me!", of Disney Pirates of the Carribean fame.

A bright and brave eclectic crew is travelling on the sea,
and standing tall, beside us all, is our master Stilli,
he points to the horizon's edge, adventure waits for thee!

Waves to the left,
Waves to the right,
We're fighting on The Boat!

I ask where we are headed, and Ed says without a thought,
"To slay the dragon in our path!" but then I find him caught,
inebriated, staggering, for he's drunk all the port!

Waves up ahead,
Waves at our back,
We're fighting on The Boat!

And when the enemy attacks, we'll grab them by the throat,
we'll beat them off and knock them back, we always stay afloat,
but let's not be complacent men! There isn't time to gloat!

Waves in defence,
Waves in attack,
We're fighting on The Boat!

The dragon turned its angry head, fire blazing in it's eyes,
It fixed it's gaze on mate Maickesh, but did not realise,
We faked him everytime it swooped - a convincing disguise!

Waves that are real,
Waves that are fake,
We're fighting on The Boat!

Then convinced of their fortune, the dragon struck the ship,
straight into Jeze's harpoon - he fired at its hip,
off it flew, now quite confused, regretting its last trip!

Waves at our feet,
Waves of our arms,
We're fighting on The Boat!

I called out for a gunner - he spun down from the mast,
It was Polo, who cried YOLO! and manned the cannon fast,
He lit the fuse and stood firm as it let out quite a blast!

Waves that erupt,
Waves that can crash,
We're fighting on The Boat!

With dogged determination, Caranthir threw a bone,
Release the hounds! The barking sounds - hear how our foes do groan,
He'd forced them all to scarper and did it all alone!

Waves that arrive,
Waves that retreat,
We're fighting on The Boat!

An enemy distraction now appears on our port side,
Chris steps in and arsons him, as we cruise on in pride,
And watch the flames grow higher, the dragon's nearly died!

Waves that can block,
Waves that will rock,
We're fighting on The Boat!

Standing fast, good fortune, we had our grenadier James.
He lit some Chinese fireworks and set their men in flames,
He even had the time to win all his backgammon games!

Waves that will splash,
Waves that will bash,
We're fighting on The Boat!

It turned to seaman Leeroy, and we told him to recall.
But drunken from the night before he soon entered a brawl,
Only to find the fiends had run! There was no fight at all!

Waves that will scare,
Waves that will tear,
We're fighting on The Boat!

Dellie put on his armour and then launched in the attack,
At first it seemed like suicide, but we covered his back,
He brought us home a hoard of loot, carried home by the sack!

Waves that will lash,
Waves that bring cash,
We're fighting on The Boat!

Quietly up on the deck there sat our Fras in wait,
With super fast reactions he could quickly change his gait,
And in a flash the enemy was handed on a plate!

Waves of pure speed,
Waves of our creed,
We're fighting on The Boat!

When a storm surged from the depths, we all feared we would drown,
but with one jump, we played our trump, 'twas Bandit of renown,
he swept the deck clear of water and saved us sinking down!

Waves may come near,
Waves we can clear,
We're fighting on The Boat!

We looked around intently after hearing a fierce cry,
we found a man cast overboard, abandoned left to die,
but we took Bluehen under-wing and soon did get him dry!

Waves that take dives,
Waves that save lives,
We're fighting on The Boat!

The stars emerged deep on night watch, and gazing up above,
Dooboo ensured the course was kept, and peaceful as a dove,
for each shark that snapped at our heels he pushed back with a shove!

Waves that can rush,
Waves we can crush,
We're fighting on The Boat!

At last it turned to early morn', and high on the ship's crest,
Masa with ease looked 'pon the seas up in the high crows nest,
so loyal was he, he'd remain there all day at our behest!

Waves clear in view,
Waves azure blue,
We're fighting on The Boat!

We stopped in Rome for a short stay, and Dachi did alight,
we journeyed on, while he had gone on holiday all night,
but he returned with ice cream which we soon quaffed with delight!

Waves that can freeze,
Waves that appease,
We're fighting on The Boat!

It was soon after that poor Caz did hang his head in shame,
he went on leave and did believe he should should then end his game,
but we don't leave our men behind, we kept him all the same!

Waves continue,
Waves for our crew,
We're fighting on The Boat!

One can't forget that though Archer did join the team anew,
bravery and enthusiasm he brought to the crew,
with more experience we're looking at a master too!

Waves at the stern,
Waves that will learn,
We're fighting on The Boat!
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