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Post vBulletin Quirks/features/help!

Since these forums are fairly 'alien' to some people, I thought I'd just compile a list of various quirks and features that are not that obvious, or may require some explanation. Feel free to add to this list if you find something not already here! Reply to this thread and I'll edit the original post.
Will also post solutions to common issues people may be having
  • Saving Messages to Sent Folder
    Quick Links -> Edit Your Options -> In the Message & Notification section, scroll down to the bottom of the Private Messaging subsection and ensure the below option is 'ticked':
    Save a copy of sent messages in my Sent Items folder by default.

  • Marking a forum as 'read' quickly
    It's possible to mark an entire forum as 'read' by simply double clicking on the forum icon - . Doing so will turn it into the default forum icon, , and will mark every thread within that forum (including subforums) as 'read'.

  • View Active/New Posts
    Again, in the Quick Links drop down, there's a link to Today's Posts. This shows any posts new today, and any posts new since your last visit to the forum. The actual url is:
    So feel free to bookmark that and use it to quickly check for new posts!

  • Reporting Posts
    If you find a post that you feel is offensive, unnecessary, or generally shouldn't exist, then you can very quickly and easily Report the post in question by clicking on the small icon and filling out the relevant details.
    Doing this will alert the moderators to the post and a response team will be sent out to deal with it!

    The current Moderator staff can be seen by clicking on the View Forum Leaders link at the bottom of the forum index.

  • Reputation
    With these forums comes Reputation. This is a simple way of saying "this post was really helpful, thank you". To add to someone's reputation, simply click on the icon next to the post you wish to thank the user for and fill out the relevant details.
    If used appropriately, Reputation will give any user a great overview of how 'trustworthy'/reliable another poster is.

  • Quick Key-Commands
    If you have enabled the relevant options in your browser, you can use quick key-combos to perform certain tasks. For example, if you write a quick-reply, you can send/post that reply by hitting Alt + S. These shortcuts can be found by hovering over the normal button.

  • Thread-Ratings
    There is now the option to Rate Threads as well, to show how much you approve of the thread (for example).
    To rate a thread, simply click on the Rate Thread link at the top of the original post and select the desired rating (one star through five).

  • Editing Threads
    Within vBulletin, it's possible to edit your posts/threads "in-line", that is, while looking at the thread, your actual post becomes editable. This way, however, is very limited, and as such some 'special' features are not available.
    In order to change things like topic title, thread prefix, thread icon, etc, you will have to "Go Advanced". This will take you to the 'standard' post interface from which you can edit eeeeverything.

That's all I can think of at the moment... anyone got anything else?

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