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Originally Posted by Garrett2 View Post

/me gives you lots of warm hugglies for still wanting to feel important around here.
What have I said that gives you that impression?

Really, do tell.

Oh and my "swing" was merely intended to highlight that your original post was inaccurate in its suggestion that it was ludicrous to think anything could have came from the potential sale (That everyone was "jizzing themselves", as you so amiably put it)

More accurate, as I implied in my response, is that there was a for a time the reasonable possibility something might go through and thus some enthusiasm from the playerbase - Which some miserable sods (read: you) attempted to belittle at every possible opportunity. (Including in this thread, 6 months on).

Alas, we're going over old ground here. You dislike me, I think you're a miserable and argumentative little man.

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