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Originally Posted by Steve_God View Post
Originally Posted by moorer View Post
Where's the chance of a good exciting battle when your oversending like that.
We managed to defend the first tick against them of a similar train and got this:
Died: 108,564,410 [405,105,905,000] enemies dead.
...with no losses.

Problem is that while we forced 3 recalls from the first waves, the train was so long they still got 3 land grabs before we could resend to scare off the rest
Well that's good, make people work for their land. It's the nature of the beast. People are acting like this is some isolated incident and Kiwi are total assholes. But every round, someone pulls ahead and bashes at 30% (mostly because that's the only place there are any targets) which leads to trains.

It's easy to condemn and say "Oh, our alliance does attacks with several targets across multiple ETAs and 'good planning' etc etc" but anyone who has played at the top knows that it's not that simple when your only targets are +2 ETA and a few of the top players only have 1-2 targets at all. It's hard to "plan" anything other than "Okay, send behind to cover my LT and you'll probably get land too" and then all the other sharks smell blood in the water and send behind them. It's usually not a case of "Okay let's get on the land train!" but more people simply seeing an opportunity and taking it. Doesn't everyone do the same in some form or another? No one attacks planning to lose.

Also, regarding the whole "FTF vs FTW" thing.. Assuming Kiwi suddenly disappeared, someone would pull ahead by having increased activity and being more contactable than the competition. Does that mean they are no longer FTF but now FTW? Kiwi simply saw an opportunity to seize the win and took it. Can you say you wouldn't do the same? Also, "FTF" is a bit of a misnomer really, as I have a whole lot of fun playing to win. I wouldn't do it if I didn't think it was fun, at least sometimes. Every round I play with a different goal in mind, and this round was to play hard at the start and help secure the win and then be able to decrease my activity so I can spend my last few weeks with my girlfriend without having to get on every night for defense etc.

Anyway, I ended up ranting a little bit. I'm looking forward to seeing the Rank 2-6 alliances battle it out for 2nd and 3rd, looks like it could be really interesting. Also, I'm sure if the leaders talked to Kiwi then we could organize a period of a few days where wars could be had without Kiwi getting in the way.

Oh, one more thing. Nearly everyone is Kiwifruit gets on really well. So if we split into 2 groups of 10, then we wouldn't really want to attack each other and it'd end up being two 10man alliances at the top "power blocking" which would incite even more hatred and unfair criticism ... So that's that idea out the window.
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