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the noobs even got two ppl on one tick, can't even train properly. Shows what it takes to win when the rank 1 alliance cant even train ppl properly
Pretty sad attempt at trolling but tell me, if it's oh-so-easy why aren't you schooling us all? Please, teach all of us the secrets of this game oh wise one.

Also @Andy or whatever, I think you'll find that when 5/6 of your targets (none of which are usually above 35%) are in sleep mode, a few hundred acres are really quite hard to come by.
i cant be bothered, this game is a joke. it's a shame we will never know how good your alliance is.
We can get a measure of that from last round, surely? If Kiwi are 80% Charades, we can infer from this that Kiwi aren't as good as TBA, and that in a round where another FTW alliance exists they'd probably fail.

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Haha DA, I actually really liked this post. It's like you channel the soul of our lord and saviour, Mr Twiglet. Where is he btw? I've noticed the forums have been uncharacteristically trollface free lately.
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